New Disney World Park Entry Procedures at Animal Kingdom

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Disney World Animal Kingdom Reopening Entry

Our reporter, Julie, is at the Annual Passholder preview at Animal Kingdom right now (tune in here)! This morning, she showed us the new Disney World park entry procedures as she experienced them.

Julie said there wasn’t much of a line when she first arrived. 

Temperature Screening

Animal Kingdom Temperature Screening

Photo by Julie De la Fe

Guests walked in a socially-distant manner to the white tents just outside the main entrance for temperature screening. The changes, including a temperature screening, actually end up making the process quicker than we’re used to.

Julie said today on our Instagram stories, “The temperature screenings went super-fast! It seems like they have the parking lot kind of slowly coming in so that it eases the pace of the people coming in so there are not long lines there.”

The temperature gauges are no-touch and put out a reading when scanned over your forehead.

Animal Kingdom Coronavirus Prevention

A temperature screening tent outside the Animal Kingdom turnstiles. Photo by Julie De la Fe

Security and Bag Check?

New Disney World Security Procedure Disney World Park Entry

Photo by Julie De la Fe

Take all electronics out of your bag and set them aside for the security check. You’ll walk through new metal detectors with your bag on your person!

If the metal detectors don’t go off, that means you’re good to go. 

If they do go off, you’ll have to dump your bag to find what made them beep. Julie, however, was able to walk through without any issue! She said it was so quick and she really hopes they keep this procedure for entering Disney World in the long run!

Social Distance Your Way In

Disney World Park Entry Animal Kingdom

Markers on the ground show where to stand. Photo by Julie de la Fe

From her pictures, it looks like not a lot of people were at the entrance of the park, and everyone was respecting social distancing. There were markers on the ground for guests to know where to stand.

Continue Inside!

Ready to go into the park?

Here is what we saw today inside Animal Kingdom!

Tree of Life while wearing a mask Annual Pass Preview at Animal Kingdom

Though there are a few changes, it’s still the Animal Kingdom we know and love!

Follow along with Julie for a live look at the rest of the day on our Instagram and Facebook stories.

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