REVIEW: Yak & Yeti™ Restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Craving a great atmosphere with even better eats at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Check out our honest Yak & Yeti Restaurant review to see if this uber popular, pan-Asian eatery at Animal Kingdom is right for you.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and again and again). One of the best spots in all of Walt Disney World for great eats is Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Whether it be a sit-down meal at Tusker House, a Quick-Service bite from Satu’li Canteen, or a lip-smacking snack at Tamu Tamu Refreshments, Disney’s Animal Kingdom offers some of the best food in all of WDW.

While I’ve enjoyed Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes, the restaurant’s Quick-Service counterpart, I had never taken the time to enjoy a sit-down meal in the actual restaurant.

This Asian fusion eatery is considered a crowd favorite among Disney fans, so I decided it was high time to go for lunch and see if it lived up to the hype.

Read on for my full review of the Yak & Yeti Restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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Yak & Yeti and the Legend of Arjun

Himalayan trinkets and artifacts line a shelf inside the Yak & Yeti

Photo by Esther Vallins

What I love about Disney is the way they draw you into the story, and Yak & Yeti Restaurant is no exception (even though the restaurant is operated by a third-party establishment called Landry’s). The atmosphere here is meticulously detailed and very impressive. 

The restaurant’s narrative pulls you into the story of Arjun, a once wealthy merchant who has recently fallen on hard times. So Arjun decided to open his home to people, calling it the Yak & Yeti Hotel … and in the center of his new “hotel,” a sizzling spot to grab a bite, offering pan-Asian and Nepalese-inspired eats.

Because the restaurant is designed to make you feel like you’re in Arjun’s home, the entryway and whole dining room are peppered with his prized possessions. Everywhere you look, you’ll spot intricate, colorful, and mismatched artifacts.

The theming of the Yak & Yeti includes authentic Himalayan decorations

Photo by Esther Vallins

The restaurant is truly both a culinary experience and a visual one.

The Cast Member who seated us for lunch encouraged us to wander around the restaurant to take a peek at Arjun’s collection of paintings, statues, and artifacts from his adventures (while being safe and wearing a mask, of course).

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There are two floors to the restaurant. We were seated on the top floor (we found it a bit quieter up there, which was nice). The view from the top was so pretty, being able to look down onto the main floor. 

A view of the lower floor of the Yak & Yeti from the second floor

Photo by Esther Vallins

Yak & Yeti Menu

Wondering what’s on the Yak & Yeti menu. Here’s just a sampling; tap here for the full (and current) menu.

First, let’s talk about the portion sizes at Yak & Yeti. They are huge. My husband and I came here very hungry, yet we still could not finish the three plates shared between the two of us.

We ordered one item from the Sides, one item from the Specialties, and one item from the Shareables. (Side note: Yak & Yeti really likes that alliteration!)

The legendary Ahi Tuna Nachos from the Yak & Yeti at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Ahi Tuna Nachos. Photo by Esther Vallins

I had heard legends of the famous Yak & Yeti Ahi Tuna Nachos. They sounded right up my alley, so I knew months before we got to the restaurant that I would be ordering this dish, which is meant to be shared between two people.

It took no time at all to realize why this spot is a fan favorite after the first bite hit my lips.

I’m not even kidding when I tell you that I still have dreams about these nachos. They are that good. The picture doesn’t do this heavenly plate justice. 

With sushi-grade Ahi Tuna, wasabi aioli, soy glaze, and crispy wontons in place of the traditional nacho chips, the dish was packed with the most incredible flavors. 

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The wasabi aioli gave the nachos a nice medium spice kick, and the dish was piled with a generous helping of fresh, tasty cilantro. Luckily for me and my husband, we both adore cilantro (though I am sure if you’re in the “cilantr-no” camp, you could request the dish without cilantro, and they would happily oblige).

The Cast Member who served us gave us fair warning that this sharing portion was enough for two people, but because we were so hungry upon arrival, we didn’t listen (we ordered these nachos and two additional dishes … oops!).

We could have split this one dish, and it would have been enough for us both. We were gobsmacked by the amount of nachos there were. We couldn’t finish the dish.

We also ordered the Coconut Shrimp, found under Specialties on the menu.

Coconut Shrimp with jasmine rice & cooked veggies from the Yak & Yeti

Coconut Shrimp. Photo by Esther Vallins

This dish was also extremely yummy. Served with an abundant amount of jasmine rice, cooked veggies, and shrimp, the meal was well-balanced and quite large.

The food on this plate tasted very fresh and came out nice and hot. The coconut shrimp had a lovely batter, not too heavy, but not thin either. 

