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EPCOT’s Festival of the Holidays is here at Walt Disney World, and so the Cookie Stroll! Here’s our ad-free review of the 2020 Cookie Stroll!

Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays is in full swing and the cookie stroll is back. The same five base cookies are available for purchase around the World Showcase as in previous years but the completer cookie is new … and adorable!

What is the cookie stroll?

The Cookie Stroll passport, with no stamps

Photo by Julie de la Fe

There seems to be some confusion on what the Cookie Stroll is, so let’s clear this up. First, make sure to grab a passport at the entrance or at one of the holiday food booths.

Next, make a plan. Which way are you going to walk? Are you trying to get all the cookies in one day?

One of the nice things about the cookie stroll is that it doesn’t have to be completed in one day!

Julie with her son at the 2020 Cookie Stroll

Photo by Julie de la Fe

Finally, make sure you know which booths have the cookies so you don’t have to make an extra trip around the “world.”

All of the cookies are $2.50 each. You need to buy the five designated cookies in the World Showcase to get the 6th completer cookie free!

That means you can complete the whole stroll for $12.50. Six cookies for $12.50 is quite the deal on Disney property. 

Make sure to have your passport stamped at each location so you can collect your free completer cookie at the end! 

A Stroll Around the World

Julie de la Fe posing in front of the the EPCOT Christmas Tree

Photo by Julie de la Fe

Depending on if you start in Canada or Mexico will determine which cookie you come across first. Either way you go it will take one (or more) trips around to complete the stroll.

Linzer Cookie 

The Linzer Cookie available at the Bavaria Holiday Kitchen

Photo by Julie de la Fe

Available at: Bavaria Holiday Kitchen

We started walking towards Mexico so didn’t come across a cookie until Germany.

This actually ended up being my son’s favorite and probably mine too. It is a thin but delicious pair of cookies with a raspberry and elderberry filing. The powdered sugar on the top is a nice touch. 

The cookie is light and fruity which is probably why we loved it so much!

Chocolate Crinkle Cookie

The Chocolate Crinkle Cookie from the American Adventure Pavilion

Photo by Julie de la Fe

Available at: American Holiday Table

Found at the American Adventure Pavilion, the chocolate crinkle cookie was probably actually our second favorite cookie.

Just like it sounds the cookie is mostly chocolate with a powdered sugar coating. The cookie itself is soft and delicious. 

Black and White Cookie

The Black and White cookie available at L'Chaim

Photo by Julie de la Fe

Available at: L’Chaim Holiday Kitchen

The L’Chaim Holiday Kitchen is located between the Morocco and France Pavilions at EPCOT. This is a thin cookie covered in plain and chocolate icings. 

Last year this cookie was at the top of our list but this year the hard frosting was just too thick. Overall the cookie felt heavy to us. 

Gingerbread Cookie

The Gingerbread Cookie available at the World Showplace

Photo by Julie de la Fe

Available at: The World Showplace

The next, and very classic, cookie can be found in the World Showplace. This venue has been open for both Festivals since reopening. The gingerbread cookie can be found at the Festival Favorites booth inside the building. 

We were excited about this cookie as we both love gingerbread. The cookie lacked significant taste and was a little dry.

Compared to the other dessert choices available at the World Showplace, this cookie was a little disappointing.

Peppermint Pinwheel Cookie

The Peppermint Pinwheel cookie available at the Canada Pavilion

Photo by Julie de la Fe

Available at: Yukon Holiday Kitchen

Canada was the last location we needed to purchase a cookie. The peppermint pinwheel was near the top of my list because of the light minty taste. It was also one of the cutest cookies in the stroll. 

To me, it was the most refreshing of all the cookies but my son did not enjoy it.

Regardless it was the 5th cookie we had to purchase to finish the stroll… now on to our reward!

Minnie Peppermint Cookie

The 2020 Cookie Stroll Passport, with all of the stamps filled out

A full passport equals one free cookie! Photo by Julie de la Fe

Available at: Holiday Sweets and Treats

The Minnie Peppermint Cookie is free if you have purchased the other 5 and have the stamps to prove it!

Once you show the stamps to the cast member at the Showcase Plaza, you’ll receive your final stamp and the approval to collect your free cookie.

The Minnie Peppermint Cookie

Photo by Julie de la Fe

The cookie itself is a sugar cookie with a hint of mint in the frosting. This cookie comes packaged so you do have the choice to enjoy this cookie at home or in your hotel room should you choose. 

We really enjoyed collecting the stamps— and the cookies. My son and I took our time working our way around the World Showcase.

I can see why others might do this in more than one trip or share with another person. I even saw some people bring re-sealable bags to enjoy some of their desserts later.

The 2020 EPCOT Cookie Stroll

The commemorative Cookie jar available at the end of the stroll, featuring Chip and Dale

Photo by Julie de la Fe

Give yourself a big pat on the back… You did it!  Also, you can buy this super cute cookie jar to commemorate your stroll (or to store the extra cookies in).

Do you dare try to finish the stroll in one day? We’d love to know your favorites!

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Written by Julie De la Fe

Written by Julie De la Fe

Julie is an avid Disney-adventurer, social media enthusiast and enjoys writing about all things Disney. She maximizes her Gold Annual Pass, dresses in Disney style, and attends all the special events she can. If she could live on a Disney Cruise she just might but Animal Kingdom would be a close second.

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