Review: Sparkling Dole Whip FOMOsa at Magic Kingdom

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FOMOsa at Magic Kingdom

As a Walt Disney World local, it is my civic duty to make my family back in Ohio envious of my exploits. I regularly post delectable treats to Snapchat and Instagram, reaping those heart emojis and chuckling quietly to myself as I snack my way to Splash Mountain.

For this reason, the FOMOsa at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland topped my list of must-eats last week. While the slang term is dated, I’ll try anything to make my sisters jealous.

There’s something about strolling through Adventureland that intensifies the Florida heat. I could swear the temperature increases by a dozen degrees as soon as I pass into Walt’s jungle. Maybe it’s just the theme playing tricks on me, but I think that spitting camel might be required by law to cool off explorers.

It’s the picture-perfect place to hit up an oasis of ice cream, and the FOMOsa didn’t disappoint. Unless you wanted alcohol: Even though the name is a clever portmanteau of “Fear of Missing Out” and “mimosa”, this one is a virgin treat.

FOMOsa at Walt Disney World

The FOMOsa was made to make ’em jealous. Photo: Rain Blanken

My champagne flute was filled with sparkling apple cider, and I was given a choice to top it off with Orange or Orange Cream Swirl Dole Whip (vegans, stick to the orange-only). I opted for the swirl for maximum FOMO effect. 

The FOMOsa Tastes as Good as it Looks

The apple juice offered a nice sour bite in contrast to the ice cream, which kept the FOMOsa from being too sweet (especially on a hot day). Overall, it was light and tangy with just enough cream to balance it out. This one might remind you of the sweet/sour combo of the LeFou Brew over in Fantasyland.

For $5.99 (or 1 Snack Credit on the Disney Dining Plan), you might expect a larger treat, but don’t be fooled by the dainty cup — this is honestly enough ice cream for one person.

FOMOsa Disney World

FOMOsa: The “Fear of Missing Out” virgin mimosa. Photo: Rain Blanken

I suggest enjoying this one in the large seating area for a view (and plenty of posing in front) of the Swiss Family Treehouse, but if you’re looking for some shade, duck into the hallway just off of the Agrabah Bazaar. There are some shaded spots to sit here and even an open outlet to charge your phone, an essential accessory to the FOMOsa.

Did you even eat it if you didn’t post it?

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