Walt Disney World Ticket Prices 2024

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Disney World 2024 ticket prices and vacation packages are here! We’ve got all the details on Walt Disney World ticket prices for 2024 including Park Hopper, add-ons, and even the added cost of the returning Disney Dining Plan

Disney World 2024 vacation packages are now on sale, meaning you can grab your ticket, hotel, and everything you need for vacations next year. To help make planning your trip a little easier, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about 2024 Disney World ticket prices, Park Passes, Annual Passes, and more!

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Disney World Ticket Prices

For 2024, Walt Disney World ticket prices start at $109 per person and max out at $189 for a one-park, one-day ticket. This price doesn’t include the 6.5% sales tax, or any add-on options like Park Hopper, Memory Makert, or the Water Park and Sports option.

Walt Disney World Pricing 2023 with Park Hopper

Sample ticket pricing per park for 2023. Screenshot: Disney

This base ticket price is for guests ages ten and up. Guests from ages three to nine have a slightly lower range from a one-park, one-day ticket, ranging from $104 to $184. And remember, guests under three years old don’t need a ticket. Keep in mind that prices can increase at any point. Typically Disney will see one or two price hikes a year, so purchasing your tickets well in advance could potentially save you money in the long run.

2024 will also be bringing a big change to the Park Pass reservation. If you purchase a date-based ticket, you will not need to make a Park Pass reservation if you are visiting on January 9th, 2024, or later. However, if you are not buying date-based tickets, you must still make a Park Pass reservation for the dates you intend to go.

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How Far in Advance Can You Buy Walt Disney World Tickets?

You can purchase your Disney World park tickets well in advance of whenever you’re planning to visit in 2024. Currently, you can purchase your tickets all the way out through December 31st, 2024. Want to check theme park availability before buying your Disney World tickets? You can check out the calendar of available Park Pass reservations for over one year in advance of your visit on the Disney website.

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2024 Disney World Ticket Prices Breakdown

spaceship earth lights epcot

Photo by Danny Shuster

The price of your Disney World ticket will depend on what park you’re visiting and when. If you are looking to purchase one adult (ages 10 and up) ticket for one-park, one-day, these are the range of prices you can expect:

  • Magic Kingdom ticket price: $124 to $189
  • EPCOT tickets: $114 to $179
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios tickets: $124 to $179
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom tickets: $109 to $159

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2024 Disney World Annual Passes

In 2023, Disney World Annual Passes returned, bringing another option for those looking to spend a lot of time in the parks. Suppose you plan on spending a significant length of time in Disney for your vacation. In that case, it’s always worth pricing out whether a Disney World Annual Pass is going to be a better bang for your buck than purchasing individual ticket packages. Here’s a breakdown of the Annual Pass types:

Keep in mind that blackout dates apply for all pass types except for the Disney Incredi-Pass, so you will want to research those in advance if you’re considering purchasing an Annual Pass. You can read everything you need to know about the Disney World Annual Pass types at the link below.

Complete Guide to Disney World Annual Passes

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Disney World Ticket Add-Ons

When purchasing a Disney World ticket, you will have a variety of different options as add-ons. These will all add to the overall cost of your ticket, but can be worth it if it will add overall time and value to your vacation. We will break down each of these options below. 

Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus Add-Ons

The most common add-on for Disney World Tickets is the Park Hopper, which is available as either the regular Park Hopper or Park Hopper Plus. Thie regular Park Hopper option allows you to visit more than one theme park on the same day, while Park Hopper Plus allows you to visit all four theme parks plus either water park on the same day. Adding the standard Park Hopper will cost about $188 to $254 per ticket, depending on your visiting dates. The Park Hopper Plus option will cost about $208 to $274, again, depending on the dates you are visiting.

How does Park Hopper work? You must wait until 2 PM to begin park hopping, and you have to visit your initial park for the day first. That means if you have a ticket to Magic Kingdom with Park Hopper, and you want to go to EPCOT, you will first need to visit Magic Kingdom and can then visit EPCOT beginning at 2 PM. This will change beginning in early 2024 (more on that in a moment).

There is currently an exception to this for Annual Passholders, currently. Disney World Annual Passholders may visit the theme parks after 2 PM without a Park Pass reservation. There are exceptions to this, however. Passholders will still need Park Pass reservations on Saturdays and Sundays when visiting Magic Kingdom, even if after 2 PM. Additionally, they will still need to have a Park Pass reserved for any park they plan to visit prior to 2 PM.

Beginning January 9th, 2024, Park Pass reservations won’t be required for date-based tickets, so after you visit your first park, you can go to the next park starting at 2 PM. Also beginning January 9th, all-day park hopping access will return, meaning you will no longer have to wait until 2 PM to park hop.

Water Park and Sports Add-On

For $70, you can add the Water Park and Sports option to your ticket. In addition to entry to one of Disney World’s four parks, you can choose one of the following:

  • Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
  • Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex
  • Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course – FootGolf
  • Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course
  • Disney’s Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course
  • Disney’s Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course

Memory Maker

With Memory Maker, you can download and share all of the Disney PhotoPass photos and videos you take during your visit. Whether you’re capturing a single day or a full week of fun, Memory Maker is flexible – and it gives you everything from picture-perfect photos at iconic park locations to Magic Shots to special extras.

There are three options when purchasing Memory Maker: a discounted pre-vacation price, a one-day price, and the price of purchasing during or after your vacation. The cost of each of these options is:

  • Memory Maker (Advance Purchase): $185
  • Memory Maker (During and Post-Vacation): $210
  • Memory Maker One Day: $75

Genie+ (and Lightning Lane)

Looking to skip the line? Then you’ll want to add Disney Genie+ to your budget. Disney Genie+ is an additional cost per person, per day that will give you access to Lightning Lane entrances throughout the day. Lightning Lanes are an alternative, faster way to skip by the typical Standby line.

