Disney’s Animal Kingdom Welcomes New Masai Giraffe Calf

Last week, another baby Masai giraffe calf was born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! This is the third Masai giraffe to be born at the park since June. Welcome, Baby Giraffe! Last Monday morning, guests on the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom were given the surprise of a lifetime when a mother Masai giraffe … Read More

Animal Kingdom Lodge Welcomes Baby Okapi

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge announced the birth of an adorable baby okapi calf on October 18th, World Okapi Day. Welcome Baby Okapi! On October 1st, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge welcomed a baby okapi calf to parents Zelda and Mandazi. Disney announced the birth on October 18th in honor of World Okapi Day. Upon birth, the … Read More

New Backstage Rhino Experience Coming to Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom to host new “Up Close with Rhinos” backstage animal experience! New “Up Close with Rhinos” Experience Starting November 1st, guests will have the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Disney animal team cares for the white rhinos on the Kilimanjaro Safari. The “Up Close with Rhinos” experience, will show … Read More

Animal Kingdom Safari Welcomes Baby Giraffe

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has another new addition to the Kilimanjaro Safari – a two-month-old baby giraffe named Aella. Meet the Baby Giraffe Aella (pronounced “eye-la”) was born on June 29th. After two months of bonding and nursing with her mom Lily, she made her debut on the savanna on August 28th. Guests can easily spot … Read More

Cutest. Giveaway. EVER!

Calling all kids, parents, animal lovers and Disney fans, we have a fun surprise for you!  It’s just the perfect thing to share with your family during the upcoming holiday weekend, summer vacation road trips, or whenever you’re singing the post-Disney-depression blues. If you’re a big fan of Jamie Cosley’s Wally D comic strip, Nuts … Read More

The Educational Value of Disney

I know as a mom and a travel agent, it’s a hard decision to plan our Disney Vacation during the school year.   I have struggled with pulling my kids out of school or just waiting for a school break. Disney is a very educational vacation that can and will teach your kids a lot during … Read More