REVIEW: The Captain’s Table at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

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With the exception of specialty beverages, all food and drink is included in your package price when you board the Halcyon. But there is one special add-on you can book to enhance your dining (and story) experience at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser: The Captain’s Table

The Captain’s Table is an exclusive dining option at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser available to just 44 guests per voyage on the Starcruiser. It is worth noting that if you are able to secure a Captain’s Table reservation, it will only be for one meal during your trip. This is a very limited experience as the table has only 12 seats (11 guests plus the captain), so it is only available once for each dinner seating (early or late) each night. 

What Does The Captain’s Table Cost?

Starcruiser_Captains-Table_Empty_Danny-Shuster | REVIEW: The Captain's Table at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

You’ll be the center of the galaxy at The Captain’s Table. Photo by Danny Shuster

The Captain’s Table costs an additional $30 per guest and includes a few additional courses, a welcome toast, and a special souvenir. You also get prime seating in the center of the dining room and a chance for some up close and personal interactions with the Ship’s Captain, Riyola Keevan, or Lt. Harmon Croy (more on the character swap in a minute).

Thanks to the help of our travel agent Casey, we were able to secure our spots at The Captain’s Table for night two of our adventure at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. If you are interested in experiencing Starcruiser for yourself, I strongly recommend you book with a travel agent. Their services are free, and they have a wealth of knowledge to help you when planning your trip. We always recommend our partners at Destinations 2 Travel. Fill out the form here to get started.

The Dining Room

Starcruiser_Dinner_Captains-Table_Place-Setting_Danny-Shuster | REVIEW: The Captain's Table at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

The ambiance is out of this world. Photo by Danny Shuster

The Captain’s Table is situated right in the center of the main dining room. During breakfast and lunch service, guests are welcome to sit at any open seat, including The Captain’s Table. But during dinner service, The Captain’s Table is strictly reserved

Starcruiser_Dinner_Captains-Table_Place-Setting02_Danny-Shuster | REVIEW: The Captain's Table at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Beautiful place settings are the standard. Photo by Danny Shuster

The place settings are beautiful and each party has place cards indicating their spot. Multiple servers cover this table during dinner service, attending to any needs and answering your questions with lightning-fast efficiency.

We dined at The Captain’s Table during night two dinner, but I noticed that the servers from night one had taken the time to brief The Captain’s Table servers on any food allergies and dietary preferences of the guests. My neighbor across the table who had requested a coffee with her meal on night one was pleasantly surprised to find one already waiting for her at her place on night two. There is wonderful attention to detail and a level of service that goes beyond the already high level you receive during the rest of your voyage.

Starcruiser_Dinner_Captains-Table_Souvenir-Medalion_Danny-Shuster | REVIEW: The Captain's Table at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Take home a unique souvenir when you book The Captain’s Table. Photo by Danny Shuster

As you settle into your seat, you’ll notice a souvenir Halcyon medallion, a wonderful keepsake of your meal that is ONLY available at The Captain’s Table and not sold in the Chandrila Collection shop. Your server will come around to take your drink order, there is an optional wine pairing for The Captain’s Table menu that changes based on availability. We paid about $40 each on top of the $30 already paid for The Captain’s Table. The wines were nice, but the selection and prices change based on what’s available

Ultimately, I wish I had chosen a cocktail from the Sublight Lounge menu, or specifically a glass of the blue Alderanian wine available onboard. The wines were well chosen to complement the food, but I felt the price was too high and the wines lacked any sort of unique Star Wars theming to integrate into this very heavily themed menu.

The Captain(s)

Starcruiser_LT-Croy_Atrium__Danny-Shuster | REVIEW: The Captain's Table at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

The story never stops on the Halcyon, even at dinnertime. Photo by Danny Shuster

If you are seated at The Captain’s Table on night one, you will be joined by Riyola Keevan, the Pantoran captain of the ship. If you dine on night two as we did, that seat will be reserved for First Order Lt. Harmon Croy. Croy sits in on night two because at this point in the story, the First Order has taken control of the ship, and the Lieutenant now (technically) outranks the captain. As I mentioned in my night one dinner review, the story never stops during your time aboard the Halcyon.

The dinner conversation was quite fun—we found our tablemates to be very chatty, and everyone was brimming with excitement over the day’s excursion to Batuu and the various missions everyone was in the midst of. Croy, always on the lookout for potential allies, did a marvelous job integrating himself into the chatter at the table, trying his best to understand our allegiances and tempting our fellow diners to join him in crushing the Resistance

I threw a couple barbs his way about how we had bested the First Order and escaped from their clutches during our ride on Rise of the Resistance earlier in the day, and we bantered a bit about my thoughts that the First Order was wasting their time aboard the Halcyon and how he personally had “ruined” my birthday vacation (it was actually my birthday that day). It was a fun and quippy exchange. Many laughs were had and even though our table was decidedly on the side of the Resistance, Croy made an excellent companion and a very entertaining addition to the meal

The Food at The Captain’s Table

Starcruiser_Dinner_Captains-Table_Chef-Welcome-Toast_Danny-Shuster | REVIEW: The Captain's Table at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

The chef sends his warm regards. Photo by Danny Shuster

The core of the menu served at The Captain’s Table is the same as the rest of the dining room, but there are a few notable additions. To start, the chef makes an appearance at your table to speak a little bit about the theme of the meal and pour sparkling wine (there is a non-alcoholic alternative for kids or anyone who does not imbibe).

