Top 6 Reasons to Stay at an All-Star Resort

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Walt Disney World offers an abundance of places to stay from the Savannas at Animal Kingdom Lodge to the beaches at the Polynesian, all the way to the more affordable All-Star Resorts. There are over 30,000 rooms across 25 resorts (almost 26 with the addition of the Riviera).

So how do you go about picking which resort is right for you? It all depends on your budget and what you want out of a resort. If you really can’t make up your mind when booking your next WDW vacation, here are some great reasons to stay at one of Disney’s All-Star Resorts!


The All-Star Resorts at Disney are great spots to stay! Photo by Cliff Wang

There are three All-Star Resorts: Sports, Music, and Movies. All three offer great accommodations!

1. To Save Money

This might be the most obvious reason, as they are considered value resorts, but All-Star Resorts offer cheaper accommodations than even their other value counterparts. Currently* on the Walt Disney World website, the All-Star Movies, Music, and Sports Resorts have rooms starting at $99 a night.

Compare that to the other value resorts: Disney’s Pop Century Resort starting at $137 a night and Disney’s Art of Animation starting at $160 a night! That’s some serious savings!

All-Star Movies

The All-Star Resorts are the most affordable rooms on Disney property. Photo by Courtney Reynolds

You might save even more money if you stay off-property (a great option if you’re on an especially tight budget), but you’ll also lose quite a bit of other magic. You also have to weigh the pros and cons – the value of the amenities you get at a Disney Resort can often outweigh the money you save by staying off-property!

*Disney Resort prices change regularly based on the season and other factors. Be sure and check Disney’s website for up-to-date pricing.

2. The Theming

Last time I visited Walt Disney World, I stayed at All-Star Sports Resort. My family joked and laughed about this because I have next to zero interest in sports. I enjoy going to basketball games – we have an NBA team here in Oklahoma that I like to support.

I won’t say who, in case there are some fans of other teams reading this (Thunder Up). But beyond that, I am the least sporty person in the universe. I honestly only stayed at the resort because it was the cheapest option.

All that being said, I really thought I wouldn’t enjoy my stay at the All-Star Sports Resort. But I was wrong! Despite my disinterest, the rooms were really fun and the different hotel themes were well-executed, complete with larger-than-life statues of basketball hoops, surfboards, footballs, and more. And I was lucky enough to stay in the Hoops Hotel – the basketball-themed one.

Hoops Hotel

This is the building I was in on my last trip to Disney! Photo by Laurie Sapp

This isn’t limited to All-Star Sports Resort, each of the All-Stars have massive statues depicting their various themes. Whether it’s giant musical instruments or huge Dalmatian statues, kids and kids-at-heart will love the decorations at these resorts.

All-Star Music

There are instruments all over the grounds at All-Star Music. Photo by Courtney Reynolds

Though they are all Disney-esque, All-Star Movies is the best resort if you want to feel like you’re on set with your favorite Disney characters.

101 Dalmatians

Feel like you’re in the movies at All-Star Movies Resort. Photo by Courtney Reynolds

3. Proximity to the Parks

The All-Star Resorts are all relatively close to all four Disney Parks, with two of the gates about a 10-minute (or less) bus ride away. The All-Stars are all in a giant loop, with All-Star Movies in the middle, making it the furthest back resort of the three.

Using All-Star Movies as a reference, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the closest (about 2 miles away), followed by Disney’s Hollywood Studios (about 3.5 miles away). EPCOT and Magic Kingdom are a little further, but not by a lot. Both of these parks are around 6 miles from All-Star Movies.

They are also very close to Blizzard Beach (less than 2 miles from All-Star Movies!) and about 5.5 miles from Typhoon Lagoon.

You’re not going to sacrifice time to or distance from the parks by staying at an All-Star Resort over one of the Moderate or Deluxe resorts!


Stay at the Broadway Hotel at All-Star Music Resort. Photo by Courtney Reynolds

4. Disney Transportation

Like any resort on Disney property, you get the perk of Disney Transportation! Buses take residents of the All-Star Resorts to Disney Springs, the water parks, and all four parks. The buses come about every 20-30 minutes, and once they arrive, they’ll get you to your destination fairly quickly. This is great for those who didn’t drive themselves to Walt Disney World.

Renting a car or using a ride service can get expensive, so be sure to factor that in when you’re looking at where to stay.

If you’re thinking about staying 0ff-property, but are flying to Disney, look up how much it costs to rent a car or take an Uber or Lyft to the parks. Then add in the price of parking at each park. You might save money by staying on property!


The buses will pick you up at the parks and take you back to you resort! Photo by Cliff Wang

Plus, if you’re anything like me, driving in an unfamiliar place can be pretty stressful. Letting someone else take you to your destination is much nicer – and then you won’t get lost (I totally would)!

You can also get a Minnie Van or other ride-sharing service to come to pick you up — but at an extra cost. Also, note that in the off-season, one bus may service all three All-Star resorts.

5. They’re Getting Updated!

Right now, Disney is working on updating all the All-Star Resort rooms. If you’re staying at All-Star Movies, you’ll likely get to stay in one of these refurbished rooms as many of them are already completed in many areas. Construction is still ongoing at the resorts, but from what I understand, it’s not in the way of guests.

All-Star Sports

This is currently what a room at All-Star Sports might look like. Photo by Cliff Wang

It could take a couple more years until all the rooms at each of the resorts is finished, but once they’re done, you can expect nicer accommodations at the All-Star Resorts.

If you’ve stayed before and disliked your room, be sure and give it another try! As part of the renovations, the rooms are getting their own coffee makers. I for one am excited about that!

6. Activities and Entertainment

If you’re wanting to spend some down at the resort while you’re not at the parks, there’s plenty to keep you busy and having fun at the All-Stars. Each resort has two pools, so there’s plenty of water to go around!*

Fantasia Pool

The Fantasia Pool at All-Star Movies Resort. Photo by Cliff Wang

If you’d like to watch a movie after a long day at the parks, the resorts show a complimentary Disney movie under the stars most evenings! This is a wonderful, relaxing activity for anyone: families with kids, a group of adults, couples, or individuals!


Play at the arcade at any of the All-Star Resorts. Photo by Courtney Reynolds

All the resorts also have an arcade, shopping area, jogging trail, and playground. Book your All-Star Resort with Destinations to Travel, where their service is free-of-charge.

*Please note that from September 2020 to December 2020, the Calypso Pool at All-Star Music will be closed for refurbishments. Disney states that the Piano Pool will remain open, and guests will be welcome to use the pools at the other All-Star Resorts.

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Written by Leah Sikes

Written by Leah Sikes

Leah Sikes is a graphic designer and contributing writer for WDW Magazine and Dad's Guide to WDW. When she's lucky enough to visit the Happiest Place on Earth, you catch her hanging out with the 999 Happy Haunts. She also loves running in the parks (when it's allowed at the marathons).