The plum BBQ sauce was a little heavier toward the BBQ sauce flavor, rather than the plum sauce flavor. It wasn’t my favorite personally, but I’m not a big BBQ sauce person. My husband enjoyed the sauce much more than I did!

Was this dish as good as the Ahi Tuna Nachos that everyone raves about? No, not as good … but still a very delicious and filling plate of food with healthy veggies. Once again, there was so much food, we couldn’t finish the whole dish either.

Lastly, we ordered a side plate of Garlic Noodles. I simply adore garlic-flavored everything, and when I asked if these noodles were part of any main entrée on the menu, the Cast Member told us they were only offered as a side dish.

Garlic Noodles from the Yak & Yeti at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Garlic Noodles. Photo by Esther Vallins

Sprinkled with a few peanuts and green onion, the noodles were pan-Asian inspired—not spicy, but very flavorful, with lots of garlicky goodness.

It may not seem like it from the photo, but this was also quite a hefty portion of noodles. Even though it is listed on the menu as a side, you could order just this dish (you could ask about adding some chicken or shrimp for a little protein) and leave with a full tummy.

I’m sure by now you can see a pattern emerging: There was so much food that we couldn’t finish the whole dish.

We were itching to try the desserts (the mango pie and the fried wontons with pineapple, cream cheese, and vanilla ice cream sounded incredible), but we truly could not get another bite in.

Darn, guess we’ll just have to go back again!

Yak & Yeti Drinks Menu

We were pleasantly surprised at the breadth of drink options at Yak & Yeti. Aside from the typical offering of soft drinks, wine, and beer, we were delighted to see many enticing libations for both grown-ups and younger adventurers.

Pink Himalayan & South Seas Traveler cocktails from the Yak & Yeti

Pink Himalayan (left), South Seas Traveler (Right). Photo by Esther Vallins

After pouring through the menu, we each decided on a cocktail. My husband tried the South Seas Traveler with rum, lychee syrup, citrus juices, and a garnish of pineapple.

At the suggestion of the Cast Member, because I prefer less sweet things, I ordered the Pink Himalayan. This cocktail had gin, grapefruit juice, passionfruit, lemongrass, and a salt rim.

Both were refreshing and so delicious! As expected, I preferred the less sweet taste of the Pink Himalayan cocktail that I ordered, but if I had been in more of a tropical mood, the South Seas Traveler would have hit the spot perfectly.

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Yak & Yeti Restaurant: Post Meal

Let’s touch back on all that food we couldn’t finish.

Once again, in case I didn’t make it very clear, the portion sizes at this restaurant are large and in charge.

The cast member who served us knowingly smiled, asking if we needed takeout boxes (I get the feeling he’s seen people come in hungry before and not be able to finish the meal). All the food at this meal was too good to not take with us, so we graciously accepted.

A take out box & fortune cookie from the Yak & Yeti at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Photo by Esther Vallins

He brought over three adorable red take-out boxes, one for each dish we couldn’t finish, along with two fortune cookies. How perfect!

When we stopped back in at our Disney resort for a breather, we tucked all our uneaten boxes of food into the fridge. It was our last full day at WDW, so the next morning we brought our leftovers to the airport, and had a lovely round two Yak & Yeti lunch as we waited for our flight.

Dining at Yak & Yeti Restaurant: What You Need to Know

Yak & Yeti can be a hard Advance Dining Reservation (ADR) to score, so make sure you book as early in advance as possible if you’re hoping to dine here.

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There is no specific dress code required to eat here, but be sure to bring your imagination, because once you step into the home of Arjun, it truly feels like an adventure.

On the Yak & Yeti kid’s menu, we saw lots of great options for our younger explorers, such as mac & cheese, chicken tenders, and stir-fry noodles.

This spot is a fantastic option for those with allergies, dietary preferences, and for pickier eaters as well. As odd as the idea of a cheeseburger and fries sounds at an Asian fusion locale such as this, I’ve actually heard their Kobe Beef Burger is to die for at Yak & Yeti. I’m already planning to try it on a return visit.

Yak & Yeti Restaurant Review: We’ll Be Back

As you have probably guessed by now, I will absolutely be returning to Yak & Yeti. The food is incredibly tasty, the atmosphere is five-star worthy, and the service is prompt and efficient.

And now, please join me in a moment of silence as I mourn the absence of Yak & Yeti’s Ahi Tuna Nachos in my life. I’ll be back for them as soon as I can.

What’s your favorite item off the menu at the Yak & Yeti? Tell us in the comments on our Facebook page!

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