Masks at Disney World: New Rule for Eating and Drinking

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In order to reduce guests not wearing masks while walking around the parks, guests must now remain stationary while eating at Disney. This change came a little less than a week after Disney parks began to reopen.

According to Disney’s website, guests must wear their masks at all times, except while dining and swimming. This became somewhat of a “loophole,” as guests were able to carry food or drink around the park, and remove their masks while they ate.

This is especially an issue at EPCOT, where it’s very natural for guests to grab their snack from a food cart and move on to the next country while munching away.

Now, guests must remain stationary while eating at Disney. This means when your mask is off in the park for eating or drinking, you must either find a place to stand or to sit that is appropriately social distanced. 

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As long as you’re wearing your mask, it’s fine if you walk around while holding your food or drink. When you want to take a bite or a sip, locate a place to stop that’s six feet away from all other parties.

Or, take this time to enjoy the views of the Disney parks and relax for a few minutes while you chow down on your Mickey pretzel!

Other Safety Procedures

Since the parks reopened, we’ve gotten many reports back on the safety measures Disney is taking and the level of cleanliness and concern they have for the guests.

Disney is working hard to ensure guests stay safe while in and around the parks. While there are quite a few new rules right now, they’re really putting guest safety at the forefront.

One of the most interesting changes is with security. With added temperature screenings before you can even begin a security check, it seems like the process would take even longer than before.

New Disney World Security Procedure

Sign detailing how to go through the new security check. Photo by Julie De la Fe

But with the new procedures in place, everyone is rejoicing at the swiftness of security checks! You can find out all about what to expect when you enter a park here.

Of course, as we’ve already discussed, guests ages 2 and up must wear masks inside the parks. Guests must also maintain 6 feet of distance between them and other parties.

Ride queues and ride vehicles are adapted for social distancing. Where social distancing is impossible, plexiglass was installed. 

Want to see some of these safety procedures in action? Check out what it’s like back at Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Magic Kingdom!

Even though some things are a little different, the magic is still alive and well at Walt Disney World!

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