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Got those Disney blues? Need a little Disneyland love to cure it? We’ve got just the thing that every Disneyland fan, Disney collector, Disneyphile, or Disney adult needs. It’s our NEW Disneyland magazine, and YES - it’s in print.
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Yes, and the creators of the best-selling, fan favorite WDW Magazine are behind it! That’s us, in case you’re new around here. (Welcome, friends!)

Since 2013 we’ve been publishing our monthly magazine all about Walt Disney World in Florida, and after years of fan requests to add a Disneyland magazine to the mix, we’ve finally done it with DLR Magazine – all about the Disney parks experience in California.

The NEW DLR Magazine, from the creators of WDW Magazine. NOW AVAILABLE! Subscribe today!

Exclusive Interviews and Imagineering Secrets


Planning Tips and Our Top Picks


Dining, Resort, and Attraction Features


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what is in the new disneyland magazine?

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After working on over 100 issues of WDW Magazine, we know two things. One is what our readers like about our current product – so we don’t want to depart from that too much!

Just like WDW Magazine, DLR Magazine will feature 64 oversized (9”x12”), glossy pages with no interior ads. The paper will be top-quality: We’re printing and shipping it with the same love and care you’ve come to expect from all our products.

Each issue will feature a mix of Disneyland park, Disney California Adventure, Downtown Disney, the Disney hotels (Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel – soon to have a Pixar-inspired re-theme!).

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There will be stunning Disneyland photography throughout the magazine, including a gorgeous centerfold picture in each issue.

We’ll feature everything from the most iconic views of Sleeping Beauty Castle, Grizzly Peak, and Pixar Pal-A-Round down to charming details like the Main Street Flower Market, the Court of Angels, and Harold (the Matterhorn Yeti) tucked away in the Tivan Collection.

We’ll feature attraction, dining, and hotel reviews (including Good Neighbor hotels, which our fans asked for!), Imagineering details, and history of the parks dating back to the early days when Walt Disney himself was walking right down the middle of Main Street, U.S.A.


Your favorite columns are here

We’ve given our Did You Know trivia, style and merch columns a new look, and will be adding in more snack suggestions, a park recipe to bring the magic home, and features about the parks after dark.

Each issue will feature a mix of Disneyland park, Disney California Adventure, Downtown Disney, the Disney hotels (Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel – soon to have a Pixar-inspired re-theme!).

History of the Matterhorn Disneyland DLR Magazine Rain Blanken

who is working on disneyland magazine?

Remember how I said we know two things? The second is about how much work it takes to create a spectacular Disney magazine, which is why we’ve assembled an amazing team of Avengers Disney experts to make DLR Magazine every bit as amazing as WDW Magazine.

Megan duBois (POPSUGAR, Insider, Reader’s Digest, Travel Pulse, and Forbes) is our Associate Editor, bringing years of experience and Disney parks knowledge to our team of writers – some are new, and some you know from WDW Magazine!  

Our Creative Director Danny Shuster is personally overseeing the layout of the whimsical, mid-century influenced design of DLR Magazine, and he’s put together a top notch group of photographers whose work will make your see Disneyland in a whole new way (don’t take my word for it – see a selection of their work here).


Disneyland Magazine DLR Stephanie and Danny Shuster Sleeping Beauty Castle
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Our operations, communications, customer care and sales teams will provide the same great support that they do for WDW Magazine, while Kathleen Lee is creating new and incredible social content over on our DLR Magazine Instagram and Facebook channels. And Rain Blanken and our blog team are making sure readers stay in the know with all the Disneyland news on the Disneyland section of our blog

It’s hard work, but someone has to do it! Our local contributors can be found at Disneyland several days a week and the rest of our team travel there as often as we can.

During every season we’re there to experience and capture the magic of escaping to the happiest place on earth – from Rain and Kurdt riding Haunted Mansion Holiday or Gregg indulging in treats at Disney Festival of the Holidays, to Tatjana conquering the D23 Fan Expo or Danny and I dressing up for Dapper Day.

We’re testing out every churro cart, Bengal skewer, and Trader Sam’s cocktail so you don’t have to (or rather, so you’ll be hungrier than ever and know exactly what you want so spend your snack budget on when your trip rolls around).


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It’s only available on our shop, and as a subscription at this time – and if you subscribe before October 1, 2022 we have incredible pre-sale offers that will save you lots on your first year! Plus, there are a ton of perks that we only offer to subscribers.

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When you subscribe to WDW Magazine, you become part of our Membership Center. Here, you can zip over to Facebook to join our Subscribers Only group, download your included wallpaper sets, and access your digital subscription. We’ll see you there!

When will my Disneyland magazine arrive?

Our first issue is Winter 2022, and will arrive in November. Every three months, a new issue will be auto-magically sent to your door or your device!

We can’t wait to put the magic of Disneyland in your hands with DLR Magazine – hurry and subscribe so you can start with Issue #1!

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