Elf on the Shelf: Disney Inspiration

Stephanie ShusterBlog

The time of year is here, little Scout Elfs all across the country are returning to our homes to play Elf on the Shelf as families gear up for Christmas!  Has your Elf ever surprised you with some Disney inspired fun? Our friends over at Dads Guide to WDW have put together a little collection … Read More

What is there for boys at Walt Disney World?

Carl TrentBlog

What is there for boys at Walt Disney World? Isn’t WDW just for girls? We hear it all time time. Walt Disney World is all Princesses, Castles, ribbons and girly stuff. Right? Not so much. Here’s a little secret. There is a lot more for boys at Walt Disney World than there is for girls. I’m … Read More

BREAKING: New WDW Experiences’ Opening Dates Confirmed

Danny McBrideBlog

Walt Disney World is buzzing with excitement just in time for the Summer!  Many of the upcoming experiences we’ve been long waiting for (okay, maybe I’ve been waiting a little impatiently) now have confirmed opening dates.  Let’s take a look and see if you will be there to experience them on your next trip to WDW. … Read More

Walt Disney World PHOTO UPDATE

Danny McBrideBlog

Hello, WDW fans!  I visited Walt Disney World earlier this month (from May 1st through May 6th) and couldn’t help myself from taking photos of everything I saw that was new, under construction, or being refurbished.  Here are some photos from my trip to show you the current state of so many exciting, upcoming additions to … Read More

7 Things We’d Love to See in Star Wars Land

Kimberly BeckmanBlog

When Star Wars Land was announced at the 2015 D23 Expo in Anaheim, I’m pretty sure I heard the world take a collective gasp. On April 3, 2017 many locations on or near the Streets of America at Hollywood Studios, including Lights, Motors, Action, closed permanently to make way for construction to begin on this new … Read More