7 Things to Do at Castaway Cay: Adventure Is Just Steps Away from Your Disney Cruise

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Disney Cruise Line, Ports of Call

Get our seven recommendations for things to do at Castaway Cay.

Tucked away in the Bahamas lies a small but magical island called Castaway Cay (pronounced “key”). Exclusive to Disney Cruise Line passengers, Castaway Cay is a small slice of Disney paradise that should not be missed.

You might be wondering, a private island? There must not be much to do there! That’s definitely not the case. Castaway Cay is packed with things to do for any type of person and interest.

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Whether you’re seeking adventure, looking to relax, or just wanting to see what the island has to offer, there’s bound to be something for you. Here are our top seven suggestions for what to do in Castaway Cay:

1. Meet Characters


Meet Goofy and Donald on Castaway Cay. Photo by Bill Ryan

Is any Disney trip really complete without meeting characters? (The answer is always no!)

At Disney’s Castaway Cay, that’s no exception. Guests are treated to characters in their vacation best, such as favorites Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Daisy.

If you can, check out Mount “Rustmore.” This awesome picture spot features four large barges painted with your Disney favorites.

mount rustmore at castaway cay

Mount Rustmore at Castaway Cay. Photo by Alessandra Sferlazza

This location is often popular for character interactions. Keep your eyes peeled for unique characters around the island like Captain Jack Sparrow (it is a Bahamian island after all), Chip ‘n’ Dale, and Stitch

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2. Snorkel, Kayak, and Slide


Photo by Matt Stroshane, courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

Grab your gear and head to the family beach for snorkeling. The 22-acre snorkel area boasts crystal blue waters, sunken treasures, and colorful fish. The highlight for snorkelers at Castaway Cay is the shipwreck that guests can explore.

If you bring your own snorkel gear, it’s free. If you opt to rent some gear, then there is a nominal fee. Keep an eye out for some underwater odes to your favorite Disney characters as you snorkel. 


Photo by Scott Smith

If you’d rather stay above the water but still explore, put your arms to work in a kayak rental. For both of these activities, you’ll be on the water for an extended period of time, so remember to put on plenty of sunscreen.


Photo by Scott Smith

Perhaps the most popular water activity is Pelican Plunge, the massive water slide on the water. And I know what you’re thinking: Yes, adults can slide too!

3. Eat and Drink


Photo by Scott Smith

My favorite part of cruising is the food and drinks. Lucky for me, Disney’s Castaway Cay offers a multitude of delicious options for guests to try, which means not having to rush back to your ship and more time to enjoy the island.

You’ll find three BBQ locations on the island: Cookies, Cookies Too, and Serenity Bay BBQ. Each buffet is located in convenient areas for guests and offers delicious BBQ treats, such as hamburgers, ribs, and ice cream.

Plus, there are tons of bars on the island to grab a refreshing drink. An Instagram photo to capture the moment doesn’t hurt either (just saying). 

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4. Get a Seaside Massage


Serenity Bay is a relaxing adults only beach. Photo by Jimmy Taylor

Looking to turn vacay mode on? When I think of the ultimate relaxation activity, I think of spa treatments—massages more specifically.

Guests to Castaway Cay can indulge in a seaside couples massage right on the beach. The glorious adults-only section, Serenity Bay, is lined with cabanas along the beach for private massages. The view of these cabanas is gorgeous and something you definitely don’t want to miss. 

5. Bike Ride Around the Island 


Photo by Kent Phillips, courtesy of DCL

If you are looking for a way to soak up the beauty of the island in a different way, consider a bike around Castaway Cay. Guests can rent a bike for a nominal fee of $13 and ride around the island to see the scenery.

You can see some special areas like the air strip, nature trails, and the observation tower that overlooks the whole island. 

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6. Castaway Cay 5K


Photo by Kent Phillips, courtesy of DCL

Another way to burn some buffet calories off is to participate in the Castaway Cay 5K. Guests can sign up either on their app or at the Port Adventures desk onboard the Disney ship.

Aside from the fitness aspect, guests can see some sweeping island views and receive a fun Castaway Cay medal (because I mean a medal just makes it better, right?). There is no fee for signing up, but guests need to sign a waiver before the race.

Also keep in mind, there is no time limit, so if you decide to set a pace on island time, that’s totally fine! 

7. Souvenir Shopping

she sells seashells and everything else - castaway cay

Photo by Carl Trent

Castaway Cay is home to various shopping options for you to check out. Your options for stores are She Sells Seashells … and Everything Else, Cultural Illusions, and Buy the Seashore.

These shops offer Castaway Cay exclusive merchandise including shirts, keychains, pins, and towels; Cultural Illusions sells authentic Bahamian arts and crafts

Disney Cruises recently started back up again, so be sure to bookmark this post and keep it for reference before your next cruise to the little island paradise of Castaway Cay. It may be a cruise line private island, but it has a lot of activities and fun to enjoy.

The only thing missing from Castaway Cay, of course, is the Backside of Water. 😉

Not sure if you’re going? You can just get more information about a potential Disney vacation.

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Jennifer Marrazzo is a writer and adjunct professor and knows way too many facts about Disney and cruises. She’s a DVC Member and WDW Annual Passholder and has a vast collection of Disney merchandise from Beauty and the Beast to Baby Yoda. Jennifer has her own blog, The Happiest Travels on Earth, where she offers reviews and tips for Disney and cruises!
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