Rainforest Cafe vs T-REX: Which Should You Visit in Disney World?

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Rainforest Cafe vs T-REX: Which of these themed restaurants is worth the money in Disney World? We’re sharing the pros and cons for each that you need to know, as well as our guide to which is the best for you when visiting Walt Disney World Resort.

We all know that Disney Springs is home to some of the best restaurants you’ll find not only in the Walt Disney World Resort but also in the Orlando area. And with two restaurants with similar menus, it might be hard to know which to choose.  We’re talking about Rainforest Cafe and T-REX Cafe. That’s right, these two highly themed table-service restaurants can often seem similar but might work better for certain families. We’re here to tell you about each and which one you should go and try! 

About Rainforest Cafe & T-REX Cafe

One note about both Rainforest Cafe and T-REX Cafe is that they are both a part of the Landry’s Dining Brands umbrella. Landry’s is a collection of restaurants, not only in Orlando but around the world. Therefore, you are able to join Landry’s Select Club and use that membership at both Rainforest Cafe locations in Walt Disney World as well as T-Rex Cafe in Disney Springs. 

Rainforest Cafe at Disney Springs

Rainforest Cafe is a dining location that is not exclusive to Disney (though it’s available at both Disney Springs and Disney’s Animal Kingdom). Guests might be familiar with this chain from their local area, where they will find that classic Rainforest Cafe experience. The immersive theming is familiar and allows you to dine among the lush landscaping that is around every corner. As the name suggests, you’re dining in the rainforest. 

Both adults and kids alike enjoy the immersive atmosphere and the family-friendly menu that pleases everyone. Whether you indulge in the Awesome Appetizer Adventure, which features cheese sticks and chicken sticks, the Caribbean Coconut Fried Shrimp, the Mojo Bones or the Rasta Pasta, you’ll be pleased with whatever you pick. 

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But adults don’t have to worry that the kids will have all the fun. Rainforest Cafe has an extensive menu, including options where you can buy the drink, keep the glass, such as the Mongoose Mai Tai and Summer Rum Punch. Plus, you can enjoy all types of domestic and imported beers and wines.  In a bustling Disney Springs, having a Landry’s Select location makes Rainforest Cafe an accessible, entertaining option for families of all ages and appetites. 

T-REX Cafe at Disney Springs

T-REX Cafe is a unique dining experience to Disney Springs, as opposed to Rainforest Cafe. Here, you’ll be transported back to the prehistoric ages with themed rooms that feature meteor showers, color changing caverns, wooly mammoths and even a life-sized T-Rex. Little paleontologists can even jump in on the fun and dig for stones and bones in the Paleo zone. 

This immersive restaurant doesn’t just immerse its atmosphere, but its food too! While menu items offer classics that can be similar to Rainforest Cafe, T-REXhas its own prehistoric flare. If you decide to try the Supersaurus Sampler, which features meatballs, wings, flatbread, and mozzarella sticks, the Creole Chicken and Shrimp Ravioli, the Sunset Isle Salmon, the Boneyard Buffet with chicken, ribs, and fries, or the Bronto Burger, there are options for everyone. 

Since both Rainforest Cafe and T-REX are owned by Landry’s, you do have the chance to purchase a drink and keep the glass here as well. Their drink options include the Caveman Punch, Journey to the Center and the Lava Flow. As usual, all types of domestic and imported beer and wine are available as well. Plus, you can enjoy an “Ultimate Prehistoric Smoothie” if you love those too, complete with Butterfingers, M&M’s or really any candy you choose! Having this option in Disney Springs is great for families! 

Who is Rainforest Cafe Good For? 

Since Rainforest Cafe is a chain that is in many different places, including just over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, I would say this is better for someone who is looking for a predictable, easy to obtain meal.That’s not to say that Rainforest Cafe will be a bad meal at all, but if you’ve been to any other Rainforest Cafe, you’ve been to them all. The food and drinks are exactly the same as every other location and is a safe option, especially for those picky eaters in your family. 

If you are a Landry’s Select Member, you’ll have easy access to Rainforest Cafe in Disney Springs. If not, dinner wait times are manageable and reservations do tend to be available last minute for this location. 

Who it’s good for: Families with Picky Eaters, Last-Minute Reservations 

Who is T-REX Cafe Good For? 

As we said before, T-REX Cafe is not a restaurant that you can find everywhere. It is uniquely themed to the Mesozoic Era, complete with giant dinos and all the theming you’d expect from this time period. This restaurant is a better choice for those who are more adventurous. I’d also say if you have a dino lover in your family, this is the place to go! They will absolutely love all of the rooms and decor. 

Again, the menu isn’t so crazy, but it does offer some different options that you are probably used to, and the atmosphere really makes it a unique experience. Picky eaters can definitely find something to eat here but even those adventuresome family members can try something. 

T-REX Cafe is actually one of the most popular restaurants in Disney Springs, often selling out of reservations at that 60-day mark. With that said, Landry’s Select can save you that headache if you are interested in dining here and can’t snag a reservation. But, this restaurant is better suited for guests who like to plan. 

Who’s it good for: Dino Lovers, Picky and Adventurous Eaters, Planners 

Rainforest Cafe vs T-REX: Which is Our Pick?

We don’t think that either Rainforest Cafe or T-REX Cafe is a bad choice. Both offer a unique atmosphere with immersive decor, food, and drinks. Both are Landry’s Restaurants and can give those members great perks. PWith that said, if you are looking for a truly unique experience you’ve never had before, our pick is T-REX Cafe. There are no other locations around the world, so it’s a uniquely Disney Springs experience. There is a variety of food for all palettes and everyone will have a great time when they enter this Mesozoic Era restaurant. 


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Jenn Marrazzo

Jennifer Marrazzo is a writer and adjunct professor and knows way too many facts about Disney and cruises. She’s a DVC Member and WDW Annual Passholder and has a vast collection of Disney merchandise from Beauty and the Beast to Baby Yoda. Jennifer has her own blog, The Happiest Travels on Earth, where she offers reviews and tips for Disney and cruises!
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