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Here are some general questions and answers about WDW Magazine.

You can always send a message to our Support staff who will be happy to answer your questions.

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The Web Version of WDW Magazine

The web version of WDW Magazine is available at

The Apple App version of WDW Magazine

Here are the questions and problems for the version of WDW Magazine found in the Apple App Store.

The Android App version of WDW Magazine

Here are some questions and problems for the Android App version of WDW Magazine.

The Print Edition of WDW Magazine – coming in 2019!

Here are some questions and problems for the upcoming Print version of WDW Magazine – updates coming as we get closer to release!

Other questions

For other questions please contact us at We want to make sure you have the best experience possible.

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  1. (Private) I already unsubscribed to the magazine more than a month ago, so why am i being charged again for another subscription?
  2. (Private) Bought WDW year subscription plus club for Mother in Law. Logged in and then switched to her email and password. Neither now work to access the magazine or the discount club. Please help to reset so she can use it.
  3. (Private) Good Evening,
    I have just purchased the deluxe membership to WDE Magazine and I can’t get access to it.
    I don’t know where my account info is and I don’t have a log in password. Where do I set that up? Please advise.

    Thank you for for assistance,
    Doriann Jasinski

  4. (Private) I have purchased the WDW calendar for the last few years. This year I did not receive an email to alert me it was available for purchase? Is it still being sold?

    Thank you

  5. (Private) I can’t log in… I click to log in and I get this message with no boxes to put my user name or password: [memb_is_logged_in] You’re already logged in [memb_contact fields=”FirstName”]!
    [memb_logout_link] [else_is_logged_in]
    Log In By Entering Your Username and Password Below…

    Forgot Your Password?


    I’m not sure if my year subscription is up or not but I figured I would get an e-mail to let me know that I need to renew. Please let me know what I need to do because I really love this magazine and don’t want to miss out! Thanks!!

  6. (Private) I’m having the same problem as Samantha is. I’m a new subscriber. The money was billed to my CC but I can’t use the site or the app. Don’t have a password & the site doesn’t know my email. HELP!!
  7. (Private) I have tried to log in and have only been able to do that once. That was when I first got the subscription. I have tried reseting my password but the link you send me to reset keeps saying it is invalid. Could you please fix this? Or give me my money back.
  8. (Private) I have not been able to access via the app. I have done all of the steps listed in the support section multiple times 4yse6ymawith no luck

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