3 Reasons Why Becoming an Annual Passholder Is Worth Every Penny

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Back in June, Walt Disney World hiked up Annual Pass prices. This might have made you wonder if being an annual passholder was actually worth it. I had the same concerns back in 2017, right before I decided to take the plunge.

However, I told myself to do it and, worst-case scenario, I could choose not to renew once the year was up. Two years and thousands of photos, memories, and fun times later, I can’t imagine living without this sacred yellow piece of plastic.

Here are my top 3 compelling reasons why becoming an Annual Passholder is worth every penny:

1. You Will Actually Save Money 

While price increases may deter you, the truth is that Annual Passes will save you money in the long run. For example, a one day ticket to the parks starts at $109.00. 

That’s right, starts. If you want to go more than one time a year, you’re looking to pay a hefty price. 

In comparison, the Disney Silver Pass is $519 in total. If you go to the park at least 5 times in one year, the pass pays for itself. Plus, you can pay monthly so you don’t have to put down the full cost all at once.

Disney World Annual Passholder Entrance

WDW reserves some entrance lines just for Annual Passholders. Photo by Meghan LeBoff

2. The Annual Passholder Benefits

Becoming an Annual Passholder definitely has its perks. Not only do you get access to all four theme parks (a built-in Park Hopper ticket – score!), but all levels of Annual Passes come with exclusive benefits.

You’ll get 20% off hundreds of dining experiences and merchandise. Additionally, as you move up the Passholder ladder, you can get even more benefits like unlimited PhotoPass downloads, no blockout dates, and more.

And you know that whole $25 a day just to park your car thing Disney has? As an Annual Passholder, that’s covered too! You also get a customized MagicBand, exclusive Disney mail, early access to certain events, and discounts on Disney hotels and special events. 

Annual Passholder benefits

Annual Passholder benefits include free car magnets! Photo by Rain Blanken

3. You Don’t Have to Do It All in One Trip

Before I got my Annual Pass two years ago, I only went to the parks a few times a year. I typically only had one day or, at minimum, one weekend to see and do everything I wanted. 

Combine that with bringing friends and family who all had different interests, and I had a recipe for stress!

Since becoming a Passholder, I’ve been able to do Disney at my pace. I’m never rushed or stressed because I know if I don’t have time for a certain park or experience, I can come back whenever I want and do it then. The freedom to take my time in the parks has allowed me to experience so many things I missed because I had to rush through them before. 

Annual Passes Are Worth It

Between saving money, getting exclusive Passholder benefits, and having the freedom to stop and smell the Disney roses, having an Annual Pass has changed my life for the better. It’s worth every penny to have these amazing memories that will last a lifetime. Want more tips for making the most out of your Disney trips? Subscribe to WDW Magazine to get money-saving tips from the experts each month.

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