Planning Your Day the Veggie Way: Vegetarian Magic Kingdom

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Friar's Nook at Magic Kingdom

When I recently chose to go the veggie route, the first thing that came to mind was, ‘how am I going to be able to enjoy Disney?’ 

In a culture where theme park food is often synonymous with hot dogs, turkey legs, and other meat-centric menus, it can seem hard to find out where you fit in amongst the options if you or your Disney travel pal are vegetarian or vegan. 

Or perhaps you’re just looking for lighter, healthier options to keep you fueled throughout your non-stop day (or week) of park hopping and character meetings (because who wants to be bloated and stuffed when meeting Merida or the notoriously judgemental Gaston?). 

Whatever your reason for choosing to refrain from meat, Walt Disney World has you covered. Here are a few of this new vegetarian’s favorite veggie and plant-based meals in the Magic Kingdom.


Waffle Sandwich at Magic Kingdom

Nutella and Fruit Waffle at Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square. Photo by Britta Stephens

Nutella and Fruit Waffle

Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square

Yes. It is as good as it looks. While I typically prefer my breakfast savory to sweet, if you make butter out of, well, anything, then I’m sold. 

This ‘sandwich’ has the perfect blend of natural sweetness from the strawberries and bananas held together with that decadent chocolate hazelnut spread. My only criticism? The waffle isn’t Mickey-shaped. 


Plant-Based Brat and Tots at Friar’s Nook

Plant-Based Brat and Tots at Friar’s Nook. Photo by Rain Blanken

Plant-Based Brat and Tots

Friar’s Nook in Fantasyland

Coconut oil, beans,  and rice protein give this dog a realistic texture. To add to the authenticity, this cruelty-free brat is soaked in beer, bringing Oktoberfest to Fantasyland all year long.


Mickey-Shaped Pretzel at Magic Kingdom

Mickey-Shaped Pretzel at Magic Kingdom. Photo by Cliff Wang

Mickey Pretzel

Virtually Everywhere

Follow-for-follow unless you don’t like Mickey pretzels, am I right?

While these nostalgic gems can be found at all four parks, there is something in the air on Main Street (maybe the vanilla?) that makes these almost too cute to eat snacks a must. Sans cheese sauce makes this a vegan delight (but leaving out the cheese sauce is not recommended by writer). 


Fettuccine Alfredo at Magic Kingdom

Fettuccine Alfredo at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant. Photo by Britta Stephens

Fettuccine Alfredo

Tony’s Town Square Plaza

Fettuccine is always my go-to vegetarian choice for Italian, no matter where I go. Disney’s take on this creamy, rich dish is far from bland with hints of thyme and basil. 

You only think you can’t tell the difference between house-made noodles and Bertoli until you dine at Tony’s.

With a breathtaking view of Main Street in the center dining room, there is nothing like hand-pressed pasta and a glass of Chianti to take in the wonder of Magic Kingdom at the end of an exhausting, albeit, magical day. 

The most magical place on earth wants everyone to feel included, regardless of whether your food is a requirement or a choice. So, no matter where you are in the Magic Kingdom, be sure to ask for vegetarian and plant-based options; your palate will thank you!

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