The Best Candy at Disneyland – Where to Get the Sweetest Smackerels

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The happiest candy is in the Happiest Place on Earth: Find out where to find the best candy at Disneyland.

Did you even go to Disneyland if you didn’t try a sweet treat? Every time I go to the park, I’m looking for something sugary and sweet to feed this urge. Churros are a popular choice amongst guests alike, but something just hits different when you step inside the Disneyland candy shops

There are six candy shops throughout the Disneyland Resort. Each shop has its own style and specialty treat; scroll on to see what we’re craving at these delectable destinations. 

Downtown Disney Candy Stops 


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee

If you can’t make it inside the parks, Marceline’s Confectionery is a must-stop while shopping in the Downtown Disney District. This old-fashioned sweet shop is named after the small town in Missouri where Walt grew up.


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee

Sugary sweets line the walls and glass cases brimming with tasty treasures. You’re supposed to feel like a kid in a candy store, at Marceline’s, but not just any candy store, the one from yesteryear.


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee

Gaze through the giant glass window to see the Disneyland candy makers creating fresh candy concoctions for guests daily. Here you’ll find rainbow lollipops of various sizes, chocolate-dipped pretzels, and tasty toffee.


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you have to try the chicken drumstick-shaped rice cereal crispy treat. 

Where to Find Candy in Disneyland

Right next to the iconic Turn of the Century Ice Cream Parlor, The Gibson Girl, on Main Street USA, sits the charming Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen

Candy Palace Treats


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Inside the kitchen, candy makers twist, dip, and bake miraculous morsels for guests to enjoy daily. At the Candy Palace, you can find:

  • Chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Sour gummies
  • Shortbreads
  • Cinnamon toffee bars
  • Chocolate-dipped marshmallows
  • Sugar cookies with enticing designs like pineapples and strawberries. 

On my last trip to the Candy Palace, I tried the raspberry white chocolate chip cookie. It was delightful, with rich white-chocolaty swirls in each bite. The chocolate was nicely balanced with the tartness from the raspberry.


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee

The most popular item right now at the Candy Palace is the Main Street Electrical Parade Snail candy apples priced at $12.

Pooh Corner Candy


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Deep in the heart of Critter Country, you will find the best spot to stop for a small smackerel. Pooh’s Corner is located next to the exit of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Splash Mountain attraction.


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee

This shop has the sweetest atmosphere and makes you feel as if you’re inside a giant pot of sticky honey.


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee

The fan-favorite treats here are the Pooh-themed snacks like the candy apple with Honey written on it and the Tigger marshmallow wand. Candy makers can be seen most days busy as a bee creating gratifying goodies like freshly frosted cupcakes. 

California Adventure Candy Shops

Trolley Treats


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee

On Buena Vista Street inside Disney California Adventure Park, you can pop inside one of the tastiest places, Trolley Treats! As you approach the darling shop, this aroma wafts through the air of chocolate and baked goods.


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee

The Trolley Treats show kitchen is a must-see once you’re inside. The candy makers might wave back at you from behind the glass window as they create delectable delights. The churro toffee is the top pick at Trolley Treats. On my last trip, I tried the Pride Rainbow seasonal rice crispy cereal treat, priced at $6.49. 

Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee

Pixar Pier has a lot of great snack options and if candy is on your wishlist- look no further than Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff shop. Bing Bong, from Pixar’s Inside Out, is ready to shower you with his candy tears of joy as you enter the most colorful store around.


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee

Check out the Pixar-themed treats like the Forky cake pop priced at $5.99 or the Green Little Men candy apple priced at $12.49. My favorite item to get at Bing Bong is the flavored popcorn.


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee

There’s even more ‘sweet stuff’ to look at inside Bing Bong’s shop, from plushies to Minnie ears. 

Past Candy Sculptures at Disneyland Resorts


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When you’re ready for a break from DCA, head over to Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa. Inside the lobby, you may find a sweet sculpture. 

Every Halloween, there is a different theme for the sculpture. Last year it was Oogie Boogie standing shockingly 4 feet tall as a dangerously delicious cake. 

This year on May 4th, there was a Millennium Falcon rice crispy candy sculpture. The sculpture sign states the ingredients of 200 pounds of sugar, 55 pounds of chocolate, and 32 pounds of cereal.


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee

You can also find the candy corner in the lobby of the Grand where they sell seasonal treats. I bought cookies for Valentine’s Day, and they were absolutely adorable. 

Can I Bring Candy into Disneyland?

You can bring your own candy to Disneyland if you’d like. Guests are allowed to bring outside snacks and nonalcoholic drinks into the parks as long as it isn’t in a glass container. 

How Much is Cotton Candy at Disneyland?


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee

Cotton candy is one of my favorite treats—look for the stands inside the park. 

Inside Disneyland, I like to buy my cotton candy in Tomorrowland. The line is shorter than the Main Street cart most of the time and I eat my candy in line for Space Mountain.


Photo courtesy of Kathleen Lee

Cotton candy is priced at $5. They have classic blue raspberry and during the holidays they also have cinnamon flavored.

Disneyland Candy Apples

Caramel and candy apples are always on my must-try list. At Marceline’s, you will find Minnie Mouse and Sorcerer Mickey candy apples

This is also the only location that carries the infamous candy apple from a galaxy far far away, including Grogu in candy apple form. 

Disneyland Candy Canes

The holidays at the Disneyland resort are something special for candy lovers. Have you ever tried hand-pulled candy canes? 

Disneyland has carried on with this tradition of handmade candy canes for years. As early as November, guests start the great candy cane migration. 

You’ll start to see folks line up in the early morning hours to get in the infamous line to receive their wristband. This wristband tells the guest what time to come back in line to purchase one of the hand-crafted Disneyland original candy canes. 

It takes the candy makers 2 hours to cook up a candy cane. 

This holiday special treat can be purchased at either Candy Palace or Trolley Treats. And the best news is that the Disneyland candy canes have a shelf life of 1 year. 

No matter what time of year, Disneyland has something for your sweet tooth. Remember these tips for your next trip and thank me later for the sugar rush! 

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Written by Kathleen Lee

Kat Lee is a frequent window shopper and candy connoisseur on Main Street, U.S.A. You can catch her Disneybounding in Fantasyland while sharing stories and making memories as a media reporter for DLR Magazine. Check out her Instagram to see where she’s headed next or what the latest park trend is.
Kathleen Lee

Written by Kathleen Lee

Kat Lee is a frequent window shopper and candy connoisseur on Main Street, U.S.A. You can catch her Disneybounding in Fantasyland while sharing stories and making memories as a media reporter for DLR Magazine. Check out her Instagram to see where she’s headed next or what the latest park trend is.