Download These FREE Christmas Disney World Zoom Backgrounds

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Add some festive cheer to your home office with these free Christmas Disney World Zoom backgrounds!

Looking for a way to add a little bit of holiday spice to your Zoom meetings?

Or, maybe you want to hide the fact that you forgot to take those Halloween decorations down. Thankfully, we’ve got a whole new batch of festive Christmas-themed Disney World Zoom backgrounds to give your co-workers a little “season’s greetings” during your meetings!

This is our third batch of free Zoom backgrounds. Here’s the first batch | And here’s the second one

Zoom might automatically mirror the background image for you, so we’ve supplied both mirrored and non-mirrored versions to compensate for the flip! First time? Here are instructions from Zoom on adding your backgrounds.

Packed Up For The North Pole

Festive Suitcases at Walt Disney World

Do you have you bags packed for your next trip to Disney World?

Standard | Standard

The Tree of Life, Holiday Style

The Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom, covered in festive winter projections

It might not be a pine, but the Tree of Life still gets decorated for the holidays!

Standard | Mirrored

The Christmas Tree at EPCOT

The holiday tree at EPCOT, all lit up at night

The big tree at EPCOT is all done up for the Festival of the Holidays.

Standard | Mirrored

Mickey and Minnie Topiaries

Mickey and Minnie topiaries wear Santa hats at Disney's Magic Kingdom

These two are ready to have your back in your next meeting!

Standard | Mirrored

Festivized AMP Suit

The AMP suit at Pandora, adorned in holiday lights and Santa accessories

I’m asking Santa for one of those suits… Sure would make social distancing easy!

Standard | Mirrored

The Osborne’s Front Door

A dog waits outside a door at the Osborne Family Lights

Let that pup in, it’s cold out… Oh, wait, it’s Florida!

Standard | Mirrored

Osborne Family Lights

The Osborne Family Lights at Disney's Hollywood Studios

While you wont be able to see these lights at Disney World any more, you sure can see them at all your meetings!

Standard | Mirrored

Theater? Or Christmas Tree?

A projection of a Christmas tree on the chinese theater keeps the season bright at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Hrrm, I wonder what festive film they’re playing in there?

Standard | Mirrored

Christmas at EPCOT

The holiday tree at EPCOT wishes everyone a happy holidays

EPCOT is wishing you a happy (festival of the) holidays!

Standard | Mirrored

Lights, Camera… Christmas!

Festive fireworks go off at Disney's Hollywood Studios in this view from Echo lake

What better lighting for your meeting… than FIREWORKS?!

Standard | Mirrored

A Festive Day at Hollywood Studios

Echo Lake at Disney's Hollywood Studios during the day, with festive ornaments all about

Decorating for the holidays is so easy, even a dinosaur can do it!

Standard | Mirrored

Cinderella’s Castle, Frozen Over

Cinderella's Castle at Disney's Magic Kingdom, covered in lights that make it look frozen over

Brrrrr, I’m getting chills just looking at it!

Standard | Mirrored

Christmas Tree at Wilderness Lodge

The big Christmas tree inside the lobby at Disney's Wilderness Lodge

I can smell the pine through the screen!

Standard | Mirrored

Santa at Magic Kingdom

Santa Clause waves to guests from his sleigh at Disney's Magic Kingdom

Be sure to tell jolly old Saint Knick about all your Disney wishes!

Standard | Mirrored

A Festive View of Main Street

A view of Main Street, USA during the holidays

Use this to turn your next meeting into a private trip to Magic Kingdom!

Standard | Mirrored

Mickey Wreathe at Magic Kingdom

A Mickey shaped wreathe at Disney's Magic Kingdom

Wish I had one of those to hang on my door!

Standard | Mirrored

Looking for something else? This is just another addition to our growing collection of Disney World Zoom backgrounds, only with a little added Christmas flair!

Check out our first batch for less festive versions of Cinderella’s Castle or the Tree of Life, and take a look at the second batch for X-wings and floating rocks.

These free Disney World Zoom backgrounds are one of the free treats that we love to surprise our readers with!

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Download These FREE Christmas Disney World Zoom Backgrounds

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Kurdt Long

Kurdt is an avid Disney fan and full-time computer geek. His favorite WDW park is Hollywood Studios, and his favorite Disney "princess" is H.R. Giger's Alien.
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