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As we take time to care for our health, the Disney World gates remain closed… so we want to help: now you don’t have to leave your couch to skip through Magic Kingdom (and it’s way cheaper than a park ticket)!

For a limited time, you can access exclusive Disney World photos, stories, and activities for just $2.40 a month!

If you know a family (or are one) that is cooped up in the house, the gift of a WDW Magazine digital subscription could help calm any hints of cabin fever. But we don’t offer any guarantees on siblings getting along. You’re on your own, there.

To get 40% off WDW Magazine’s digital edition, use the SPRINGSALE coupon code at checkout.

Our yearly subscriptions are usually $47.99, but for a limited time, the coupon code brings your price down to $28.79. For just 12 issues? NO.

You’ll ALSO get our past 79 issues. Can I just do the math here and divide the $28.79 sale price by 79 issues?

Oh, that’s about $0.36 (that’s CENTS) per issue.

Here’s What You’ll Get

This year, we’ve got so many exclusives lined up for our readers. From a ride with me on the Skyliner to mouth-watering descriptions of new offerings at Topolino’s Terrace, here’s a little sneak peek at what you can expect with your WDW Magazine Digital subscription:

  • Interview with Brian Collins, Former Imagineer
  • The Extras Offered at the Resorts in Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Tips for Negotiating With Kids on Souvenirs
  • A comic in every issue!
  • Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Preview
  • World Showcase Facts You Didn’t Know
  • Disney-Themed Puzzles and Activities

…and that’s just a bit of what you’ll find in our 2020 issues.

Swipe through the digital pages of WDW Magazine and you’ll be treated to full-color spreads featuring your favorite attractions, restaurants, and resorts.

Read the experiences of our writers as they walk through Disney magic. Discover facts about Imagineering you never would have guessed, and even do Disney-themed word searches and puzzles.

WDW Magazine Coupon Code

To grab 40% off your digital subscription, use WDW Magazine Coupon Code SPRINGSALE. That’s a price of just $2.40 a month!

The digital edition is accessible anywhere, anytime! Our G-Rated content is kid-safe and sure to inspire. Children can flip through the issues on their iPad while you work from home, lending you a bit more me-time.

And since the issues can be seen on most devices, you can even check them out on your phone or computer in-between virtual meetings. We won’t tell.

Try the SPRINGSALE WDW Magazine Coupon Code today to get your 40% off. But hurry—this sale runs only until March 31st.

So, let’s see, you’ve got 79 digital issues of WDW Magazine, at a price of about $0.36 per issue. Looks like you’ve got some reading to do!

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