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Discover Must try Meals at the Magic Kingdom

I am happy to say that the majority of my dining experiences fall into this category. I love eating at Walt Disney World. There are so many unique experiences where you can try food you might not get the chance to try anywhere else or be immersed in a restaurant that could double as an attraction because of the amazing details! That is the magic of Disney…Now onto the grub!  Our first stop is the Magic Kingdom….

Columbia Harbor House - by WDW Shutterbug

Columbia Harbor House – by WDW Shutterbug

Columbia Harbour House

This is one of my favorite quick service spots in Magic Kingdom. With the expansion of Fantasyland, my favorite hideaway has become quite crowded. You’ll find your standard fare here – chicken nuggets and fries but this place also offers up a pretty decent Lobster Roll sandwich that’s worth spending your dining credits on. In addition you can find hummus and tuna sandwiches and fried fish baskets. It’s a change from your burgers and dogs. Head upstairs to the second floor dining room for additional seating, most people don’t realize it’s there. Rating A-

Sleepy Hollow - by WDW Shutterbug

Sleepy Hollow – by WDW Shutterbug

Sleepy Hollow

I have been craving a fried chicken waffle sandwich from Sleepy Hollow ever since I first heard (and saw pics) about the new offering. We headed over here for lunch one afternoon and shared the Sweet and Spicy Chicken sandwich. All I can say is WOW! Hands down one of the best things I ate during the whole trip.

Chicken Waffle - by WDW Hints

Chicken Waffle – by WDW Hints

 The waffle is your standard buttery yummy Mickey waffle served throughout WDW. The fried boneless chicken was a generous portion with a hint of a sweet and spicy sauce. The sandwich also had a creamy, crunchy coleslaw and arugula to top it off. I am in LOVE with this sandwich! You can also find delicious funnel cakes and a Nutella and fruit waffle sandwich. Seating is behind the restaurant in a peaceful, shaded area. Rating A+

Be Our Guest

The absolute, hands-down winner of our best meal of the entire trip! But this is a strange set up for a quick service restaurant – YOU NEED TO MAKE AN ADVANCED DINING RESERVATION!  Yep, at 180 days out, you’ll need to snag a spot for lunch or breakfast (you can use quick service Disney Dining Plan points here for those meals, but dinner counts as table service).

To add to the differences, you’ll place your order (in person at a register or in advance using the My Disney Experience app) and then your food is bought to you – magically of course!  The food is a notch up from the regular quick service fare and that’s evident in the price tag as well as what’s on your plate – but it’s WORTH it (at lunch, anyway).  Note that breakfast here can get expensive – it’s a prix fixe menu.  And neither lunch nor breakfast feature a meeting with the Beast.

Everything about this dining experience lived up to my Disney expectations. If you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast you must do whatever it takes to eat dinner here or get yourself in line line for  quick service lunch! As you approach the Beast’s castle you will notice that Disney Imagineers did not miss a beat when it came to the details. You feel as if you are literally transported into the movie. We were fortunate to be seated in the ballroom, which looks exactly like it does in the movie with floor to ceiling windows with snow falling softly in the background.

This is a MUST DO for your next trip – IF you can get a reservation. If not, take advantage of the quick service dining offered for lunch. Hint: If you tell them you are celebrating something special (my daughter turned 15 months the day we were eating there) you will get a special treat – “the grey stuff,” cookies and cream mousse. Try the grey stuff, it is delicious! Rating A++++++

 By Daniella Netta

The Magic Kingdom

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