Disney Wish Revealed: Details on Disney Cruise Line’s Latest Ship

by | Apr 29, 2021 | Disney Cruise Line, Disney Wish

Disney Cruise Line premiered new details and information about the Disney Wish ship.

Wishing for a Disney Cruise? How about wishing for a Disney Wish cruise? Is that too much wishing? We don’t think so.  It’s World Wish Day, so it’s time to make some magic happen.

Whether you’re singing into a well or looking up at the stars, whatever we all managed to do manifested the ship of our dreams. Today at 11:00 AM, Disney Cruise Line hosted a special event to tell us all about the new Disney Wish. 

Replay the live event right here, and keep scrolling for our quick run-down of what is onboard!

Bookings will start on May 27th, 2021 for the Disney Wish, and it will be sailing out of Port Canaveral. Contact our friends at Destinations to Travel to make sure they are ready to secure your voyage.

Let’s explore what you can expect aboard the Disney Wish:

  • The AquaMouse
  • The Grand Hall
  • Dining
  • Adults-Only Lounges
  • Staterooms
  • Broadway-Caliber Shows
  • Just for Adults
  • Youth Clubs
  • Disney Wish Facts

The AquaMouse


AquaMouse slide attraction on the Disney Wish. Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

The Disney Wish is boasting the first full-fledged Disney attraction at sea! It’s time to break away from Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway on another adventure with our favorite couple.

Donald had his turn with the infamous AquaDuck slide aboard the Disney Fantasy, and now Micky and Minnie are taking us aboard the AquaMouse.


AquaMouse character scenes. Concept art via Disney Cruise Line

But unlike any on-deck slide before it, this one is an actual attraction, where guests will join Mickey and Minnie’s Port MisAdventures touring company to Mermaid Lagoon—a 760 ft journey around the upper deck of the Disney Wish

The ride will include show scenes, lighting, special effects that take guests right into the Mickey Mouse short cartoons with appearances by some of our favorite characters.

And in fact, the whole pool deck will be themed after Mickey and Friends! Here is a peek at the deck layout… we can’t wait to see all the Mickey touches coming to the area!


Disney Wish Pool Deck. Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

The Grand Hall

We have all-new concept art that has evolved since we were last teased a peek in December.


Make a wish on the Wishing Star in the Grand Hall. Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

As we have seen during previous updates, Cinderella will greet guests entering the grand hall.


Disney Wish has a stage in the Grand Hall! Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

We were treated today to a view of the Wishing Star lighting feature and a look at the Grand Hall Stage, which promises to reveal character surprises throughout each day onboard!


Cinderella greets guests each day in the Grand Hall. Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

Cinderella joins the previous statues aboard Disney Cruise Line ships, including Ariel on the Wonder, Mickey on the Magic, Minnie on the Fantasy, and Donald on the Dream.

We can’t wait to see who appears on the Grand Hall Stage throughout the day on each Disney Cruise!

Three New Dining Experiences

During the Disney Wish reveal on April 29th, Denise Case Director, Entertainment Creative, announced three new dining experiences!

1. Arendelle


Elsa takes the stage at Arendelle. Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

Anna and Elsa are coming to dinner!


Anna makes an appearance at Arendelle. Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

This chilly restaurant will feature character greetings from Anna and Elsa, and they’ll even take the stage!


Arendelle dining decor. Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

The performances will take place as you dine on a menu that will feature Nordic influences.


Elsa makes some magic. Concept art via Disney Cruise Line

This is sure to be the restaurant that generates the most excitement from Disney princess fans!

2. 1923


1923 is so old Hollywood. Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

Old Hollywood comes alive in this restaurant named after the year the Walt Disney Studios was founded.

The menu will feature a California fusion of cultural flavors, and the decor is upscale, with animation artifacts lining the walls amidst subdued lighting.

3. World of Marvel


World of Marvel Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

The live presentation included very few details about this new restaurant, but as Case remarked, “You’ll be transported to an Avengers technology showcase. You’ll play an interactive role in an action-packed mission that unfolds around you.”

No Animators Palate?? With three dining locations already announced, this may be the first Disney ship to omit Animator’s Palate. Stay tuned for confirmation as Disney Cruise Line releases more information.

Casual dining locations have not yet been announced for the Disney Wish, but stay tuned for info as we get it!

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Adults-Only Lounges and Dining

Pam Rawlins, the Executive Producer for Walt Disney Imagineering, told us all about the Star Wars lounge for adults, and the romantic Beauty and the Beast theme that will permeate a lot of the adult areas on the Disney Wish.

Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge


A Star Wars lounge for adults! Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

It’s a Star Wars area just for adults!

We’ve long been jealous of the Star Wars-themed spots for kids on the ships, so this is a very welcome addition.


Hyperspace Lounge. Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

This lounge looks similar to the Skyline bar on the Disney Dream and Fantasy ships, with a changing “porthole” screen behind the bar.

The porthole will display familiar parts of the galaxy like Tattooine, Mustafar, and Batuu. More locations may be confirmed in the future.

Palo– Cogsworth Style


Palo reimagined. Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

It’s official! Palo will be aboard the Wish, but with a new look!

Following the Beauty and the Beast theme we will see throughout adult areas on the Wish, Cogsworth has seen to it that Palo is in tip-top shape.

Lots of gears, gold trim, and clock-like things will ironically make guests lose track of time as they indulge in an Italian menu.

