Here’s What We Thought of the Zucchi Wrap, a New Ronto Roasters Plant-Based Menu Item

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Disney is making a concerted effort to offer more alternative dining experiences, whether you are gluten-free, have peanut allergies, or just want to keep your diet plant based. I’m a man who likes my meat and potatoes, but I trekked to Batuu with my buddy Todd (our own Editorial Director’s husband) so he could try one of the new Ronto Roasters plat-based menu items, the Zucchi Wrap.

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Todd is always up for anything. Photo by Timothy Moore

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“For Vegetarians on the Go”

Zucchi Wrap: New Ronto Roasters Plant-Based Menu

Photo by Rain Blanken

Todd was quite pleased with his Zucchi Wrap at Ronto Roasters. In fact, he wolfed that thing down so fast we barely had time to snap pictures. (I can’t blame him; after the close call over at Rise of the Resistance, we had worked up quite the appetite.)

“The new Zucchi Wrap at Ronto Roasters is a hearty and fast choice for vegetarians on the go,” Todd told me. “The zucchini slab was a formidable substitute for meat, a firm piece of squash—not soggy. The carrots added the right amount of crunch, and the sauce was just right, but a bit spicy.”

New Ronto Roasters Plant-Based Menu

Photo courtesy of Disney

The New Ronto Roasters Plant-Based Menu

New Ronto Roasters Plant-Based Menu

Photo by Rain Blanken

The Zucchi Wrap is just one of several new additions to the Ronto Roasters menu. (Hollywood Studios also introduced new menu items for Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo.) Check out what’s on offer:

Zucchi Wrap

zucchi wrap: New Ronto Roasters Plant-Based Menu

Photo courtesy of Disney

Todd ordered the headliner item for the plant-based menu at Ronto Roasters. This wrap includes grilled zucchini, loaded up with a smokey chickpea-onion slaw and topped with a creamy garlic-tahini sauce. The whole thing is wrapped in a pita and jazzed up with fresh cilantro.

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Triple Suns Breakfast Wrap

breakfast wrap: New Ronto Roasters Plant-Based Menu

Photo courtesy of Disney

The other Ronto Roasters plant-based wrap is the Triple Suns Breakfast Wrap (served until 11 AM). It benefits from the same smoky chickpea-onion slaw but on top of plant-based egg. This pita bread wrap also includes a roasted tomato sauce.

Andoan Fruit with Muja Sauce

andoan fruit: New Ronto Roasters Plant-Based Menu

Photo courtesy of Disney

In a snacky mood? Try this unique (and healthy!) fruit snack—which also features veggies. (Not a bad idea for parents who have kids who typically resist their peas and carrots). This snack attack includes sticks of pineapple, cucumber, jicama, melon, and dragon fruit. The fruit and veggies are drizzled in a tamarind sauce and sprinkled with peppercorn ash.

Kyryll Pork Rinds

pork rinds: New Ronto Roasters Plant-Based Menu

Photo courtesy of Disney

Salty snackers unite! This savory snack of pork rinds gets a heavy helping of ancho chili, cheddar, cinnamon, and smoke seasoning.

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