All Your Dreamy Dining Options On the Disney Dream

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Browse all the Disney Dream dining options, from super casual to ultra formal.

What would a Disney cruise be without world-class dining? When you’re sailing the high seas on the Disney Dream, you’ll realize why the ship more than lives up to its name when you sample its exceptional dining options.

On the Disney Dream, you’ll have no shortage of options for eats. This cruise liner offers three main restaurants, several spots for casual dining, and a couple of special places to take a special someone. Get your forks ready and let’s dig in!

Main Disney Dream Dining Options

When you’re on a cruise, you may as well do it up big. And at the Disney Dream’s main dining options—Animator’s Palate, Royal Palace, and Enchanted Garden—big is always on the menu.

Animator’s Palate


Animator’s Palate is a staple of a Disney Cruise. Photo by Julie de la Fe

Who doesn’t love dinner and a show? At Animator’s Palate, you’ll get to take in an incredible celebration of all things Disney animation.

Around Animator’s Palate, you’ll find a treasure trove of gems ranging from character sketches to paintbrushes to computer workstations where the magic happens. This sets a unique mood that makes your experience all the more memorable.

On the Disney Dream, the show featuring at Animator’s Palate is Undersea Magic. Putting you squarely in the world of Finding Nemo, you’ll see digital animation depicting your favorite characters as well as super-cool puppets. You’ll even have the chance to have a chat with Crush.

The menu at Animator’s Palate rotates regularly, so you’ll likely have different options if you sail multiple times. The focal thrust of the menu is fusion foods from the Pacific Islands, Asia, and California. Some dishes you might expect at Animator’s Palate include black cod, stir fry vegetables, and crème brûlèe.

Royal Palace


Look down for beautiful details even on the floor at Royal Palace (though we don’t recommend eating off them; Cinderella hasn’t swept yet). Photo by Bill Ryan

With a name like Royal Palace, you should expect a dining experience fit for a king or queen. And that’s just what you’ll get at this high-end restaurant that focuses on French-inspired fare.

The inspiration behind the design of Royal Palace comes from Disney classics ranging from Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty to Beauty and the Beast. We’re talking fluted columns, elegant iron railings, and a sweeping floorplan. The result is a dining experience perfect for your little Disney Princess in training.

Royal Palace is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and offers ample vegetarian and kids’ options. One of the star attractions is a three-course lunch that might include dishes such as honey-glazed barbecue pork ribs, which pairs perfectly with drinks like mimosas and ice-cream smoothies.

Enchanted Garden


Don’t miss out on Enchanted Garden. Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

You don’t need 80 days to take a trip around the world aboard the Disney Dream. You just need to pay a visit to the Enchanted Garden.

The Enchanted Garden offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options representing culinary hotspots around the globe. A great place to grab an espresso or latte or quick-and-easy favorites like pizza and burgers, the Enchanted Garden is a haven you’ll likely retreat to often on your cruise.

Adding to the experience is a tranquil atmosphere highlighted by a 7-foot-tall fountain featuring the likeness of one Mickey Mouse. The Enchanted Garden also lives up to its moniker with a color-changing ceiling that simulates the time of day from golden sunrises to twinkling nightscapes.

Casual Disney Dream Dining Options

If you’re relaxing aboard the Disney Dream, you may not always need the hubbub of a higher-end dining experience. For something a bit more casual—but no less delicious—there’s a bounty of eateries to experience.

On top of the following options, you can of course get what you’re looking for without leaving your bunk thanks to 24-hour in-room dining.



Cabanas is the perfect casual dining option on the Disney Dream. Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

The Cabanas offer a refreshing and open space that offers sweeping panoramic views of the sea. On top of that, you’ll have your pick of 10 food stations with unique menus, offering made-to-order meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Flo’s Cafe


Photo courtesy of arctic_whirlwind via Flickr

Go with the flow at Flo’s Cafe, which offers up three food stations that serve up all your old familiar favorites.

  •         Luigi’s Pizza
  •         Tow Mater’s Grill
  •         Fillmore’s Favorites

Frozone Treats or Eye Scream Treats


There are multiple ways to get your ice cream fix aboard the Dream. Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

There’s nothing that says a summer day aboard a cruise ship quite like a frosty treat. At Frozone Treats, you’ll get your fill of refreshing frozen smoothies that’ll pick you right up.

Are you screaming for ice cream? Eye Scream Treats has you covered. Taking its name from none other than Mike Wazowski, Eye Scream Treats serves up monstrously delicious soft-serve ice cream that always hits the spot.

Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats


Answer the call of your sweet tooth at Vanellope’s. Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

It’s vacation—indulge your sweet tooth without shame and without mercy. At Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats, you’ll enjoy a range of decadent dessert options including gelato, ice cream sundaes, cupcakes, candy, and so much more. Bon appe-treat!

Adults-Only Disney Dream Dining Options

While a Disney Cruise is always more fun with the whole family, sometimes you need a romantic evening for two. If you’re thinking about popping the question, celebrating an anniversary, or just want to get romantic, the Disney Dream gives you two great dining options: Palo and Remy.



Palo is a great formal option aboard the Disney Dream. Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

Taking its name from the poles used by gondoliers, Palo offers high-end Italian fare fresh out of Venice. Menu items at Palo include soft potato gnocchi piennolo in tomato sauce with kale, butternut agnolotti, and seared sea scallops.

To complete your romantic experience, Palo offers a beautiful selection of wines from Italy and across Europe as well as cocktails like the classic Bellini. And there’s no better way to wind down after a brilliant meal than with a hot espresso or a rich chocolate soufflé with vanilla bean and chocolate sauce.



A look inside Remy aboard the Disney Dream. Photo courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

At Remy, you’ll have the chance to experience the incredible culinary art of Chef Scott Hunnel and advising Chef Arnaud Lallement. Both are highly acclaimed in their fields—Lallement was recently named one of the 10 best chefs on the planet by his peers in Le Chef.

Remy is where you want to be on the Disney Dream for a romantic brunch for two. The Remy Champagne Brunch offers prix fixe fixings like lobster cannelloni and sea bass alongside throat-tickling bubbly.

Is it wine-o-clock? The Petites Assiettes de Remy includes a six-course wine tasting hosted by Remy’s Executive Chef and Sommelier. This incredible experience concludes with a sumptuous dessert at the private Chef’s Table.

But the main attraction by far is Chef Arnaud’s amazing dinner menu. Starting with Collette, a table-prepared Champagne cocktail, you’ll take a tour of some of the most delectable ingredients the world has to offer. From fresh duck and elk to Kobe beef and langoustine, dinner at Remy’s is a meal you’ll never forget.

If your mouth is watering now, just wait until you hop aboard the Disney Dream and all those smells hit you. There’s a reason it’s called the Dream, folks, and you can taste it all. 



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Kyle Johnson is a writer, enthusiast of all things weird, and has an unnatural obsession with Halloween. We’re talking animatronics staying up all year round and watching The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad on a whim in April. He has a cool wiener dog, Rumours, and an even cooler wife, Trinity.
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