Dinner on night two is known as the Taste Around the Galaxy with each dish inspired by a different planet in the Star Wars universe.

A Bonus First Taste

Starcruiser_Dinner_Captains-Table_Galactic-Garden-Bite_Danny-Shuster | REVIEW: The Captain's Table at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Galactic Garden Bite. Photo by Danny Shuster

The Captain’s Table receives an additional first taste course: a Galactic Garden Bite, which consists of beetroot tapioca Cracker, carrots, peas, and balsamic vinegar pearls. This amuse-bouche was a dud in my opinion. The presentation is quite attractive, but I think the carrot puree had been plated too soon and the cracker was no longer very crunchy.

I like the balsamic vinegar pearls, both as a zingy pop of flavor and also a nice bit of molecular gastronomy flair, but we had already been impressed by these with the Caprese salad at lunch, so it didn’t have the same wow factor the second time around. I don’t think the rest of the dining room was jealous of this additional course.

Mustafarian Spreads and Breads

Starcruiser_Dinner_Captains-Table_Mustafarian-Bread-Cheese_Danny-Shuster | REVIEW: The Captain's Table at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

An elegant spread with colorful breads. Photo by Danny Shuster

In addition to the dishes being themed to various planets, the lighting inside the dining room changes dynamically throughout the meal to match. The Mustafarian spreads and breads (assorted breads with pima-cheese, dried redfruit spread, apricot relish, and roasted chando dip) signaled a change from the cool lighting setup to a fiery red wash that completely transformed the dining room.

To translate this dish into plain English, you’ll receive a plate with a mixture of breads and crackers, a pimento cheese (Pima Cheese), sundried tomato tapenade (dried redfruit spread), apricot relish (this is exactly as it sounds, a sweet and savory apricot relish), and roasted Chando dip which I actually never did figure out but was delicious.

This course was a hit, and we practically licked the plate clean. Excellent flavors, delicious fresh bread, lots of cheese—this course had everything I wanted.

THAT Blue Shrimp Cocktail

Starcruiser_Dinner_Captains-Table_Blue-Shrimp2_Danny-Shuster | REVIEW: The Captain's Table at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Everyone has an opinion on this shrimp. Photo by Danny Shuster

The lights fade from fiery red to a calming ocean blue as the most iconic dish of the journey, the Felucian Blue Shrimp Cocktail, is brought out to your table. When Disney first started showing off pictures of this outrageous dish, the internet’s response was … passionate.

This is, by a wide margin, the most alien-looking food you’ll encounter on Starcruiser and elicits a big reaction from the dining room. I LOVE the blue shrimp. The dry ice presentation, the incredible blue color, the funky-looking frisee and wakame salad—this is the dish that fully completes the immersion of dining aboard a Starcruiser in the Star Wars universe

Starcruiser_Dinner_Captains-Table_Blue-Shrimp1_Danny-Shuster | REVIEW: The Captain's Table at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Yes, the Felucian Blue Shrimp Cocktail is essential to the experience. Photo by Danny Shuster

It also helps that the dish tastes good, too. If you like shrimp cocktails (and I do), then you will like this blue version.

The shrimp are cooked with a natural pea-flower extract to give them that signature blue color. The cocktail sauce is a little thicker and jelly-ier than your standard cocktail sauce and the frisee and wakame (seaweed) garnish is not something you usually find on a shrimp cocktail, but they are both delicious and visually unique. I had an enormous grin on my face while eating this course, it just feels so funky and alien, like a true Star Wars delicacy

An Exclusive Space Gazpacho

Starcruiser_Dinner_Captains-Table_Intermezzo_Tomato-Shooter_Danny-Shuster | REVIEW: The Captain's Table at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Intermezzo Tomato Shooter. Photo by Danny Shuster

Our next exclusive was an intermezzo course of a tri-color layered redfruit shot. This was essentially a space gazpacho but beautifully presented in a delicate vial. There was a small sprinkle of salt on top and I wish the kitchen had also put a little sprinkle in the bottom of the shot as well to balance out the seasoning but that’s a minor complaint. I enjoyed this course—it was fresh and vibrant, visually appealing, and a great palate cleanser.

The Main Course

Starcruiser_Dinner_Captains-Table_Entree-Beef-and-Fish_Danny-Shuster | REVIEW: The Captain's Table at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Braised Bantha beef short rib and seared Kashyyk whitefish. Photo by Danny Shuster

All dinner guests receive both the braised Bantha beef short rib (fig demi-glace, tuber-tumeric puree, and nightshade flora) and the seared Kashyyyk whitefish (greenpod puree, jekka seed, cornsee relish, and yellowfruit buttercream). The Captain’s Table entree is enhanced with a poached lobster tail and Burra Fish caviar. If none of this sounds appealing to you, a Tip Yip chicken with herbed porridge, roasted flora, and red onion vinaigrette is available as an alternative.

