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It’s nearing Halloween season, which means it is time for Hocus Pocus! Today, I am bringing you some Hocus Pocus Disneybounds.

The most quotable line in this movie is said by Winifred Sanderson.

“Another glorious morning—makes me sick!”

I think most of us can relate to Winifred in the morning. I find the Sanderson Sisters to be so quirky and fun, I almost forget they’re actually not “good guys.”

Check out the Sanderson Sisters in action at  a previous Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party:

Hocus Pocus Disneybounds

The Sanderson Sisters are a great group costume or Disneybound to do with your friends. There are plenty of ways to style these witches because they have an array of shades in their color palette.

Come little Disneybounders, I’ll take thee away, into a few outfit inspos for your next trip to Salem with your best witches!

Sanderson Sister Colors

Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus

The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. Image Courtesy of Disney

The Sanderson Sisters (Winifred, Sarah, and Mary) have so many unique and colorful details in their costumes.

Although there are many components of each sister’s outfit, I have narrowed down their color palettes to just a few simple shades.

  • Winifred’s color palette consists of green, purple, and of course, orange!
  • Sarah’s color palette is a little girlier with hues of reds and purples.
  • Mary’s color palette is made up of a deep orange and purple.

Winifred Disneybound

I love the pumpkins in Disneyland. They are the perfect place to take a great photo of your outfit, especially during spooky season.

April, @candypalaceprincess, put together the most classic look to honor Winifred during Halloween season last year! Check it out here.


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Sarah Sanderson Disneybound

What stood out about this Disneybound by @stripedkittencosplay was that this Bounder went all in by adding Sarah’s color palette to her hair.

Sarah is the fun and spontaneous one out of the sisters, and I think that Kayla’s hair was the cherry on top to paying homage to Sarah Sanderson!
You need to check out the rest of Kayla’s Disneybounds, she’s not afraid to go all out! Her looks are fantastic.


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Mary Sanderson Disneybound

My favorite detail in this look by @heyitshawkguy is that she styled her hair bow to imitate Mary’s twisty high ponytail.

Liz did such a great job at bringing this Disneybound to life, especially with the plaid skirt. It worked so well, and so did the gravestone prop!


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Sanderson Sisters and Binx Disneybound

See what I was saying about The Sanderson Sisters being a great group Disneybound? And who could forget the adorable Binx.

This group costume by @van_kelsing and friends was put together so well. I would wear each of these outfits, they all look so cute!


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Get ready for spooky season in style!

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween in Salem, Disney World, or in your house, I hope these looks have inspired you to get a little more wicked this spooky season!

Speaking of Hocus Pocus style, have you seen Cakeworthy’s new Halloween collection? We are just dying to get our hands on it.

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