I Only Had Two Hours at Disney Springs -This Is What I Did

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Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort

As a kid, I would entertain myself for hours playing little choose-your-own-adventure scenario games and somehow it trickled into adulthood:

“If I could only have one food for a month, what would it be?” or “If I had to watch one Disney movie every day for the rest of my life, which movie would I pick?” 

So, when I found out that I’d be traveling to Orlando for work and only had two hours to spare at Disney Springs, those games paid off and my brain kicked into overdrive as I started figuring out how to best utilize my precious, precious time. 

I knew that with a mere 120 minutes I would need to be strategic, so first I jotted down a rough outline of what I wanted to attempt to accomplish. 

Priority 1: The Eats (duh)

I immediately went down the rabbit hole to the YouTube Wonderland of videos showing both table-service and quick-service options at Disney Springs. I also posted on social media and texted my friends asking for suggestions because, if you didn’t know, people love to share their opinions.

D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs

D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs. Photo by Wayne Wood

I ended up settling on D-Luxe Burger for dinner because I figured the fact that I could mobile order would save me valuable time. 

If you haven’t tried mobile ordering at Disney I highly recommend it. Just like your favorite drive-thru coffee chain, they’ll make you feel like a V.I.P as you bypass the endless line of hungry people and head straight to the front.

For dessert, I had been eyeing the Mickey Mousse (a.k.a Mickey Dome Cake) served on Instagram for months, so that one was a given. I added Amorette’s Patisserie to my must-do list. 

Priority 2: Shopping

Unless you’re talking Amazon Prime, I’m truthfully not someone who spends too much time shopping, but that goes out the window when we are talking Disney so I knew I would have to check myself. 

I planned to go to World of Disney because I knew it would have the motherload of Disney merch. 

Ready, Set, GO!

I arrived at Disney Springs and set my watch: 2 hours. I parked in the Orange Garage and beelined it to D-Luxe which is near The Welcome Center and the walking bridge. 

The line was at least 40 people deep, so I was concerned, but I ordered on the My Disney Experience app, waltzed through the door, and found a spot to sit immediately. BOOM!

Time Remaining: 1:24 Minutes 

Next stop, Amorette’s for my Mickey Dome Cake. Have you ever tried to cut a path through a mall two days before Christmas doing that no-eye-contact-must-press-on basketweave? 

Yes, that’s what I did because it was getting busy. I arrived at Amorette’s with 1:17 remaining and was thankful to see only a couple of people in line. I was able to check out quickly and find a small table inside to eat. 

Mickey Dome Cake at Amorette's

The author enjoys a Mickey Dome Cake at Amorette’s. Photo by Leah Kwapis

I took my time here and really stretched out every bite because a dessert from Amorette’s should be savored. 

Time Remaining: 57 Minutes

Then it was on to World of Disney which I allocated 40 minutes for–and it is right next to Amorette’s Patisserie, so I was patting myself on the back. I had a mission, so while I could have spent a couple of hours here, I instead went around the store with laser focus. The line moved quickly and I walked out with a little swagger in my step. 

World of Disney at Disney Springs

World of Disney at Disney Springs. Photo by Cliff Wang

Time Remaining: 24 Minutes

This is where I got bold. The plan was to walk back to the garage and head back to my hotel. But I really wanted to go to Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming and I felt like a kid with extra tokens at an arcade…I just couldn’t leave with time left to spare. 

So, I darted through the crowds and smiled hopefully at the hostess standing outside Homecoming; “20 to 30 for a table” she said in a sugary, sweet tea voice and a friendly smile. Ugh. 

I was ready to walk away, satisfied at my valiant effort, but then she said, “There may be a spot open at the b…”

“PERFECT! I’ll try that!” I said, interrupting her in my excitement, “Thank you!”

And what did I find? A spot right at the bar. 

Chef Art's Homecomin

Chef Art’s Homecomin’ has biscuits and last-minute seats at the bar. Photo: Leah Kwapis

Moonshine and melt-in-your-mouth biscuits were about to be mine. The moonshine was fast and the bartender had never met a stranger, but the biscuits hadn’t come and time was running out. 

I got the biscuits with 7 minutes to spare, which felt like a win, but I knew that by the time I enjoyed them, paid my tab, and made it to my car I’d be well over my time limit. I enjoyed the heck out of those biscuits and lovely conversation with fellow Disnerds… winner, winner, chicken and biscuit dinner!

Time Remaining: -13 minutes 

Whelp, I walked to my car and by my own technicalities, a failure, but it didn’t feel like it. 

I did find myself thinking, “What if I set a strict budget next time? How cheap could I go?”…some habits die hard. I packed a lot into that 2:13 minutes and had a new Mickey Mouse sweatshirt to show for it. 

What would you do with only 2 hours at Disney Springs? We’d love to hear your ideas in our Facebook community of Disney fantatics

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