Target & Disney Team Up For a Magical Experience

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Target and Disney

This weekend, Disney sprinkled a little pixie dust into select Target Stores across the United States and opened 25 brand-new shop-in-shop Disney Store locations, and I got one in my hometown!

Disney Store in Target

The Disney mini-stores are 750 square feet of pure magic. Photo by Leah Sikes

The shop-in-shop concept is just what the name implies: a particular brand or store creates a space inside a different store dedicated to selling their products. It is typically themed separately from the rest of the space and creates a unique shopping environment. Many Target stores already use this concept with Starbucks, placing miniature Starbucks locations inside Target stores so shoppers can get their coffee fix while shopping.

Mickey Mouse Head

A giant, spinning Mickey Mouse watches over shoppers. Photo by Leah Sikes

Disney announced this new partnership with Target in August at the annual D23 Expo. Shortly after, they named the 25 locations that would be receiving the first mini Disney Stores. The stores, according to Target’s website, were selected based on demographics and interest in Disney products already in Target stores.

My hometown, Edmond, Oklahoma (which also happens to be home-base for WDW Magazine), was one of these lucky locations. Our Target has also undergone the remodel the corporation rolled out in 2017, which I believe is likely another reason our store was chosen.

Opening Day at Target

The store opened just a few days ago on Friday, October 4th, 2019 — and you’d better believe I was there for opening day. I didn’t exactly rope-drop the store (I am not a morning person), but I dropped by before lunch to check it out, and I was not disappointed.

Anna and Kristoff

Anna and Kristoff came to visit for the grand opening! Photo by Leah Sikes

Disney and Target went all-out for opening day. Target Cast Members were in costume, there were Mickey-themed snacks out for guests, and the Disney music filled the space in and around the store. Visitors to the shop on opening day also received a special canvas tote bag (pictured previously, featuring Mickey Mouse and Bullseye). Moana, Jasmine, Anna, and Kristoff were in attendance and the princesses even read to some of the children who came to shop!

Starbucks (the shop-in-shop) even had a special drink just to celebrate the new Disney Store! It was called the Princess Frappuccino. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to taste this because they ran out, but it looked fun and delicious.

Disney Starbucks

The Princess Frappuccino at Starbucks was blueberries, dragonfruit, and a spoonful of sugar! Photo by Leah Sikes

The Merch

In most Targets, the Disney mini-store is located within the children’s section, around children’s clothes and toys. So, as you can imagine, a lot of the store is geared toward children. You’ll find toys, costumes, and clothes for Disney loving kids, but not a lot for the kids-at-heart. This is a little sad for me, as I don’t have any children around me, so there wasn’t much for me to get at the store.

Mickey Plush Toy

A super-soft and squishy Mickey catches some Z’s at Target. Photo by Leah Sikes

However, I still loved many of the items. The Mickey Mouse (pictured above) is the absolute softest plush toy I have ever encountered. He is fairly large, and costs $29.99. During opening day, there were several of them available, and when I came back the next day, not one sleeping Mickey could be found.

Some other items I loved (but didn’t purchase) included:

  • Bath bombs for kids (with surprises after the bomb fizzes away)
  • Super cute t-shirts that I would have bought if I could fit into kids’ sizes
  • A toy individual coffee maker covered in princesses
  • Lots of plushies of favorite Disney characters!

Some of the fare for adults included notebooks, a few Christmas sweaters, mugs, and Christmas ornaments. I loved the notebooks and took a Mickey Mouse one home with me!

Mickey Mouse Notebook

My souvenir from the Target Disney store! Photo by Leah Sikes

How They “Plussed” It

While you’re inside the store, it really feels like a small slice of magic – it’s easy to forget you’re in a Target! They pipe in Disney music so you can shop while listening to the best tunes. Once you walk away from the store, the music goes right back to your typical Target sounds.

Bullseye and Castle

Watch Disney movies with Bullseye! Photo by Leah Sikes

For the kiddos, the store includes a small sitting area with a screen (embedded into a castle cut-out) that plays clips from movies, trailers, and small games.

Search and Find

A small search and find game plays on the screen, accompanied by Little Mermaid music. Photo by Leah Sikes

The Verdict

Despite not having much for adults, the Disney Store at Target is a success in my book. It is incredibly cute, immersive, and so fun. I have hopes for more adult-size clothing, but Target still carries many Disney goods other places around the store. This store is perfect in my eyes, as I don’t have a Disney Retail store near me — the closest is an outlet store over 30 minutes away.

Disney has plans to roll out another 40 shop-in-shop Disney Stores in Targets in the United States by October 2020. So if you don’t have one near you, there’s still hope for next year! In the meantime, you can shop Target + Disney online!

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