Disney History: Beauty and the Beast

The countdown is on!  We are only one week away from the official release date of Disney’s live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast – are you as excited as we are? In honor of the release, we decided to put together a little history lesson on Disney and Beauty and the Beast.  If … Read More

25 Disney Movies To Countdown Your Trip

If you’re planning on going to WDW soon, and are looking for a unique countdown, try this movie challenge!  Whether your family needs to get caught up on the classics or you want to rediscover old favorites, here’s a list of the top movies to watch as you countdown to Disney!  There are 25 films … Read More

This Month in WDW History: Oscar Winners

February is awards season and Disney has one its fair share of Academy Awards!  In honor of the contributions Walt Disney Studios has made to cinema, this month we’re looking at a few of the attractions inspired by Oscar-winning films. In 1947, Song of the South won the Oscar for Best Original Song, and years … Read More