The Rose


The Rose aboard the Disney Wish. Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

This beautiful lounge will be a great place for adult guests to have an after-dinner cocktail or just unwind and enjoy the atmosphere. It seems more chill and cozy than the Hyperspace lounge, so a good place to get away from it all.

Just as The Meridian was located between Palo and Remy on previous DCL ships, The Rose will be located between Palo and Enchante on the Wish ship.

Enchante—Hosted by Lumiere


Enchante premium dining. Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

Cogsworth has Palo, and Lumiere wouldn’t let him have the whole spotlight, so Lumiere is hosting his own dining experience!

Again following the Beauty and the Beast theme, this upscale dining experience will feature three Michelin starred chef, Chef Arnaud Lallement.



Disney Wish Oceanview Stateroom. Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

During the Disney Wish reveal event, we were treated to lots of concept art depicting many room types. These included the room types we’re used to… and a few surprises!

  • Inside Staterooms
  • Oceanview Staterooms
  • Verandah Staterooms
  • Concierge Staterooms
  • 2-Story Suites

The big headline here is the addition of the two-story stateroom suites!


Two-Story Suite Stateroom on the Wish. Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

This may be worth the price just for the spiral staircase alone. We are thinking this stateroom suite would be perfect for special gatherings.

The official names for the Inside, Oceanview, and Verandah staterooms are likely as in previous ships, but we will confirm as we have information.

Prices for each stateroom have not been announced. We will have more information and photos soon on each stateroom!

Broadway-Caliber Shows

These performances will be nothing short of incredible, with highly-trained talent working hard onstage and backstage to bring your favorite Disney characters to life.

Aladdin is Back!


Aladdin has been confirmed for the Disney Wish! Photo via Disney Cruise Line

Come on a magic carpet ride and discover the magic of believing in yourself through this stage adaptation of one of Disney’s animated classics.

You’ll love singing along with your favorite songs and witnessing the amazing production as Genie grants Aladdin those three famous wishes!

Two More Shows are Coming

We got a bit of a teaser on two more Broadway-caliber shows coming to the Disney Wish, but mum’s the word on what these titles will be!

Let’s speculate together on our Facebook page.

Just for Adults

While many families choose Disney cruises, this isn’t just kid’s stuff. Think about it: Disney knows how to keep the adults happy, with five-star service, food, and entertainment.

In addition to the adult lounges and dining experiences listed above, DCL has mastered keeping the kids busy and providing plenty of opportunities for adults to enjoy spaces just for them.

Quiet Cove Pool


Quiet Cove pool aboard the Disney Wish. Concept art via Disney Cruise Line

On the Disney Wish, adults will be able to enjoy the Quiet Cove Pool with a dedicated bar, just as on the other four ships.

A safe haven from loud family fun, this section of the deck is dedicated to relaxing in the whirlpools, taking a dip in the heated pool, or just enjoying a quiet drink in a lounge chair.

Senses Spa

Senses Spa has been confirmed for the Disney Wish (yay!), but no word yet on the Rainforest Room (awww)! Follow our Google News stream for updates as we get ’em.

Oceaneer Club for Kids

The Oceaneer Club is where kids can get active and engage in group play within four elaborately themed areas.

And there’s a new way to join the fun:


Down the hatch! Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

YES, that’s a magical hatch that kids can open to access a slide straight to the Oceaneer Lab!

Marvel Hero Academy


Marvel Hero Academy. Concept art via Disney Cruise LIne

The Oceaneer Club will feature a few different specialized areas, including the Marvel Hero Academy. Disney Cruise Line confirmed today that  Spiderman, Black Panther, Ant-Man, and The Wasp, will make appearances here. 

One of the big attractions announced for Marvel Hero Academy is an advanced area where kids can summon their own superhero suit.

Fairytale Hall


Fairytale Hall. Concept art via Disney Cruise Line

Fairytale Hall will feature Rapuzel’s Art Studio, Belle’s Library, and Anna and Elsa’s Summerhouse.

More details on the happenings in these princess areas as we get updates from Disney Cruise Line!

Imagineering Lab


Imagineering Lab. Concept art via Disney Cruise Line

This is where Disney offers an inside look at what it takes to make magic. Here, kids can create a rollercoaster and virtually ride it, among other Imagineering feats.

Toy Story Splash Zone


Toy Story Splash Zone. Concept Art via Disney Cruise Line

And for the smaller kids, Woody, of course, is taking care of things!

Up on deck, little ones can enjoy a splash pad similar to the ones hosted by Donald’s nephews and Nemo on the other DCL ships.

Other Kids Areas

No confirmation yet on the traditional Edge area for preteens, Vibe for teens, or preschool services like the Small World Nursery.

Disney Wish Facts

  • Booking Begins: May 27th, 2021 Contact Destinations to Travel
  • Lobby Statue: Cinderella
  • Departs From: Port Canaveral
  • Maiden Voyage: Summer 2022
  • The Wish will run on liquified natural gas, one of the cleanest burning fuels in the cruise industry

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Rain Blanken is a published author and leader in digital media. A DVC Member, WDW Annual Pass holder, and former Disney Vacation Planner, Rain would live inside Boma if they would just stop checking under the tables at night.

Authored by
Rain Blanken

Rain Blanken is a published author and leader in digital media. A DVC Member, WDW Annual Pass holder, and former Disney Vacation Planner, Rain would live inside Boma if they would just stop checking under the tables at night.
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