Some Resorts at WDW really DON’T get enough love. Join us as we take a look at the top reasons YOU should book a stay at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort! 

One of my most fond Disney memories was my 30th birthday. In my room at the All-Star Movies Resort, I opened the curtains, and there was the backside of a 35 ft tall Perdita right outside my room! 

Being surrounded by colossal structures of your favorite Disney pals is just one of the perks of staying at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

While it’s true that, yes, I may be biased towards the All-Star Movies Resort, I think most of us would agree that when it comes to a taste of that ‘Disney Magic’ in the Resorts, this is one of few which takes the cake. 

So please, come along to uncover the value of this underrated resort!

1.The Most ‘Disney’ of Any Resort!

Woody and Rex at Disney's All-Star Movies Resort

Photo by Courtney Reynolds

Don’t get me wrong, I love a classic, fancy, or even deluxe Disney resort such as Grand Floridian or even Port Orleans. 

But I remember the first time I stayed at All-Star Movies, I was mesmerized by the giant statues of Woody, Buzz, Pongo, Perdy, and so many more of the characters I have known and loved for decades

At All-Star Movies, you really feel like you’re in the Disney magic. There’s nothing more magical than fantastic Disney theming before, during, and after your park visit.  

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2. Get Some Peace and Quiet

Herbie the Love Bug at Disney's All-Star Movies Resort

Photo by Mike Billick

Getting to choose which section of the resort to stay in is a huge perk at All-Star Movies. Depending on what type of experience you are looking for, knowledge is power. 

It’s true that Value Resorts have been known for being louder as they’re utilized more by large groups, but knowing which block of the resort to choose from can still net you a deeply relaxing experience.

Anything close to the pools or food courts is naturally going to be the busiest, thus noisiest. 

The further away you are from those areas, and the closer you are to the wooded areas, the more serene. 

For All-Star Movies, your best bet for a great night’s sleep (or afternoon nap) is the Herbie the Love Bug block of rooms!

It just takes a little resort hopping practice. And to make it easier, you can request your block right when you make your reservation. 

Note: You will be asked for your first, second, and third choice upon booking. 

3. Bring the Whole Party!

A giant broom from Fantasia at Disney's All-Star Movies Resort

Photo by Mike Billick

If your vacation is the opposite of peaceful and serene i.e. you have a large sports/theatre/kiddo activity group, All-Star Movies is the place to be.

As is true of most of the value resorts, at All-Star Movies it is not only easier to book a block of rooms based on availability, but it is also much easier on your budget to accommodate the entire high school marching band starting at a little over $100 per room a night.

Be sure to book your section of rooms in the Toy Story, 101 Dalmations, and Fantasia blocks for easy access to refreshments, pools, and other activities on relaxing resort days. 

4. Food Court Scavenger Hunt

The food court at Disney's All-Star Movies resort

Photo by Cliff Wang

Disney loves to keep us on our toes, and part of that excitement is a mixture between Cast Member and guest magic.

While you can absolutely order the most basic of items for a go-to snack, the secret menu at All-Star Movies Cinema food court has been known to throw some delicious curveballs. 

The point of a secret menu is that it is always changing so as to keep the excitement level at an all-time high. 

At All-Star Movies, I have had everything from a burger with Cinnabons for buns, a bacon mac ‘n cheese hot dog, and poutine with those delicious cheese curds. 

Some of these ‘exotic cuisines’ are a hit, while others are simply fun to say you have tried. 

But the concept of asking for the secret menu and choosing something you may have never dreamt up in your own kitchen is part of the Disney magic!

And we won’t spoil it, but be sure to prepare yourself for just how they treat offering this secret menu… hint: a briefcase may be involved. 

5. Movies Under the Stars

The Fantasia pool at Disney's All-Star Movies resort

Photo by Cliff Wang

There are Disney vacations where I spend all day at the parks until they close and come back to my resort, only to collapse into bed for a few hours, and do it all over again the next day. 

Then there are times I leave the parks early enough to make sure I don’t miss the Movies Under the Stars after an evening dip in the heated resort pools. 

Movies Under the Stars happen at virtually all the resorts, but at All-Star Movies, the Fantasia pool is very close to where the movie is set up. 

In my opinion, it’s even more magical than a night on the lawn at any number of other fabulous Disney resorts.

Adding to the relaxation and nostalgia of viewing a Disney film on a really big screen, is the fact that the pool area at All-Star Movies allows you to spread out. 

Stretch out and get super comfy whilst hand in hand, arm in arm, or just heart to heart with your best Disney travel buddy!

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

A giant bucket of Toy soldiers at Disney's All-Star Movies Resort

Photo by Mike Billick

Disney doesn’t simply create places for us to lay our heads and transport our families to the magic. 

From the moment we eagerly pass under the Walt Disney World Property sign, check in to our resorts, and follow us to the parks, the magic is alive!

Without value resorts, some Disney fanatics would never experience the magic of being home before you even walk into the parks. 

All-Star Movies allows us to immediately enter the mindset of our Disney vacation upon check-in, and the resort itself has more of a ‘Disney feel’ than any other on the whole of Walt Dinsey world property!

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