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Britta Stephens is a contributing writer for WDW Magazine, Disney blogger, hairstylist, and dog mom x2. The first book she ever read was Hans Christan Anderson’s The Little Mermaid and she's been a fan of Disney endings ever since. When she’s not fostering kittens, she can be found reading literature from a dog’s perspective and singing the opening of The Lion King to her greenhouse plants.

Five Exciting Facts About Discovery Island

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Discovery Island

Discovery Island, (not to be confused with the extinct Discovery Island that existed between 1974-1999 on Disney property) is a beautiful piece of real estate filled with scenic nature trails, explorative attractions, and of course, the incomparable Tree of Life.  While Kilimanjaro Safaris may seem like the place to see the most animals on parade, … Read More

Walt’s Dream Come True: Five Future World Facts

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Spaceship Earth Future World

Epcot has what is possibly the most imaginative, yet plausible look into our past, present, and future in the form of Future World. Walt Disney World is not simply a place to escape the ordinary and mundane with princess meet and greets and Mickey-shaped everything (although those things are fantastic!). It is also a place … Read More

The Magnificent Imagineering of Fantasyland

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One of the most favored divisions in the Magic Kingdom, and perhaps all of Walt Disney World, Fantasyland is chock full of whimsical renaissance music, architecture, food and astounding Imagineering.  I for one think of this beloved land as synonymous with Disney in general. Peter Pan’s Flight and it’s a small world may be king … Read More

5 Fantastic Fantasmic Facts!

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Walt Disney World is no stranger to dazzling stage shows, complete with fireworks and musical accompaniment that takes your breath away—but when it comes to ultimate dramatic art, Fantasmic in Hollywood Studios takes the cake.  Any show with Mickey as the star is bound to be a hit, and I think I speak for Mickey … Read More

Five Fun Facts About Kali River Rapids

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Kali River Rapids

All Disney water rides are not created equal and Kali River Rapids at Disney’s Animal Kingdom proves that tenfold.  From the moment you enter the queue, you know Kali River Rapids is something special. If you didn’t already feel as though you were backpacking around Asia, you certainly do now!  But what else makes this … Read More