Will Jingle Cruise Return to Magic Kingdom in 2020?

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Will Jingle Cruise Return in 2020? Does Santa Love Cookies?

It’s the most punderful time of the year! Jingle Cruise has returned to Magic Kingdom for the 2020 season, delighting socially-distanced guests for a haphazard exploration.

That’s great for those that are Claus-terphobic. I’m paid by the pun, so don’t worry, there’s more.

Disney Parks Blog made a few festive holiday announcements last week but quietly left Jingle Cruise as a surprise for guests who attended the park on November 1st. Suddenly, Jingle Cruise was there!

Since 2013, the World-Famous Jungle Cruise has been making a holiday transition to add a little Christmas spirit to sailings—and yes, that means festive puns. We’re all here for the puns, right? Icy what you did there.

Jingle Cruise Queue

magic kingdom jingle cruise wreath de la fe

The Skippers at Jingle Cruise really know how to decorate. Photo by Julie de la Fe

The queue at Jingle Cruise is a big part of the ride experience. Here, you can get into the festive Christmas mood with plenty of decorations that the Skippers have so generously (or just quickly?) put together. They aren’t snow bad.

Jingle Cruise line queue decorations Christmas de la Fe

The Jingle Cruise line queue gets us excited for Christmas! Photo by Julie de la Fe

It’s love at frost site! We love all of the Christmas details in line for Jingle Cruise. The queue tells the tale of the Jungle Navigation Company crew and skippers getting ready for the season, hopeful for presents.

Jingle Cruise line at Disney World Magic Kingdom de la Fe

The line for Jungle Cruise is looking festive! Photo by Julie de la Fe

These decorations are tree-mendous!

I recently read one Skipper’s account of a menorah made of oranges that was actually put together by Cast Members. After the first season was over, Imagineers allegedly took reference shots of the queue, and now the menorah returns every year!

In case you’re in it for the safari, your favorite animals and characters are still along for the ride.

Trader Sam has …traded in… his usual look to become Trader Santa. Hey, he’s an elf-made man. You’ll also see gorillas discovering discarded Christmas presents and festive decor. Let’s catch a boat and hold on for deer life!

What’s All This Aboat?

Jingle Cruise at Magic Kingdom Christmas 2020 Ramos

Jingle Cruise boats at Magic Kingdom. Photo by Rich Ramos

The Jungle Cruise boats are changed into Jingle Cruise boats with a little effort on the part of the Skippers. And when we say little effort, yes, it’s kind of a sign smacked on there. Still, we think it’s ferry-impressive.

Jingle Cruise boat names include:

  • Mistletoe Millie
  • Poinsettia Sal
  • Orino-cocoa Ida
  • Sleigh Ride Sadie
  • Vixen Val
  • Garland Gertie
  • Reindeer Ruby
  • Wassailing Wanda
  • Candy Cane Connie
  • Icicle Irma
  • Fruitcake Zelda
  • Yulelog Lolly
  • Noel Nellie
  • Brrrrr Bertha

These names are keeling me. Knot impressed? Once you’ve boarded, the real festivities begin.

A Ride on the Jingle Cruise

Every Disney ride has a backstory (and every show, resort, palm tree, napkin..) and the overlay for Jingle Cruise is no different.

As the story goes, the Jungle Navigation company is experiencing a rather strange holiday season, as a plane accidentally dumped Christmas cargo all over the river! Guests are invited to help look for the presents and Christmas baubles all over the jungle.

Jingle Cruise details Christmas at Magic Kingdom Reynolds

Jingle Cruise skippers are sending Santa a reminder! Photo by Courtney Reynolds

Do you think the Skippers asked for more jokes?

Here are some of our favorite Jingle Cruise lines from the holiday script. A lot of your favorite puns from Jungle Cruise are still part of the ride, but but if you miss these Christmas-specific lines, Yule be sorry.

  • “If you look to your left and your right you’ll see some humbugs. If you listen very carefully, you’ll hear them crying out….. BAH. See, bah-humbugs.”
  • “A lot of people don’t understand why we hired gorillas to do all the gift wrapping, but as you can see, their turnover rate is fantastic.” *boat passes overturned Jeep*
  • “Over here we have Jingle Bell rock.” *guests pass a rock*
  • “Welcome to the African belt, home to many kinds of reindeer, up top we have some long-necked reindeer,” *guests see giraffes* “and some old reindeer.” *guests see zebras* “You can tell they’re old because they’re in black and white.”
  • “There has been a Bengal tiger stalking us along the riverbanks for a while, now. I really don’t want to worry you guys, but I saw him go into the temple ahead of us. We’re going to keep an eye out. He might have sandy claws.”
Jingle Cruise

The Jungle Cruise transforms into the Jingle Cruise every year. Photo by Courtney Reynolds

OK, OK, we get the point.

To set sail on the full Jingle Cruise ride while simply surfing your couch, check out this full ride video:

Jingle Cruise Returns

While the Jingle Cruise made a surprise return this year, many of our favorite Christmas events and shows at Walt Disney World have been put on pause this season.

To find out all of the Christmas wonder that Magic Kingdom has to offer this year, check out our Complete Guide to Christmas at Magic Kingdom in 2020.

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Rain Blanken

Rain Blanken is a published author and leader in digital media. A DVC Member, WDW Annual Pass holder, and former Disney Vacation Planner, Rain would live inside Boma if they would just stop checking under the tables at night.
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