The Kashyyyk whitefish (I think cod) is very good. The fish is tender and flaky, and it is dressed in a light, buttery sauce with a very flavorful corn succotash. I’m not entirely sure what the greenpod puree was made from, but it had a beautiful silky texture and matched very well the other ingredients. This was my favorite fish dish and much better than either of the fish options during lunch.

The Bantha beef short rib was fantastic and one of my favorite items of the whole voyage. Perfectly tender, not too fatty, and boasting a wonderfully deep flavor from the fig demi-glace. The tuber puree (whipped potatoes) was divine with a rich buttery taste, and the nightshade flora added a great crunch to the plate. I think the most interesting addition was a braised radish, a cooking preparation I had never had before, but one that felt fun and playful. I preferred this beef entree to the one available on night one, but a quick poll of my fellow table mates showed I was in the minority. 

Starcruiser_Dinner_Captains-Table_Entree_Lobster-Caviar-Closeup_Danny-Shuster | REVIEW: The Captain's Table at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

The caviar adds a nice umami punch. Photo by Danny Shuster

The Captain’s Table-exclusive enhancement of poached lobster made the plate feel even more sophisticated and elegant. The lobster tail is a wonderful, indulgent addition with a satisfying garlic butter flavor. The caviar adds a distinct umami flavor that heightens the white fish and makes the whole plate feel more luxurious. 

A Sweet Finale

Starcruiser_Dinner_Captains-Table_Dessert-Cake-Birthday-Message_Danny-Shuster | REVIEW: The Captain's Table at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Greeted by a special birthday message. Photo by Danny Shuster

Just like the two entrees of the main course, there are two desserts to finish off your meal at The Captain’s Table. These desserts are the same for the whole dining room, although I did receive a special chocolate message in honor of my birthday with my dessert plating. The Aurebesh is pronounced “Ta’bu-e-tay” and literally means savor the moment. It is an expression of joy and celebration we learned while aboard the Starcruiser. It can be used to say “cheers” when raising a glass, or as a general expression to mark a joyous occasion like a birthday (or born day in Star Wars parlance). 

The Chandrillan air cake is plated to resemble the logo of Chanrilla Star Lines, the operator of this voyage. The cake itself is aptly named as it may have been the lightest, softest, fluffiest cake I have ever tasted. The chocolate disk on top gives great textural contrast, and sandwiched between the two is a cream of Jogan fruit which is quite tasty but I still haven’t been able to pin down exactly what flavor Jogan is supposed to be. 

Starcruiser_Dinner_Captains-Table_Dessert_Cookies_Danny-Shuster | REVIEW: The Captain's Table at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

See the resemblance to Grogu? Photo by Danny Shuster

The cookie plate was a charming, sweet finale, plated (our server mentioned) to resemble Grogu. The resemblance is a bit of a stretch, but the blue macarons are very similar to the cookies baby Yoda helps himself to during The Mandalorian. The macaron has a salted caramel filling and the sugar cookie, and the chocolate chip cookie (sweetbreads as they are known aboard Starcruiser) was served warm and to absolute perfection.

I won’t go too far into the specifics in case you’re being mindful of spoilers, but you may have to finish your dessert in a hurry as the situation is rapidly evolving aboard the ship. Remember, the story is happening in real-time all around you. I ate my last bite of cookie on the go while heading to a very special and secret rendezvous in the lightsaber training pod, which you can read all about in the June issue of WDW Magazine

Is The Captain’s Table Worth It?

Starcruiser_Dinner_Captains-Table_Red-Lighting-Change_Danny-Shuster | REVIEW: The Captain's Table at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

The Captain’s Table is a full sensory experience. Photo by Danny Shuster

If you’re celebrating a birthday or other special occasion AND you can secure a spot, I do think the $30 is worth it for The Captain’s Table on Galactic Starcruiser. Even if you don’t have a celebration and just want to get as deeply immersed in the story as possible, I think it’s a great choice.

The extra facetime with key characters makes for wonderful memories and interactions, plus the Halcyon medallion is a pretty cool souvenir. I’d skip the extra charge for the wine pairing and save your credits for a visit to the Sublight Lounge (more on that coming soon) but, ultimately, I’m glad we participated in The Captain’s Table dining experience

Written by Danny Shuster

With a forward-thinking approach to business, an expert knowledge of Disney parks, and a knack for creative strategy, I create monthly magic for Disney fans all over the world. As Creative Director and Owner of WDW Magazine, I set the tone for how our products look, feel, and sound. I work closely with the editorial, sales, and communications teams to ensure a cohesive creative vision across our portfolio.
Danny Shuster

Written by Danny Shuster

With a forward-thinking approach to business, an expert knowledge of Disney parks, and a knack for creative strategy, I create monthly magic for Disney fans all over the world. As Creative Director and Owner of WDW Magazine, I set the tone for how our products look, feel, and sound. I work closely with the editorial, sales, and communications teams to ensure a cohesive creative vision across our portfolio.