See all of the Disney World 50th Anniversary character costumes details

Get ready, Disneybounders—brilliant iridescent outfits are coming down the runway. Disney just released footage of Mickey and his pals in their glittering 50th Anniversary costumes, and we are reporting on all the details!

Here are all the 50th Anniversary outfits, including some extreme close-ups of Mickey and Minnie’s formal attire.

Seeing the costumes in motion, and close-up photos should tell you what to pack for when you meet up with Mickey and friends this October.

Disneybounders, be sure to take a look at the colors in these detail shots to get a better idea of what is going on with these gleaming costumes!

Daisy Duck 50th Style

Daisy Duck is always serving up the latest style, so you know her 50th Anniversary character costume had to be the toast of the town.

Daisy Duck 50th Anniversary Costume Outfit Gif

via Disney Parks

Daisy served up a flouncy gold-trimmed skirt on the catwalk, accented by a big golden bow. Check the bounce on those skirt layers! 

Donald Duck 50th

Donald Duck 50th Anniversary Costume Outfit gif

Dapper Donald. Via Disney Parks

Donald has never looked twice at pants, but he really knows how to dress up his top half.

He has more deep purple on his outfit than the other characters, so if you’re planning on a socially-distanced pose near Donald this October, plan on these colors.

Chip and Dale Anniversary Vests

Chip and Dale 50th Anniversary Costume Outfit gif

Chip and Dale. Via Disney Parks

Chip and Dale are known for the colorful vests they wear to change up their look. These vests appear to be more pastel than some of the other character costumes.

Chip & Dale’s 50th anniversary costumes include iridescent bowties!

Chip Dale WDW 50th Anniversary Costume Outfit

Chip and Dale in cute vests. Photo via Disney Parks

Goofy’s Anniversary Tuxedo

Is it just us, or does Goofy take on a kind of James Bond persona when you put him in a suit?

Love Goofy’s golden shoes. Photo via Disney Parks

Goofy is sporting more gold in his 50th Anniversary costume than the other characters, and the look serves him well.

Goofy 50th Anniversary Costume Outfit gif

Goofy nails that pose. Via Disney Parks

Minnie Costume Details

Minnie is definitely working the iridescence to the max on her 50th Anniversary costume. We had to get a closer look at that embroidery:

Minnie 50th Anniversary Costume Outfit

A dress to inspire a thousand Disneybounds! Photo via Disney Parks

Mickey Minnie Pluto 50th Anniversary Costume Details

Fireworks details on Minnie’s dress. Photo via Disney Parks

The embroidery on Minnie’s 50th Anniversary costume is fireworks!

With the recent announcement of Disney’s Enchantment show at Magic Kingdom, this is a natural choice.

Mickey’s 50th Anniversary Costume

🎵He’s the leader of the band, so he’s got the finest threads!🎵

Mickey 50th Anniversary Costume Outfit

Mickey stylin’ for the celebration. Photo via Disney Parks

We zoomed in to get a good look at the details. Mickey’s golden bowtie has a satin finish, and he is wearing some fancy 50th drip on that lapel pin:

Mickey 50th Anniversary Costume Details

Mickey 50th Anniversary costume detail. Photo via Disney Parks

Mickey has the same fireworks embroidery as Minnie (because they know it’s too cute when they match), and he has both golden and rhinestone buttons.

This is definitely a shiny 50th Anniversary outfit… even his white button-down shirt is gleaming like a pearl!

50th Anniversary Character Costumes

Here is a look at all of the 50th Anniversary costumes, including Pluto, who is wearing an iridescent collar to celebrate!

Disney World Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary Character Costumes Outfit

All of the Disney World 50th Anniversary costumes. Photos via Disney Parks

Want to see the characters in action as soon as they debut in October? 

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