The Haunted Mansion, Edgar Allen Poe Style

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 Editor’s Note: In celebration of Halloween and all things spooky, our writer and proofreader extraordinaire, Chelsea Harrison, wrote a Haunted Mansion poem in the style of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Haunted Palace. Please enjoy these unsettling stanzas as you get ready for a night of ghostly delights!

The Haunted Mansion

after E.A.P.

On the highest of our hills,

By iron gates surrounded

Once a fair and lively place—

A mortal place—ensnared the dead.


Graveyard wanderers may come to call

and, dare they enter damasked halls,

are ushered to the stretching room

where guests are known to meet their doom!

The Haunted Mansion Poem

Photo by Eric Weber


Board a buggy, if ye dare.

Spirits wait for you—Beware!

They dance and shout and borrow books,

Spirits lurk in every nook.


On endless stairs and in the hall,

footprints echo, voices call.

Madame Leota floats above

the attic bride declares her love.

Haunted Mansion Madame Leota Cliff Wang

Photo by Cliff Wang

The graveyard party is in full swing,

the band is all there, the quartet sings

ghosts have gathered, far and wide.

Tonight grim ghosts come to socialize.

Haunted Mansion graveyard ghosts cliff Wang

Photo by Cliff Wang

Some naughty ghosts, glowing blue

may attempt to leave with you.

So shake off hitchhiking ghosts

before your buggy joins its post.


Alas, the mansion is overrun

with grinning ghosts galore

So, should you escape—then run!

These ghosts will haunt forevermore.

Haunted Mansion Hallway Cliff Wang

Photo by Cliff Wang

Happy Halloween from all of us at WDW Magazine! For more spooky fun, check out our October issue, where we take you into the Haunted Mansion for a ride!

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