REVIEW: Baby Yoda Cake at Disney Springs

by | Nov 9, 2020 | WDW Blog, WDW Food, WDW News

There’s a new Baby Yoda cake at Disney Springs, and let’s be real— As much as Disney wants to call Baby Yoda “The Child”, we know everyone’s going to be asking for this treat by the more popular name!

If you’ve been keeping up with the hype surrounding Disney+ series The Mandalorian, you’ll know that Baby Yoda has taken over! 

To help celebrate the second season of the show, there’s a new treat at Disney Springs that is sure to transport you to a galaxy far, far away!

The Child (Baby Yoda) Mini Dome Cake


Photo by Sara Bryce

What: Vanilla chiffon cake, white chocolate mousse, cookies & cream mousse, and cookie crumbs

Cost: $9.00

Location: Amorette’s Patisserie at Disney Springs



This Star Wars treat is the newest addition to Amorette’s selection of signature dome cakes. Photo by Sara Bryce

First things first, this treat is not something that can be purchased casually. The Baby Yoda Mini Dome Cake is available until November 30th, but only 40 cakes are made per day. 

TIP: The first day I tried to snag a cake, they were sold out by 2:00 PM! If this is a must-try for you, do not wait until the last minute. 

Was it Worth it?


Just look at those eyes! Photo by Sara Bryce

This mini dome cake is cute as can be, but for $9.00— is it worth it?


I’ll be honest, taking a snap of my dessert for Instagram is one of my guilty pleasures. This treat does not disappoint in that regard!

The details of Baby Yoda’s eyes and ears in white chocolate are picture-perfect, the green coloring is unique and looks great in images, and the treat does not melt in the Florida heat!


When it came to actually tasting the treat, I was unfortunately disappointed. 

The icing on the treat was what I can only describe as “goopy”. While on the outside it appears to be smooth and shiny, the texture tended to clump together on my fork and would not easily separate from the rest of the cake.

The actual vanilla chiffon cake inside was light and fluffy, which I enjoyed. The inner center with the two types of mousse was also light and slightly creamy, but the cookie crumbs inside seemed out of place.


While the flavor combination of vanilla, white chocolate, and cookies & cream seemed to blend well together, the overall flavor was also disappointing. 

The taste was not overtly sweet, but the actual flavor was simply…lacking. It was difficult to pick apart the different flavors, despite them being different consistencies entirely. Each bite ended up being overpowered by the vanilla which is simply not my preference. If you are a major vanilla fan, you’ll love it!

Final Thoughts


Photo by Sara Bryce

While I personally would not recommend this treat and would simply rate it as 2.5/5, it is not a dessert I would usually pick for myself.

I tend to gravitate towards rich and decadent cakes, while The Baby Yoda Mini Dome Cake is a light and refreshing sweet treat. 

The flavors of vanilla and white chocolate fell short for me, but if you’re seeking something after lunch perhaps that won’t overwhelm the palette, you might love this!

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Written by Sara Bryce

Written by Sara Bryce

Sara is an event coordinator and lifelong Disney fan lucky enough to be living in the theme park capital of the world! When she’s not reporting for WDW Magazine, you can find her shooting Disney style, planning her wedding (yay!), or reading a good book. For more about Sara, check out her Instagram and website.