However, you can also purchase individual Lightning Lane entry for single rides. Some of the hottest rides throughout the resort, like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and TRON Lightcycle / Run are available for individual Lightning Lane entry purchases. This is an additional per person, per ride cost that is separate from Disney Genie+.

Genie+ and individual Lightning Lane entries vary in price, depending on demand, seasonality, and which park you’re visiting. You’ll need to check the My Disney Experience app each day for the price. There is also the option to purchase multi-park Genie+ if you plan to visit more than one park per day.

Screenshot from My Disney Experience

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2024 Disney World Dining Package Cost

With arrivals starting January 9th, 2024, you can also add the Disney Dining Plan to your vacation package. Two options will be available, the Quick Service Dining Plan and standard Disney Dining Plan.

Quick Service Dining Plan

The Quick Service Dining Plan costs less than $54/per adult per night and less than $22/per child (3-9) per night. If you purchase the Quick Service Dining Plan, each person aged three and up will get the following:

  • 2 Quick Service Meal Per Night of Stay
  • 1 Snack or Non-alcoholic Beverage Per Night of Stay
  • 1 Resort Refillable Mug

The Disney Dining Plan

The standard Dining Plan costs less than $89/per adult per night and less than $28/per child (ages 3-9) per night. The Standard Disney Dining Plan is more geared toward table service. Each person aged three and up will get the following:

  • 1 Quick Service Meal Per Night of Stay
  • 1 Table Service Meal Per Night of Stay
  • 1 Snack or Nonalcoholic Beverage Per Night of Stay
  • 1 Resort Refillable Mug

To read more about what is (and isn’t) included with the Disney Dining Plan, you can read our comprehensive guide below.

The Disney Dining Plan: A Complete Guide

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Walt Disney World Parking Costs

You have numerous options when it comes to Disney World transportation. You can take resort transportation, like the complimentary buses, boats, or monorail routes that travel from Disney World hotels to the parks and Disney Springs. Or, you can drive yourself and pay for parking. While theme park parking is complimentary for Disney World hotel guests or Annual Passholders, if you have a regular ticket and are not staying on the property, you will need to pay to park.

Parking Lot at Animal Kingdom Sapp

The parking lot at Animal Kingdom. Photo by Laurie Sapp

The pricing for parking at the theme parks can vary depending on the season, but a typical parking pass for the day at all four theme parks is:

  • $30 per day for standard parking (cars and motorcycles)
  • $45 to $55 per day for preferred parking (cars and motorcycles)
  • $35 per day for oversized vehicle parking (shuttles, limos, camper trailers, RVs, buses, or tractor-trailers)

All parking fees include applicable sales tax. Note that once you buy your parking pass, it’s good all day. That means if you park at Magic Kingdom in the morning, you can use that pass for EPCOT in the afternoon.

Do Disney World Tickets Come With Free Parking?

Unfortunately, having a Disney World ticket does not come with free parking. However, registered guests at the Disney World Resort hotels will be able to enjoy free standard theme park parking (or you can upgrade to preferred parking for $20 a day). Additionally, Passholders receive free standard parking as part of their pass.

Walt Disney World Hotel Parking

Disney World made a major change to hotel parking with stays starting in January 2023 — it’s now complimentary! Overnight guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotels will not need to pay for parking. Additionally, self-parking is complimentary for day guests who are dining at Disney World hotels. Valet service parking is available at Disney Deluxe hotels and Disney’s Coronado Springs, costing $33 per night.

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How to Save on Disney World Tickets

A Walt Disney World vacation is definitely expensive, but there are plenty of ways to save on your tickets and the overall cost of your vacation. You can check out our favorite savings tips and tricks here.

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Disney World Ticket Prices 2024: Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the cost of your 2024 Disney World trip? Browse these frequently asked questions about Disney World tickets while planning your trip.

TRON Lightcycle / Run Soft Open

Photo by Cliff Wang

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Disney World in 2024?

Disney World tickets start at $109 per person, but prices fluctuate by day and by park. You can also add on features like Park Hopper, Genie+, and Memory Maker, which drive up the cost. You also need to factor in parking, hotels, and food.

Single-day, single-park Disney World ticket prices vary by park:

  • Magic Kingdom tickets cost between $124 and $189
  • EPCOT tickets cost between $114 and $179
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios tickets cost between $124 and $179
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom tickets cost between $109 and $159

What is the Cheapest Time to Go to Disney World in 2024?

Stay tuned for our Disney World crowd calendars to find the least busy times to visit Disney World!

How Can I Save Money on Disney World Ticket Prices?

To save money on Disney World tickets, go for multiple days at a time, go at non-peak times, and research discounts and deals that offer big savings on resort stays and ticket prices.

Book a 2024 Disney World Vacation

Looking to book a 2024 Disney World vacation? We recommend Destinations to Travel when booking your 2024 tripon! All you need to do is fill out this quick form, and a licensed Destinations to Travel agent will respond within 24 hours! Remember, quotes are FREEdon’t be afraid to ask.

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Morgan is the Staff Editor for WDW Magazine. A lifelong Disney fan, her dream day involves just about anything to do with Animal Kingdom. Along with several years of experience writing about Disney, Morgan has also written as a contributing writer for Well + Good, Scary Mommy, Brit + Co, and Baby Chick.
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