Many Disney World fans have been left wondering… when will Casey’s Corner reopen?

Disneyland just announced more restaurants opening, and we just saw the return of some of our favorite Table-Service spots reopening at Disney World.

So… how bout them hotdogs, ol’ Mickey ol’ pal?

Is Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom Open?

Is Caseys Corner Open at Magic Kingdom Closed Bryce

Casey’s Corner is currently closed. Photo by Sara Bryce

As of June 17, 2021—No.

Since the reopening of Walt Disney World seems to be going so swimmingly, fans have wondered about one of the most popular Quick-Service spots in Magic Kingdom: Casey’s Corner. When will it reopen?

Here at WDW Magazine, we’ve been wondering the same thing.

We gather photos for the print magazine well in advance of upcoming issues, so we’re more than tapping our foot over here waiting for Casey’s to reopen. We need hotdogs but, also, shots for upcoming issues!

Casey’s Corner Reopening Clues

Casey's Corner Reopening at Magic Kingdom

A Mobile Order sign was added to the door of Casey’s Corner in late March 27, 2021—spotted by WDW Magazine reporter, Tina Chiu:

Casey's Corner Mobile Order Sign Chiu

A new Mobile Order sign as seen on March 27, 2021. Photo by Tina Chiu

This looks very promising to us!

This means that the location is at least gearing up to dish out food, even if they won’t quite be ready for indoor dining again.

In part, the issue with Casey’s Corner reopening was the tight space inside—it would be difficult to practice social distancing in there.

With the indoor mask mandate relaxed on June 15, 2021, and social distancing reduced, we may see some more evolutions in the COVID-19 policies as guests get vaccinated, and Casey’s Corner could open for summer crowds.

Get a Taste of Casey’s Now


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If you will be at Magic Kingdom before Casey’s is confirmed to reopen, keep walking through the hub and hang a left to Frontierland.

Casey’s delicious corn dog nuggets can still be ordered at the rustic Westward Ho booth AND was recently added to the Pecos Bill menu, priced at $6.99 at both locations.

Be sure to ask for them around noon and later, as Westward Ho and Pecos Bill have different menus for breakfast that exclude Casey’s corndog nuggets.

Can’t Wait for Casey’s Corner to Reopen

Caseys Corner Piano Player Jim Sapp

Casey’s Corner Piano Player, Jim. Photo by Laurie Sapp

In addition to those Corn Dog nuggest and the famous seasonal hotdogs piled high with all the fixins from the pickle bar, Casey’s Corner adds old-timey atmosphere to Main Street as it meets the Hub.

We can’t wait to listen once again to tunes from Disney films played on the piano. There’s nothing like having a snack and listening to the likes of Jim tickling the ivories.

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