The Best Food in Each Magic Kingdom Land

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Wondering where to find the best food in Magic Kingdom? We’re breaking down our top picks in each of the six lands inside the park.

With over 30 spots to grab a bite in Magic Kingdom, it can be hard to decide what eats and drinks to prioritize when you visit – there’s only so much room in your stomach in one day, after all! And, you certainly don’t want to have to log extra steps or deal with hangry family members when hunger strikes and you’re on the opposite side of the park from where you originally planned to eat.

So, what sit-down restaurant is best on Main Street, U.S.A.? Where should you eat if you’re ready for lunch when you get off Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland? And, what snacks should you save some room for? We’re breaking down exactly what you should eat in each of the six Magic Kingdom lands to take the guesswork out of the equation!


Skipper Canteen exterior in Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

Photo by Danny Shuster

Cheese Bread at Jungle Navigation Co., Ltd. Skipper Canteen

Delicious eats – and a lot of puns – await you inside Skipper Canteen! This is one of the more underrated table service restaurants in Magic Kingdom, but it’s a must-try if you’d like to have a more formal meal in Adventureland.

The restaurant is themed as an extension of Jungle Cruise and is known as the place where explorers can enjoy a meal after their journey down the Nile River. Plus, the eats are just as adventurous as the ride! The menu features more unique dishes compared to what you’ll find at most of the restaurants in Magic Kingdom including Baa Baa Lamb Chops, Curried Vegetable Crew Stew, and Falls Family Falafel. But, we actually recommend coming here for something that’s NOT on the menu – the Cheese Bread! It is a Brazilian cheese bread served with poblano cream cheese and chimichurri sauce. Just trust us on this one.

Dole Whip at Aloha Isle

We’re convinced that it should be against the rules to go to Magic Kingdom and NOT get a Dole Whip. There’s a reason this classic snack has garnered a massive following, and you can learn why at Aloha Isle in Adventureland!

If you’re squeezing in a treat after a big meal, we suggest getting a cup of Dole Whip (pineapple, vanilla, coconut, or swirl). But, if you’ve saved some extra space for dessert or just want to go all in on your sugar high, try the Pineapple Upside-Down Cake or one of their specialty Dole Whip Floats.


Friar's Nook exterior in Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland

Photo by Laurie Sapp

Creamy Bacon Macaroni & Cheese Tots at The Friar’s Nook

There’s no shortage of places to grab a bite in Fantasyland, but The Friar’s Nook ranks among one of the best quick-service restaurants. The menu here isn’t extensive, but they have one major specialty – tater tots. You can get these loaded with curry and bratwurst, cheese sauce, or (our favorite) creamy bacon mac & cheese. The service size is also pretty generous, so it easily passes as a meal or a hearty snack when split between two.

Warm Cinnamon Roll at Gaston’s Tavern

Whether you’re looking for a place to grab breakfast or just want a quick, tasty snack in Fantasyland, there’s always a good reason to eat a Warm Cinnamon Roll at Gaston’s Tavern! This massive cinnamon roll is topped with a generous amount of icing and then warmed up, making it the king of all cinnamon rolls (at least we think so!). 

Be sure to order an extra side of icing for an even better snack. And, while you’re there, give The Grey Stuff Cupcake a try! 


Pecos Bill in Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

Photo by Brett Svenson

Anything at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Get your Mexican food fix at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe if you find yourself hungry in Frontierland! This quick service restaurant has one of the most extensive menus in the park, so you’re sure to find something that will please everyone in your family – even your pickiest eaters!

Now, the food here may not ‘wow’ you, but the variety and the ability to enjoy some air conditioning while you eat makes it a great place to stop for a filling meal in this part of the park.

Wendell’s Bear Claw at Westward Ho

When it comes to snacks, Frontierland is home to a lot of popcorn and Mickey Bars. But, if you want something a bit more fancy, head over to Westward Ho and try Wendell’s Bear Claw! This classic bear claw is dipped in chocolate and then topped with crushed hazelnuts. It makes for a simple and sweet afternoon treat.

