5 Things I Realized After Watching Sleeping Beauty as an Adult

by | May 26, 2020 | WDW Blog

So, I have to admit, it really has been 15 years since I’ve watched some of the classic Disney movies like Sleeping Beauty

One of my favorite things to do since Disney Plus came out, is to go back and watch the classics I haven’t seen in ages. It’s so fun to see if the film is the same as I remembered, or if my perspective on it has changed now that I’m older. 

Sleeping Beauty

Pink or blue? Rewatching Sleeping Beauty calls for a fun Disneybound. Photo by Caitlin Reddington

I was really excited to go back and watch Sleeping Beauty because it had been such a long time since I saw the movie, and I honestly didn’t remember a whole lot about it. 

Here are some realizations I had after watching Sleeping Beauty for the first time as an adult! 

1. Phillip and Aurora Had an Arranged Marriage

I’m probably the only person who forgot this very important fact in the movie, but I really did not remember at all that Prince Phillip and Aurora were arranged to get married since she was born. 

2. Oh, That’s Why She’s Briar Rose

Prince Philip

Prince Phillip had to fight his way to Princess Aurora. Photo by Judd Helms

I’ll admit, when the rose gold Briar Rose collection came out at Disney, I was confused why it was called Briar Rose. It wasn’t until one of my friends told me that was her name in the movie.

After watching Sleeping Beauty again, it all makes sense!

3. Make it Pink, Make it Blue

My roommate from my Disney College Program mentioned how this was her favorite scene in the movie. So, maybe I’m biased because this part reminds me of my DCP, but it’s just so cute! 

the fairies

Which do you like? Pink or blue? Photo by Cliff Wang

4. I Realized Why She’s Called Sleeping Beauty

Yep, that’s right, I missed the most important fact of the whole. entire. movie! Why is Aurora called Sleeping Beauty?

I knew she had to be woken up, but I wasn’t quite sure what made her fall asleep. Once I realized it was the needle, I knew I had to watch more classic Disney movies. 

5. This Movie Can Never Get Old

I have nothing bad to say about Sleeping Beauty. It covered everything I could want in a classic Disney Princess movie.

Watching this movie made me so happy, and feel like a kid again!

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Written by Caitlin Reddington

Written by Caitlin Reddington

Caitlin is a contributing writer for WDW Magazine. She loves putting together Disney Style outfits for upcoming trips to the parks and has an ever-growing collection of Minnie Mouse ears.

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