Where to Charge MagicBand+ at Disney World

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Find out how to charge your MagicBand+ at Disney World to keep the fun rolling…

Picture it: you’re enjoying a day at the most magical place on Earth, you’re bounty hunting on Batuu, you’re interacting with 50th-anniversary statues, until suddenly, your MagicBand+ buzzes! The puck turns red! 

Before you can let out a mourning cry, the battery dies. Okay—maybe this is a little bit dramatic. But seriously, who wants their fun to be cut short by a dead battery? 

Whether you’re reading from home in preparation for your perfect day at Disney or hastily reading from a patch of shade in the parks, we’ve got the info to save your day and keep the fun going. 

How to Charge Your MagicBand+

Charge MagicBand Plus Tinker bell Long

Each MagicBand+ comes with a charging cord. Photo by Evelyn Long

So how do you get the thing to charge anyway? Lucky for you, it’s super simple. 

In each MagicBand+ package, there is a small black USB cord. This is your handy-dandy MagicBand+ charger. You’ll want to keep it on you, especially if you plan on playing the in-park minigames or enjoying its nighttime spectacular feature at the end of a jam-packed day. 

If you forgot your charger or somehow lost it in the abyss of your bag, you can pick up another from any participating store for $7.99. 

1. Plug in the Charger

How to Charge MagicBand+Blanken

The MagicBand+ chargers are made especially for the band. Photo by Rain Blanken

The chargers themselves look a little unusual, so there’s no shame in being a bit confused about how to plug them in. The metal prongs on the circular portion of the charger should line up with the metal section that can be found on the back of the puck of your MagicBand+. 

Once you click that into place, you’ll need to grab a charging block (which converts your USB cord into one compatible with a wall outlet), and then you’re ready to charge!

2. Keep an Eye on the Light

How to Charge MagicBand+ at Disney World Blanken

A halfway-charged MagicBand+. Photo by Rain Blanken

You’ll be able to keep track of your MagicBand+’s charge by taking a quick look at the center of your band. When you connect the charger to your band and plug it into the wall, you’ll notice a red light surging in the bottom left corner. 

This light lets you know that the band is charging and currently has a low charge. If you don’t see this light, that means that your band is not charging—you may want to either readjust the cord or try another charger altogether. 

The light will progressively make its way around the screen, changing color from red to yellow when halfway charged, then finally to all-green when the battery is full

  • Red: Empty Battery
  • Yellow: Half-Charged
  • Green: Fully Charged

Pro-tip: You can also press the small bottom on the back of the puck to check the charge of your MagicBand+ at any time! 

3. Wake the Band and Keep the Magic Going!

Once your MagicBand+ is fully charged (or as charged as you’d like), you may have to wake it. 

Simply press the small power button on the back of the puck—you’ll notice the MagicBand+ flash green as it wakes. Once it’s done, you should be ready to go!

Where to Charge Your MagicBand+

Charger for MagicBand Plus Disney World Blanken

MagicBand+ chargers are sold at Disney World. Photo by Rain Blanken

Now that you know how to charge, you’re ready to find one of those elusive in-park outlets and hunker down. Each MagicBand+ comes with a charger, but even the best-laid plans can go awry (as in, you left it at home, didn’t you?)

If you don’t have a charger, you can pick one up, sold separately, at any location that sells MagicBand+ in the parks. Once you’re all set, check out these must-know spots at each of the parks at Walt Disney World: 

Magic Kingdom

Tangled Bathrooms in Fantasyland

The most majestic bathrooms in existence. Photo by Cliff Wang

The best place to recharge in Magic Kingdom is, by far, the Rapunzel restrooms. Although, as a diehard Tangled fan, I’m slightly biased, the benches and nearby water fountains are an undeniable perk of this outlet-rich area. 

⚡ Where to Charge Up: Let your partner take the kids on an enchanting (or disturbing, depending on where you fall on the creepy-to-delightful scale) ride through “it’s a small world” while you enjoy the shade. Benches line garden beds that are home to unassuming tree stumps—but these faux stumps actually have outlets inside them! 


Bellies full of one-too-many margaritas and culturally conflicting cuisine call for a well-deserved break from the action. 

⚡ Where to Charge Up:  The often-overlooked Odyssey building is a great spot to rest for a moment and charge your MagicBand+ before you get back out there!  This quiet, air-conditioned rest area is connected via a bridge between Test Track and the Mexico Pavilion—plus, it often hosts festival booths where you can grab a bite during your intermission. 

Animal Kingdom

pizzafari relaxation station animal kingdom

Photo by Julie De la Fe

Outlet scarcity is at its highest in this eco-conscious park, so this is some vital information if you’re spending the day among the animals. 

⚡ Where to Charge Up: Although there are some outlets sporadically placed around gift shops in the park, nobody wants to be the person sitting on the Trading Post carpet trying to get a little juice on their device. Instead, grab a slice and post up over at Pizzafari! 

Outlets along the walls, spacious tabled to spread out, and that sweet, sweet A/C make this a perfect stop to charge up your MagicBand+.

Hollywood Studios

You’ll find many Star Wars replica props, models, and concept art inside the Star Wars Launch Bay. Photo by Courtney Reynolds.

Sprawling concrete plazas can make Hollywood Studios a rough place to tromp around all day – so why not take a breather to charge up your MagicBand+ and rest your feet? 

⚡ Where to Charge Up: Star Wars Launch Bay is the ideal oasis to get away from the Florida sun and get your charge on. Outlets are available outside of the entrance to the Launch Bay, where you can set up camp on a nearby bench or take turns enjoying the A/C that the walk-through attraction offers. 

Using a Fuel Rod to Charge MagicBand+

Charging MagicBand Plus Fuel Rod at Disney World

Photo by Rain Blanken

Although it’s great to have these free outlet locations handy, we’ve got to give a very special mention to those life-saving Fuel Rods. 

Packed park days with back-to-back Genie+ reservations, dining plans, and cant-miss showtimes may deter you from stopping for an extended period to get a charge. Alternatively, you might show up at one of these charging stations and find that other guests have already filled the outlets.

For those who don’t want to miss a beat or find themselves beat to the punch, grab Disney’s portable battery of choice, the Fuel Rod.

Fuel Rods cost an initial $30, but can be swapped for free at any Fuel Rod station in the parks. That means you don’t have to recharge it like, well, ever (although you can recharge it and use it at home)! 

The Fuel Rod battery also has a USB port, meaning you won’t have to carry a block on you, either. 

Charging MagicBand+ At Disney World

Now that the outlet secrets of Walt Disney World have been revealed, you’re ready to go forth and conquer your happiest day ever. Although these are our top picks for spots to recharge, you may even find your own secret coves and corners with outlets along the way. 

Still have questions about MagicBand+? Check out our ultimate guide to the newest Disney tech before diving in the immersive world of the upgraded MagicBand. 

Written by Evelyn Long

Evelyn Long is a proud University of South Florida Bull and Disneyphile. She has been going to Walt Disney World since she was a child and is now an Annual Passholder. Witnesses say she has unashamedly cried at the sight of the Magic Kingdom Rapunzel bathrooms on multiple occasions.
Evelyn Long

Written by Evelyn Long

Evelyn Long is a proud University of South Florida Bull and Disneyphile. She has been going to Walt Disney World since she was a child and is now an Annual Passholder. Witnesses say she has unashamedly cried at the sight of the Magic Kingdom Rapunzel bathrooms on multiple occasions.