These Snacks at Magic Kingdom Maximize Your Dining Plan Value

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An exact list of the snacks at Magic Kingdom that will give you the best Disney Dining Plan value.

While most guests end up breaking even on the cost of food bought outright, we have a few die-hard experts here at WDW Magazine (including yours truly) that know exactly how to stretch those Dining Plan (DDP) credits to actually save money.

With two snack credits allowed per night per person, they are the first place I look when saving money on the dining plan. They are best used when EPCOT is having a festival and you just can’t rationalize spending $8.00 on the Sipping Chocolate Flight (at Festival of the Arts, this is DDP Snack Credit Eligible!).

What’s a Good Snack Credit Value?

Try to find snacks priced at $5.99 or more to get the most bang for your buck. When we are at Disney World on a Dining Plan and see something yummy for just $4.00, we put it on a gift card and save our snack credits for something pricier.

Also, think about souvenir snacks. Some of those really delicious Mickey chocolate bars are $5.99 each, and you can get some large rice treats for just about as much. Since your table-service meals come with a dessert, you might not be feelin’ the sweets while you walk through the park. 

I have the best value for souvenir snacks from The Confectionary at the end of this article.

Our Top Pick for Best Value: Eat a Pretzel

If there’s only one thing you’ll remember from this article, it’s this: the Mickey Pretzel with Cheese Sauce is priced at $7.00, making it a very good return on your snack credit dollar. 

Snacks at Magic Kingdom Pretzel Laurie Sapp

A pricey Mickey Pretzel is a good bet for snack credit value. Photo by Laurie Sapp

Find it at Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland, the Storybook Circus Snacks cart between Tomorrowland and Storybook Circus, the Frontierland Churro Cart, and various other snack carts around the park.

There is a Pepperjack version at the Frontierland Churro Cart, and the sometimes-elusive Cream Cheese Stuffed Pretzel, which is your best value for the snack credit, at $7.25. This version is a fan favorite and appears on the Lunching Pad menu and various snack cart menus seasonally.

Best Use of a Snack Credit at Magic Kingdom

These are the most expensive snacks at Magic Kingdom that are eligible for a DDP Snack Credit. Organized by land and listed by the highest price:


Auntie Gravity’s

  • Brownie Sundae, $6.99
  • Fruit Smoothies (with souvenir Mickey curly straw), $6.29
  • Floats, $5.49

Cosmic Ray’s 

  • Frozen Strawberry Lemonade Slushie, $5.99
  • French Fries, $4.49

So, you may have noticed that the fries aren’t over $5.50, but if we’re talking about food value here, these fries are practically a meal when dressed up with mushrooms, fried onions, pickles, and tomato at the toppings bar.

Cool Ship Cooling Station

  • Churro, $6.19
  • Monster Energy, $5.29


  • Frozen Matcha Green Tea (limited time), $5.69
  • Various Lattes and Cappuccino, $5.69

Lunching Pad

  • Mickey Pretzel with Cheese Sauce, $6.79
  • Cream Cheese Pretzel, $6.79
  • Churro with Chocolate Sauce, $6.19
  • Space Ranger Slushy with candy straw, $5.99
  • Frozen Coca-Cola with candy straw, $5.99


Storybook Circus

  • Mickey Pretzel with Cheese Sauce, $7.00
  • Churro $6.25
  • Almonds, $6.00
  • Frozen Banana, $5.75
  • Mickey Ice Cream Bar $5.75
  • Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich $5.75

Prince Eric Village Market

  • Mermaid Donut $4.99
  • Dinglehopper Noodles (limited time) $6.49

Cheshire Cafe

  • Wonderland Slushy, $5.99
  • Cheshire Tail, $5.49

Storybook Treats

  • Peter Pan Float $6.99
  • Arendelle Aqua Cone, $5.99

Gaston’s Tavern

  • Warm cinnamon roll, $5.99

Pinocchio Village Haus

  • Tomato Basil Soup $6.99


Aloha Isle

  • Pineapple Upsidedown Cake, $6.99

Golden Oak Outpost

  • Chili Cheese Waffle Fries, $6.49
  • Chili Queso Fries: $5.79
  • Jalapeno Poppers $5.49

