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Happy National Coffee Day!

WDW Magazine is brought to you each month by the letters WDW, the number 626, and gallons of Joffrey’s coffee. Hey, it takes a lot of caffeine to look this good on Zoom!

At home and at Disney parks, everyone here on the team has a Joffrey’s favorite. Take it from the people who depend on coffee to get them from rope drop to park close: These are your must-sips for National Coffee Day.


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Steph Sips Seasonal Specialities


Stephanie Shuster, Editor-in-Chief: “While I’m a self-professed coffee addict who will happily drink everything from double espressos to cafe au lait and everything in between, I admittedly have a soft spot for seasonal beverages. 

What’s the point of a pumpkin spice latte or peppermint mocha if you can get them all year long?  That’s why I adore the seasonal specialties that Joffrey’s features at kiosks in the Disney parks.

“It was hard to choose which was my favorite since there are always returning faves (shoutout to the Lovestruck Latte!) and new flavors to try, but after doing the iced coffee and donut pairing crawl offered during the 2020 Epcot International Festival of the Arts, I was hooked on an unlikely duo in the form of the Impressionism Pairing.”


The perfect pairings at EPCOT. Photo by Stephanie Shuster

“This combo was an iced blackberry latte (sounds so weird but it REALLY worked!) topped with a blueberry donut, whipped cream, and gorgeous sprinkles.  It almost looked too good to drink, but I made quick work of it. 

Energizing and sweet, like the best coffee-and-pastry breakfast you can imagine—all with a backdrop of World Showcase… can you say perfection?! 

“The lesson learned here is don’t knock it ‘till you try it when it comes to Joffrey’s suggested pairings, just trust them to take you on a coffee adventure!”

Rain Needs the Hard Stuff


Rain Blanken, Managing Editor: “I take my coffee black. A sensible choice that makes me feel oh-so-grown up after brushing my teeth with my Hannah Montana toothbrush, sure.

“But black coffee isn’t exactly what one would call fun. If Roz from Monsters Inc drank coffee, it would be black. There are no sprinkles, no cookie straw, no nothin.

“So at WDW I get a little crazy (for me) and order up a Nitro Cold Brew. The nitrogen added to the coffee after it is cold brewed adds a delightful smoothness to the drink. It’s not sweet, but it sure is special.”


Baby Yoda cools off at EPCOT with a Joffrey’s Nitro Cold Brew. Photo by Rain Blanken

“That bit of foam on top or lightly-sweetened almond milk is enough to make my coffee special without being too sweet. I need to consider the cookie or cupcake in my other hand, after all.

“And at home, I know I can drink Joffrey’s black coffee without any added sugar because the brew is just. that. good. With flavors like Bananas Foster, Nana’s Apple Crumb Cake, and Creamy Butterscotch Rum, no sugar cubes are required.

“A good cup of coffee makes editing in your PJs feel a smidge more glamorous. When you read WDW Magazine, just know that it wouldn’t be possible if Rain didn’t have her coffee.

Tatjana Discovers S’Mores


Tatjana Lazar, Marketing Director: “I’ve never actually eaten a s’more in my entire life. I know. It’s embarrassing. The opportunity for s’mores has just not yet presented itself to me.

“I have tried Joffrey’s Mission To S’mores Latte, and let me tell you, it was out of this world (see what I did there?).

This is a decadent combination of dark chocolate, toasted marshmallow, and dulce de leche syrup are mixed into rich espresso and milk.

“It’s all topped with whipped cream, mini marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs, and chocolate drizzle, to create this delectable drink.

“With that ingredients list, you’re probably thinking this is a crazy sweet drink. It’s not! It’s perfectly balanced on the edge of deep-roasted espresso, sumptuous chocolate, and toasty marshmallow. And the light fluffy whipped cream is just the crown on top!

“I really like this drink. Don’t believe me? Just look at my face in this next pic. That is the face of caffeinated happiness.”


Mission to S’mores sent Tatjana into space.

Danny Loves French Press Pots


Danny Shuster, Creative Director: “I’ve always appreciated the care and attention to detail that Disney puts into every project. No detail is too small and everything is carefully considered to impart the maximum impact on the guests. 

“When it comes to Disney dining, that attention to detail is just as important. Disney and Joffrey’s Coffee have partnered to develop a line of signature roasts to perfectly complement your dining experience.

“Having a signature roast is a great way to ‘plus’ the dining experience, especially in french press pot where your coffee is brewed and poured at your table!”


Joffrey’s French Press at your California Grille table. Photo by Danny Shuster

“Beyond being a perfect pairing with your meal, these signature roasts are available to purchase and enjoy at home.

“Smell and taste are such powerful ways to capture memories. I love that I can bring home a taste of my Disney dining experience to enjoy again and again.

I may not be able to have brunch every weekend at California Grill but I can pick up a bag of Joffrey’s California Grill signature roast and capture a little bit of that magic at home when I make my morning coffee.”

So now you know what it takes to make WDW Magazine. Yep, it was coffee all along.

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