Your Itinerary for the 2019 Ultimate Disney Christmas

Rain BlankenBlog, News

2019 Ultimate Disney Christmas

The 2019 Ultimate Disney Christmas offers a full itinerary of incredible special experiences. The holiday at Walt Disney World can be either a magical or stressful experience. It sounds like the holidays with my family, so hey, bring it on. The holidays at my house would be so much easier if there was an easy, … Read More

Target & Disney Team Up For a Magical Experience

Leah SikesBlog, News

Target and Disney

This weekend, Disney sprinkled a little pixie dust into select Target Stores across the United States and opened 25 brand-new shop-in-shop Disney Store locations, and I got one in my hometown! The shop-in-shop concept is just what the name implies: a particular brand or store creates a space inside a different store dedicated to selling … Read More