Sunshine Tree Terrace

  • All $5.99 floats, including FOMOsa, Citrus Swirl Float, and Orange Cream Float. 
  • $5.99 Soft Serve Ice Cream in a bowl with Mickey waffle  wafer

Tortuga Tavern

  • Tostones with black bean salsa, $5.49


Pecos Bill’s 

  • Tortilla Chips and Queso, $5.99

Frontierland Churro Cart

  • Mickey Pretzel with Cheese Sauce, $7.00
  • Pepper Jack Pretzel, $7.00
  • Churro, $6.25

Aunt Polly’s Dockside Inn (open seasonally)

  • Mississippi Mud Brownie, $5.79
  • Assorted Sweet Tea and Lemonade Slushies, $5.49

Liberty Square

Sleepy Hollow

  • Funnel Cake, $6.99
  • Mickey Waffle with Strawberries and Whipped Cream, $6.79
  • Mickey Waffle with Powdered Sugar, $5.79

Liberty Square Market

  • Frog Prince Whoopie Pie $4.99

Columbia Harbor House

  • New England Clam Chowder, $6.79
  • Lemonade Slushy, $5.99

Main Street, U.S.A.

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

  • Apple Blossom Sundae, $7.49
  • Double-Scooped Ice Cream Cone, $6.99
  • The Plaza Ice Cream Sundae, $6.99
  • Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich, $6.99
  • All-American Sundae, $6.79

Main Street Bakery

  • Cake Pops, $5.99
  • Starbucks Coffees, up to $5.79 value (get the Venti or Trenta sizes)


  • Frozen Mint Julep Lemonade (with souvenir Mickey curly straw), $6.49
  • Bacon Macaroni & Cheese French Fries, $6.49
  • Chili-Cheese French Fries, $6.49

Snack Carts

Various locations around the park, some items are seasonal!

  • Stuffed Pretzel with Cream Cheese, $7.25
  • Mickey Pretzel with Cheese Sauce $7.00
  • Bottled Smoothie, $6.00
  • Fruit and String Cheese Plate, $5.25
  • Frozen Banana, $5.75
  • Frozen Lemonade Cup, $5.75
  • Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich or Ice Cream Bar, $5.69

Snacks as Souvenirs

This is often a literal afterthought, as families at the end of their vacation can often be found in their resort gift shop scrambling to spend those last Snack Credits on packaged snacks. 

confectionary snacks at magic kingdom cliff wang

Save snack credits to carry away snacks at Magic Kingdom. Photo by Cliff Wang

But if you put a little forethought into it, you can get a big bang for your Snack Credit buck by gathering souvenir snacks throughout your trip at the parks, where the selection is often wider and a better deal for the credit.

Main Street Confectionary has some of the best deals for your snack credit:

  • Protein Bites, Snacks with Character, $7.99
  • Lion King Treats Candy: $6.29
  • Cotton Candy Tub, $6.00
  • Candy and Caramel Apples, $5.99
  • Shortbread Rounds, $5.99
  • Goofy’s Powdered Candy, $5.99
  • Big Mickey Chocolate Chip Cookie, $5.49
  • Mickey Rice Treat, $5.49

Throw them in your bag or stroller for a treat back at the resort room, or even a very unique and yummy souvenir for someone back home who didn’t get to taste their way around Magic Kingdom this time. 

Bookmark this guide to open up the next time you’re at Magic Kingdom and in need of some advice on Snack Credit value. For more money-saving tips, subscribe to our newsletter, and let’s chat about DDP on Facebook!

Written by Rain Blanken

Written by Rain Blanken

Rain Blanken is the frying pan-wielding editorial director for WDW Magazine. She is a published author who has been working in digital media for 15 years. She is a DVC Member, WDW Annual Pass holder, former Disney Vacation Planner, and would live inside Boma if they would just stop checking under the tables at night. Did you like this article? Tip Rain in tartar sauce...