Walt Disney World Style: Practical Vs. Eye-Catching

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Olaf Disneybound

I don’t know about you, but deciding on what to pack for Walt Disney World is always an issue for me! Do I pack mostly Disney t-shirts and leggings or do I go with more photogenic outfits that will look awesome on Instagram?

The answer is both! Packing light is not an option. Unlike Cinderella, I don’t have a team of mice to help transform my look into something magical.

Deciding what to wear in the Disney parks may sound like an easy task, but that’s one of the most common misconceptions among Walt Disney World guests.  Sure, you’ll want to look great for your vacation photos and social media posts, but you’ll also want to be dressed for the lines, the rides and the weather.

Practical Outfits

Many people dress practically for walking miles and miles and miles around the parks. It’s about throwing on some Mickey ears and calling it a day — they would rather be comfortable than “Instagram worthy”.

Dressing for Disney World

Most park-goers choose to dress for lots of heat and walking. Photo: Bonnie Powell

I suggest comfy walking shoes, Spanx Leggings (because let’s face it, when we are eating the yummy food in the parks you want a little extra support) and a breathable Disney-themed shirt or sweatshirt depending on the season.

Also, let me add, keep in mind your bag for your trip to Disney.  I always go for a hands-free bag or backpack.

Eye-Catching Outfits

A day at the Disney Parks is a day of guaranteed entertainment and adventure, so dressing comfortably is always a must! That being said, adding whimsical touches to my Walt Disney World style always puts a little pep in my step as I walk through the gates.

I have seen Princess Leia side buns, Jedi lightsabers, Tinkerbell wings and mermaid scale leggings on park-goers who dress head to toe in “Disneybound” outfits inspired by their favorite characters, rides, food or even events happening at the Disney parks.

Their outfits may not necessarily be in-your-face loud, but they tell a story and help emphasize the person’s love for Disney. Those are the outfits I love to see on Instagram stories.

To spark some ideas for you to wear within the Disney parks, I am going to show a few practical styles and eye-catching outfits that are suitable for wearing all day.

Olaf Disneybound

Bonnie is giving off some chilly vibes in this Olaf tribute. Photo: Bonnie Powell

Inspiration for this outfit came from my buddy, Olaf. This eye-catching outfit would be perfect for dinner at Cinderella’s Castle or the Meet & Greet with Anna and Elsa in Epcot.

Add Breathable Fabrics to Your Disney Style

Disney World Fashion

This dog shirt is a perfect 101 Dalmations style. Photo: Bonnie Powell

If only this shirt had 101 Dalmatians! This light and airy blouse is great for skipping down Main Street and will stay looking cute and comfy even after Space Mountain.

Other airy fabrics to consider when dressing for Disney, especially during the summer months, are lightweight cotton, linen and jersey stretch.

Add Something Flashy

Villains Disney Style

Darker colors and metallics can provide some villainous flair. Photo: Bonnie Powell

Calling all Disney Villains! Add a little sparkle and automatically you get a sense of sass and confidence to add to your Disney outfit. This skirt and top would be perfect during the Disney Villains After Hours event…you poor unfortunate souls!

Get Adventurous

Disney Style Animal Kingdom

Safari colors are perfect for a day at Animal Kingdom. Photo: Bonnie Powell

This outfit can be dressed up or dressed down.  It will look practically perfect riding Everest and Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom. Also, I would wear this outfit walking through Epcot to dinner at Chefs de France.

Add a cape to any Disney outfit and you will immediately have all of your dreams come true. Just ask your Fairy Godmother.

Adding that little extra magic to my outfits always brightens up my day, and makes Disney trips that much more memorable.

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