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WDW Magazine Discount Code

Remember that time at Target you got a 40% discount on pants and the cashier told you–surprise–you’re getting a 40% discount on 12 pairs of pants! AND, it’s 40% off 12 pairs of pants every year! And hey, not just this year’s pants…every pair of pants they’ve ever made

Then you woke up. Pantsless. Because hey, 40% off piles of pants just can’t be a reality, right?

Here at WDW Magazine, we believe in a world where everyone has pants. You prepare for your day in pants. Pants make it so you’re allowed in the Starbucks. Pants keep celebrities humble as they put them on one leg at a time. Without a daily pants reminder, Tom Hanks would likely be a monster.

Walt, once played by non-monster Tom Hanks, (thanks pants) was all about dreams. All dreams. So as you struggle to understand your strange pants dreams, we’re here to support you.

But we don’t have any pants to give (we’re shorts people, c’mon, this is Florida), so we’re doing the next best thing to match your pants deal dreams: 

40% Off WDW Magazine Discount Code

How about 40% off 12 digital WDW Magazine issues THIS year, and, since you dreamed of having every pair of pants ever, we’re going to give you every digital issue of WDW Magazine we’ve ever made!

And every digital issue we’re going to make because you get to keep this price every year you renew.

Click here and use the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY to make your dreams come true. 

wdw magazine discount code

We’re making tablet, desktop, and phone dreams come true with this promo code.

That’s only $2.33 for each issue. Maybe you’re still dreaming… yes, this is 40% off your annual digital subscription, and you’ll keep that price every year you renew. And now you’ll have every digital issue we ever made–just in case you meet your past self in your next dream, you’ll have a conversation starter. Aside from your whole pants thing.

What’s Included:

  • Over 70 digital ISSUES of WDW Magazine
  • 100+ Pages Per Issue
  • Over 60 Stunning Full Color Photos Per Issue
  • Easy Access To Embedded Video Content
  • Over 10 Articles In Each Issue
  • Fun Facts And Trivia
  • Seasonal Happenings
  • Planning Advice
  • Downloadable Wallpapers For Your Devices
  • Even More Content Than You’ll Find In Our Print Edition
  • Renews Annually

So whether you were dreaming about your run-of-the-mill Target shopping fantasy, or having that recurring nightmare about being pantsless at work, we’ve got you covered with over 70 issues of adventures at Walt Disney World. 

WDW Magazine Discount Code

Use Code HAPPYBIRTHDAY for 40% off

Our articles and stunning photos take you right onto the rides, serve up the trendy cupcakes, and even help prepare you for your next trip. Fight that Disney Withdrawl and hey, read it right before bed. Y’all gotta stop dreaming about pants.

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