Say Goodbye to Straws at WDW

It’s not just about straws!

Walt Disney World’s conservation efforts have long been apparent within the walls of the Animal Kingdom, with their use of paper straws, education throughout the park and the option to donate to their Conservation Fund after each purchase.

H2O Glow Nights

The future of straws as WDW is going green. Photo by Courtney Reynolds.

Straws and More Eco-Minded Changes

Now, the Walt Disney Company has expanded their green initiative beyond Animal Kingdom. By mid-2019, Disney will no longer offer any plastic straws or stirrers within all resorts and on all cruises (with the exception of Tokyo Disney Resort, which is owned by The Oriental Land Company).

According to an estimation by the Walt Disney Company, their step back from plastics will result in an overall reduction of 175 million straws and over 13 million stirrers per year.

In addition to banning plastic straws and stirrers, the company hopes to reduce all non-reusable plastic items including polystyrene cups and plastic bags, offering reusable alternatives. They also plan on continuing their efforts to recycle any non-reusable plastic items the parks may still rely on.

Within their resort hotels and on Disney Cruise Lines, the park has plans in the works to include in-room refillable drink amenities.

Paper straws will be available by request and a Disney spokesperson confirmed the company is working toward a permanent solution for visitors who may need straws due to disabilities.

You can learn more about the many ways Disney works to help reduce their carbon footprint and lessen their environmental impact here.   

By Leah Sikes

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