Make Mischief with New Loki Merch at Avengers Campus

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Been spending some time with the God of Mischief this week? You can follow up on the red-hot new Disney+ Original Series by visiting Avengers Campus and grabbing up some great new Loki merch.

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Meet Loki and TVA Minutemen at Avengers Campus


That’s the face of mischief right there. Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

If you’re a Marvel zombie going way back or a new convert, you don’t need much convincing to plan a trip to Avengers Campus at Disneyland. But if you’re super into the hottest character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the moment, there’s plenty more incentive.

If you visit Disney California Adventure Park over the next month, you may just find yourself face-to-face with the mischievous Loki. You may also notice the presence of the Time Variance Authority’s Minutemen, keeping a close eye on their dangerous captive.


New Loki fit check at CaliforniaAdventure! IFYKYK, if you don’t you should stream Loki on #DisneyPlus 💚 @disney #Disney #Disneyland #Loki

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Avengers Campus’ Loki certainly does play the role quite nicely. And that’s saying something given, you know, they’re filling the shoes of one Tom Hiddleston. Swoon.

Get Your Hands on Hot New Loki Merch at Avengers Campus


The Collector has some of Loki’s personal artifacts on display. Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

Once you’ve had some time to chat with the God of Mischief and seen a collection of their relics near Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!, you can go shopping for some great new Loki merchandise.


Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

When you visit the Disneyland Resort Backlot Premiere Shop at Disney California Adventure Park and Super Hero Headquarters at Disney Springs, you can scoop up a Loki Silhouettes t-shirt or a TVA pocket shirt.


Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

Both shops also have a limited-edition Loki pin and a cool Loki headband that fuses the signature horns with the unmistakable mouse ears.


Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

While you’re at Disney Springs, be sure to head over to Amorette’s Patisseries and get your hands (and mouth) on a Loki Mini Dome Cake. Not only does this thing look rad, but it’s super delicious thanks to its sweet combination of Dulce Mousse, Apple gelee, salted caramel crisp pearls, and lemon chiffon gelee.


Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

At The Ganachery, you’ll find yet another Loki-themed treat: the Fractured Timeline Ganache Pop. You think this thing looks neat? Wait until you get a taste.


Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

If you can’t make it to Avengers Campus in the coming weeks—or just want even more ways to fulfill your appetite for all things Loki—you can pick up some exclusive merchandise on Amazon. That includes a Miss Minutes Thermos Tumbler and brand-new Funko Pop! versions of Loki and Mobius.


Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

And, of course, is getting in on the action with a For All Time. Always! t-shirt and a cozy-looking Time Variance Authority pullover sweatshirt.

More Characters, Merchandise to Come as New Episodes Air


Who will join Loki and the Minutemen in the weeks to come? Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

As you keep up with each week’s new episode of Loki, you may want to check back in at Avengers Campus. Disney’s teasing that more new characters from the show—and more awesome merchandise—will be popping up as the story unfurls.

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