Marvel Day at Sea: Disney Cruise Line Unleashes Your Inner Superhero

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The Marvel Day at Sea on Disney Cruise experience is one that fans of all ages will enjoy.

If you’ve ever dreamed of web slinging with Spider-Man or having a dance-off with Star-Lord, you can make these dreams, and more, come true aboard Disney Cruise Line’s Marvel Day at Sea.

This special event takes place aboard select five-night cruises leaving from Miami and sails to The Bahamas and the Western Caribbean—and it includes special character interactions, menus, and world-class entertainment as part of Disney Cruise Line’s signature sailing experience.

In addition to DCL’s superior customer service, the Marvel Day at Sea includes extra magical moments for Marvel fans of all ages. Whether you’ve recently started your journey into the MCU or are a master of the multiverse, you will absolutely find your experience to be marvelous.

The best part is all Marvel Day at Sea events are included in the price of your cruise. That’s right—you don’t have to pay extra to immerse yourself in the action. 

Marvel Day at Sea Character Interactions


Photo courtesy of Disney

Your journey into the world of Marvel begins as soon as you wake up on the day of the event. Listen closely for themed announcements over the intercom, including several by Tony Stark himself, as you explore the ship to meet your favorite superheroes.

Some of them, such as Thor, Loki, and Captain America, meet with guests throughout the day, and you’ll want to check your Disney Cruise Line Navigator App for times and locations.


Photo courtesy of Disney

Others, including Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Iron Man, are part of ticketed meet-and-greets you can book after your cruise is paid in full and your booking window opens, based upon your Castaway Club Status. 

Many heroes also make their way around the ship throughout the day, so have your camera ready. On our Marvel Day at Sea cruise, we ran into Star-Lord while walking through Shutters, and he stopped to chat with us and pose for pictures.


Photo by Eric Freilich

Marvel Day at Sea Menus

A Disney Cruise is a foodie’s dream, and the Marvel Day at Sea is no exception. Each signature restaurant features a Marvel-themed menu.


Grilled Delmonico Ribeye Steak. Photo by Kimberly Masimore

The meal begins with a marbled green rye with red pepper dip and a variety of appetizers, including Sliced Smoked Salmon, Wankandan Piri Piri, and Chilled Californian Avocado Soup.

There are many tasty entrees to choose from as well, such as Mjölnir Meatballs and Pasta, Grilled Delmonico Ribeye Steak with Black Truffle Butter, and Dr. Banner’s Greens and Lobster Salad.


Mjölnir Meatballs and Pasta. Photo by Eric Freilich

Save room for dessert! Will you order the Ravager’s Devil Food Cake? Perhaps the Awesome Mixed Sundae? How about the Collector’s Warm Apple Crisp?

Ah, what am I saying? You’re on a cruise … order one of each!

Marvel Day at Sea Entertainment


Photo courtesy of Disney

What would a Disney Cruise be without show-stopping entertainment? Throughout the day, you can watch your favorite Marvel movies, including first-run showings, in the Buena Vista Theatre.

If you want to test your knowledge of comic books and movies, then join the trivia competition. There is also a costume contest to show off your cosplay creation to your fellow guests.


Photo courtesy of Disney

After the sun sets, you won’t want to miss Captain America’s Star Spangled USO Show featuring hits from the ’40s and the Star Spangled Man With A Plan. Then, make your way to the upper decks to secure a spot for Mickey and Friends Super Hero Celebration, during which your favorite mouse and his pals dress up as Marvel characters.


Photo by Eric Freilich

The day’s events culminate with Marvel Heroes Unite. Tony Stark debuts his groundbreaking technology that will change the cruise industry, but, as with many of his creations, things don’t go as planned.

It’s up to him and his fellow Avengers to foil the villains and save the day. No spoilers here except to look to the sky for a fantastic finale!

A Few Tips for a Successful Marvel Day at Sea


Photo by Eric Freilich

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your Marvel Day at Sea:

  • Book your cruise early! Marvel Day at Sea is offered on a limited basis early in the year, and it’s a popular event.
  • Check the Disney Cruise Line website for the latest information on dates for the Marvel Day at Sea and sailing requirements (e.g., documentation and safety protocols).
  • Pack a variety of outfits. You’ll want to be comfortable throughout your cruise, and it might be challenging to wear your Mark 85 armor to dinner.
  • Always have your camera with you. You never know who you’ll meet!
  • Take time to relax. A quick nap before dinner, especially if you’re traveling with young children, can help you feel refreshed.

We had an adventure we’ll never forget on our Disney Cruise Line’s Marvel Day at Sea and made many lifelong memories. We can’t wait to set sail again with Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the other Avengers to see what new offerings await.

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Written by Eric Freilich

Written by Eric Freilich

Eric Freilich is a former Walt Disney World Cast Member and lives in south Florida. As Annual Passholders, he and his family visit the theme parks throughout the year to enjoy all that Disney has to offer. When he’s not soaring over the landscape of Pandora on a Banshee or joining the Resistance to triumph over the First Order, Eric enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with his family.