Taking A Ride Down Memory Lane: See How Some WDW Attractions Can Make Us Feel Nostalgic

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Last time we looked at how people born in Disney’s “Renaissance Era” of animated classics feel nostalgic at Walt Disney World. This week we are going to take a ride and see how certain attractions make us feel reminiscent of childhood.

Whether we watched the movies and then rode the ride or if the attraction came first, there are just some rides at WDW that are must-dos for classic Disney fans. These attractions listed have been open since 1971, when the Magic Kingdom first welcomed guests.

Many of us rode these rides since we were children, and we continue to ride them to bring back those good ol’ memories.

Get ready to fly with Dumbo on this classic ride! Photo by Judd Helms

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Grab your magic feather and get ready to soar with one of the cutest elephants around. Head on down to Storybook Circus in Magic Kingdom, take a right, and you’ll see the bright red, blue and gold colors of circus tents and ticket booths. After you board your Dumbo, you can take off and fly.

As you soar around with Dumbo, you can take in the sights of Storybook Circus as well as the sounds of cheerful circus music filling the air. If you love watching Dumbo, you’ll feel that nostalgia hit on this sweet, simplistic (yet very classic) ride.

Mad Tea Party

Celebrate your un-birthday spinning around in a colorful teacup. Pick your favorite whimsical teacup, and you’ll be smiling like the Cheshire Cat when you get off this ride (as well as trying to get your balance from being a little too dizzy). You’ll feel like you’ve drank some of Alice’s “Drink Me” potion and shrunk to fit in teacups in all the wonderful colors of pinks and blues and purples.

As someone who grew up watching Alice in Wonderland a lot at my grandparents’ house, this ride hits home for me.


Take in the vibrant colors of “it’s a small world.” Photo by Judd Helms

“it’s a small world”

All aboard the “Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed!” No Disney trip is ever complete without a ride on “it’s a small world.” If it’s your first trip to Magic Kingdom and you don’t have that catchy tune stuck in your head for the rest of the day, you may need to squeeze this into your itinerary.

I love seeing all the Audio-Animatronic dolls in the traditional clothes of their country. Not to mention that adorable song that is sung in each language of the countries you pass through. This classic ride takes you through each of the continents of the globe.

Fun Fact: Mary Blair helped in designing “it’s a small world” with her use of color. If the colors and style of this ride seem a little familiar to you, that’s because Mary Blair also helped in the concept art for the Disney Animated Classics: Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan.

See if Peter Pan can save Wendy from the pirates in Peter Pan’s Flight. Photo by Cliff Wang

If you like these rides, you may also like these:

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Peter Pan’s Flight: With a little faith, trust, and pixie dust, climb aboard a pirate ship and fly above London and Neverland to see the story of Peter Pan.

Haunted Mansion: With 999 happy haunts, and room for one more, hop in your Doombuggy and take a tour of this haunted estate. Beware of hitchhiking ghosts!

We hope you liked this installment of the nostalgic series. Check in again in two weeks to read the next installment where we look at how Toy Story Land makes us remember playing with our favorite toys.

By Erica Landreneau

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