Top 5 Reasons to Stay at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

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Some Resorts at WDW just DON’T get enough love. Join us as we take a look at the top 5 reasons YOU should book a stay at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort! 

Hands up if you love a good value resort!

My best Disney pals endearingly poke fun at me for having a soft spot for the budget hotels on Walt Disney World property, but there’s something so simple and nostalgic about the value resorts.

Besides, every single room on Disney property has that same magic and wonder we all know and love… just with different themes and prices. 

All-Star Sports is one of my all-time favorite resorts and I’m proof that you don’t even have to be a sports fan to enjoy this one!

Let’s step up and see what All-Star Sports brings to the plate!

1. Location, Location!

A large scoreboard at Disney's All-Star Sports Resort

Photo by Rich Ramos

One of the major perks of staying at any Walt Disney World Resort Hotel is the transportation to and from the parks. 

One of the most euphoric experiences for me is when I drive into WDW property, the cast member says ‘welcome home’ and I park my car for 3-5 days.

What’s even better than included transportation is never having to worry about finding a seat on the bus. 

All-Star Sports is the first stop on the All-Star Resorts route, meaning you can be first on and first off during your day in the parks!

All-Star Sports is also extremely close to All-Star Movies and Music, which have similar designs, yet different themes—and Movies even features a secret menu!

Both resorts are easily within walking distance, and well worth the excursion! 

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2. A Real Value

A giant football conceals a staircase right next to the Resort building

Photo by Laurie Sapp

Every Disney Resort has transportation, food courts and restaurant(s), pools, and clean rooms. They are all uniquely themed and they all fill you to the brim with Disney magic!

The rooms at All-Star Sports are themed, yes, but  the price and value of what you actually receive at All-Star Sports is the real charm.

Staying at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort is basically the price of a low budget good neighbor hotel, but with the amenities and magic of Disney for only $100-$150 per night!

3. Larger than Life Sets

This giant coke can is a clever way Disney hides staircases at Disney's All-Star Sports Resort

Photo by Rich Ramos

Just like it’s sister All-Star resorts, All-Star Sports has colossal sets that are worth the stroll before or after a visit to the parks, or even on a relaxing resort day. 

We all have our own unique Disney rituals, and one of mine is to walk around the resort before the sun comes up and enjoy the amazing architecture. 

The larger than life courts and fields at All-Star Sports are the perfect way to start or end your day.

Don’t forget to admire the chonky Disney rabbits and squirrels which love to make appearances first thing in the morning! 

4. Nostalgic but Fresh

A giant megaphone conceals a staircase right next to the Resort building

Photo by Laurie Sapp

I’ll be honest, value resorts can get a bad rap. I’ve heard everything from ‘it’s fine if all you care about is a place to sleep’ to “why don’t you just splurge and at least do Art of Animation?”

The bottom line is, as a value resort gal, I can attest that All-Star Sports is not just a place to rest your head.

While it certainly isn’t the lavish beauty of the Grand Floridian or the upscale comfort of Animal Kingdom Lodge, It’s still a point of pride for Imagineers and cast members alike!

While the rooms are pretty simple, they are still recently updated and fashioned in such a way that you still feel that vintage nostalgia, but don’t feel outdated in the wrong way.

The rooms aren’t the only thing Disney keeps up with—anyone who’s visited the All-Star Sports ‘cafeteria’ the End Zone Food Court knows just how the food has improved over the years. 

From basic hamburgers, hotdogs, and pizza, to multi-flavored pancakes and omeletst, to plant-based options and unique sandwiches, the End Zone has something to offer everyone!

5. Animal Kingdom Adjacent

A giant football helmet rests against the resort building

Photo by Cliff Wang

Let’s face it, we all have our favorite Disney parks and if you are staying on the property there will be days you will be at the parks in 5-10 mins and days it will take a little (lot) longer, depending on which park you go to that day. 

While All Star Sports is a bit further away from Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot, it’s just a kangaroo hop away from Animal Kingdom! 

As someone who enjoys AK an incredible amount, this is always a big perk for us on the ‘Animal Kingdom’ day of our vacation. 

This has the potential to be your longest day in the parks just because you’re so close!

Fret not even on the days you’ll be enjoying the other Disney parks, though—remember, you get first dibs on seating since the busses come by All-Star Sports first!

Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

Giant football helmets flank the field at Disney's All-Star Sports Resort

Photo by Laurie Sapp

I have personally done lots of solo and multi-party travel and while I sometimes put up the cash for what is arguably considered a ‘nicer’ resort, I’m always excited to stay at All-Star Sports. 

From the updated food to the beach like pools and easy transportation, I never have to worry about getting my money’s worth. The magic of Disney is alive and well at this fun, throwback resort!

Think YOU’LL be booking a stay at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort next year? Tell us over on our Facebook page!

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Written by Britta Stephens

Written by Britta Stephens

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