Disney has announced it will not only bring back the beloved stage show after its long absence, but we can expect an entirely updated Finding Nemo musical next year.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Disney World was forced to close its doors for an extended period of time. And when those doors reopened? Well, let’s just say it wasn’t business as usual.

One of the attractions that has still not reopened in the year-plus since Disney World’s reopening is Finding Nemo — The Musical at Animal Kingdom. Many guests even feared this meant the 40-minute show might never return.

Finding Nemo the Musical dory

Will the plot of Finding Dory play a bigger part in the updated Finding Nemo musical? Photo by Laurie Sapp

Never fear! Just today, Disney announced that it would be reviving this classic stage show in 2022, with some tweaks.

Details on the Updated Finding Nemo Musical


Photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

The details are, well, hard to find (kind of like Nemo), but Disney has promised more news on the updated Finding Nemo musical ahead of its reopening. The musical will get “new story material,” but two fan-favorite songs are guaranteed to return: “In the Big Blue World” and “Go with the Flow.”

As for that updated story material? Disney’s staying tight-lipped as of now, but chances are good that Imagineers will infuse elements from the sequel, Finding Dory, into the musical. That could mean new characters and a new plot and (fingers crossed) some clever recorded audio from Sigourney Weaver.

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