It’s also worth noting that Golden Oak Outpost in Frontierland featured Tiana’s Famous Beignets in February 2024 and they quickly became a fan-favorite. With Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opening this summer in Magic Kingdom, we may get to add beignets to the must-try list if they become a permanent snack in the future. Of course, nothing has been confirmed by Disney on this front, so here’s to hoping!

Liberty Square

The Best Snacks at Disney World Theme Parks, Ranked

Photo by Timothy Moore

Comfort Food at Liberty Tree Tavern

It’s Thanksgiving every day at Liberty Tree Tavern and, it turns out, it’s just as tasty in the middle of June as it is in November! This table service restaurant in Liberty Square serves an all-you-care-to-enjoy lunch and dinner with tasty takes on all your holiday favorites, including roaster turkey, mashed potatoes, and house-made macaroni & cheese. Plus, they even save the best for last! You’ll finish off your meal with Oooey Gooey Toffee Cake – and, yes, it really is that good.

Waffle Sandwich at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments

Once you have a waffle sandwich from Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, you might never want to eat anything else in Magic Kingdom. These are among the best snacks and meals in the entire park! If you’re craving something sweet, try the Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich (which is topped with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and chocolate-hazelnut spread). Or, if you’d prefer something savory, try the Sweet-and-Spicy Chicken-Waffle Sandwich (which is topped with Broccoli Slaw and a Honey-Sriracha Glaze). 

The waffles are cooked to perfect with just the right amount of crispiness and the toppings are certainly something you’ll want to write home.

Main Street, U.S.A.

Casey's Corner on Main Street, USA, exterior

Photo by Judd Helms

Corn Dog Nuggets at Casey’s Corner

Sometimes there’s nothing quite like classic theme park food, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you order the Corn Dog Nuggets at Casey’s Corner! Located on Main Street, U.S.A., you’ll have a great view of Cinderella Castle while you snack on these crispy, warm, fried nuggets. And, you might even find yourself going back for more.

Spring Rolls at the Spring Roll Wagon

Just before you cross over from Main Street, U.S.A. into Adventureland, you’ll find one of the most popular snacks in Magic Kingdom – spring rolls! The Spring Roll Wagon usually serves up two different flavors of flaky, fried spring rolls to pair with a variety of dipping sauces. The most common flavors include the Cheeseburger Spring Rolls and the Pepperoni and Cheese Spring Rolls, but there’s always a chance that you’ll find something new.


The Lunching Pad exterior in Tomorrowland

Photo by Cliff Wang

Cream Cheese Warm Stuffed Pretzel at The Lunching Pad

Now, there’s always a place for Mickey Pretzels in our hearts, but when you can have a warm cream cheese stuffed pretzel instead…it’s a no-brainer which one we’re choosing. The Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland is one of the only places across all of Walt Disney World where you can find this sweet and salty snack. As a soft pretzel stuffed with cream cheese, there’s nothing all that fancy about it, but it still stands as one of the best things to eat in this part of the park!

So, is your visit to Magic Kingdom looking more like a food tour rather than a day at a theme park? Learn more about the best restaurants in Magic Kingdom and beyond here! 

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Jenna is a contributing writer at WDW Magazine and stay at home mom. When she's not chasing her toddler around the parks, you can find her out for a run or curled up with a book. She has contributed to multiple Disney and travel blogs including Eat Sleep Cruise, 365 Atlanta Traveler, Disney Food Blog, and AllEars.

Authored by
Jenna Saxton

Jenna is a contributing writer at WDW Magazine and stay at home mom. When she's not chasing her toddler around the parks, you can find her out for a run or curled up with a book. She has contributed to multiple Disney and travel blogs including Eat Sleep Cruise, 365 Atlanta Traveler, Disney Food Blog, and AllEars.
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