World Showcase — Canada to American Adventure: The WDW Escape Podcast (Episode 4)

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Today, we are traveling around the World Showcase, trying to find the perfect spot to eat. Join us for WDW Escape Episode 4, “World Showcase — Canada to American Adventure,” and all the tasty treats you can find in the wonderful country pavilions.

Follow along!

For more info on WDW Escape, click here—or listen to all our episodes. Listen to today’s World Showcase episode while following along with the photos below!

The World Showcase

You stand at the water’s edge, an entire world laying at your feet, ready to be savored.

Like any of history’s great explorers, there is one question at the heart of your being; one quest that drives you, just as it drove Marco Polo to unlock the hidden secrets of Asia, or Magellan when he circumnavigated the globe; one thing that will not be denied. The question: where shall we have lunch?

For a moment, you almost feel guilty. You know that EPCOT is about a beautiful vision of the future, about experiencing the wonders of our world and of worlds beyond.

You know this, but you’ve been living it all morning, and now it is time to eat.

Besides, Walt must have known that sharing a meal is the best way to bring people together, even if they come from different cultures.

If he didn’t, why would he have put all of these delicious, delicious restaurants in the World Showcase? Walt would clearly want you to have a good lunch.

And, months from now, when this Disney trip is over and your future self is up to their knees in snow, you will think about this moment and enjoy a pleasant daydream about tasty snacks. You owe it to your future self to eat something really delicious right now.

But which way to go? You’ve spent the morning in Future World West… and you are already on that side of the plaza… west it is.


You turn to the right and head into the wilds of Canada.

Canada The World Showcase

Step into the beauty of Canada. Photo by Mike Billick

Mmmm… Canada… They say the pavilion is meant to be a hotel, but it always looked more like a palace to you.

You toy with popping into the Maple Leaf Mine for the new Circle-Vision 360 film, those are always fun… but no. Stay focused, you’re on a mission. A mission that could end right here with delicious, delicious steak.

Or maybe some of that special cheese soup. Do Canadians really eat such wonderful things? It would explain why they always seem so happy. You must have some, right now… but wait…

United Kingdom

…Just a few steps away there is an actual palace… in the United Kingdom… is it Hampton Court Palace?


Everyone loves the classic red telephone booths in the UK. Photo by Mike Billick

This is still Disney, after all… everything can be solved by a palace. Not to mention the English garden… and Tigger’s maze… there are a lot of lovely memories here… and a lot of delicious things to eat.

You can never go wrong with fish and chips, can you?

Or you could pop into the Rose and Crown for cottage pies, or bangers and mash… all of the very important brown food groups. So delicious… but wait… sometimes there’s a piano player there, and that’s always so much fun… should you wait… should you come back later?

You find yourself walking on…

Before you know it, you’re passing the International Gateway, now so much more bustling than ever before with people on their way to and from the new Skyliners, or taking friend-ships to the hotels and to Hollywood Studios… it’s easy to get distracted, even when all you really want is a delicious lunch.


The next thing you know you are passing over the footbridge, and you are unmistakably in France, where no food is so delicious that it can’t be made better by even more butter.

Chefs De France

Why not have lunch at Chefs de France? Photo by Cliff Wang

Of course you should eat here.

You had one of the best meals ever at the Monsieur Paul… though you now remember it is only open for dinner… but Les Chefs de France is here, and so delicious… or maybe what you really want is something from the Patisserie…  croissants, éclairs, mousse, soufflés, tarts… yes.

This is what you want to eat in France. Dessert.

Which means you need to come back after you’ve actually eaten lunch. Alas.


The music tells you that we have reached even more exotic lands, and now you are in the heart of Morocco.

The world showcase

Morocco is such a beautiful place to get lost in. Photo by Cliff Wang

Maybe you’ve been thinking about this all wrong. It’s a beautiful day, the temperature is perfect and the sun glistens off the surface of the lagoon.

Maybe locking yourself away in a sit-down is not the way to go. A nice quick-service like Tangerine Café might be just what you really want. Chicken wraps… lamb wraps… perfect….

But before you know it you run into people watching the Moroccan dancers, and you just get swept away… and twenty minutes later you have a henna tattoo and a fez, and you still haven’t eaten.

Perhaps the mysteries of the East are too much for you.


Except Japan seems to be exactly where you want to be, with the wide open space of the courtyard and the beautiful architecture.

There’s a new restaurant here that you do want to try sometime… But that’s more of a fancy thing than just a tasty lunch.

Illuminations from Japan

Illuminations, in days past, from the Japan pavilion. Photo by Cliff Wang

You did watch the fireworks from the terrace at the Katsura Grill one time, which was amazing. That was back during Illuminations, but you would love to try Epcot Forever from the same spot. But none of that is going to feed you lunch anytime soon.

The American Adventure

But wait… You’re so close to the American Adventure now.

The World showcase American Adventure

Stopping at home, in the American Adventure. Photo by Cliff Wang

Besides being one of your favorite Disney shows, someone told you that there was a new barbecue quick-service out front. You smell it before you see it, full of smoky goodness, and suddenly there it is, the Regal Eagle, hung with star-spangled bunting and festooned with everyone’s favorite patriotic Muppet.

Sometimes you have to travel the world in order to appreciate the comforts of home, and the all-American ingenuity of smoked meats.

This is exactly what you want for lunch, at last.

Now it isn’t too early to start thinking about dinner… is it?

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At WDW Magazine, our mission is to help you feel the magic of Walt Disney World at the touch of a button, or the turn of a page. Whether you prefer the instant access of our Digital Edition, or the glossy pages of our Print Edition, WDW Magazine will make you feel like you’re in the middle of the magic.
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