Quick Tips For Handling Food Allergies At Disney

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Whether you have food allergies, food intolerances or dietary restrictions, it’s very important you stick to your special diet.

Disney is great at accomomdating folks with allergies – all you have to do is ask! Photo by Brett Svenson

Thankfully, Walt Disney World knows the importance of special diets and can accommodate most food allergies. Here are some tips to help you plan your next Disney Vacation when dealing with food allergies.

Before you arrive…

  • Make your Advanced Dining Reservations and be sure to specify that you (or someone in your party) have food allergies. Note which allergens ought to be avoided.
  • Look at online menus to get an idea of what foods may be offered for your specific allergen. You can even view some of the allergy-friendly menus on the My Disney Experience app!
  • If you have more than 4 food allergies, uncommon allergies, or a metabolic disorder, it is recommended that you contact Diets@DisneyWorld.com after you’ve made your ADRs, but at least 14 days before you arrive at Walt Disney World.
  • Do you follow a preferred way of eating in addition to having food allergies? Vegan, vegetarian, low-sodium, no-sugar-added, keto and low-fat diets can also be accommodated at Walt Disney World! In most cases, these requests can be accommodated with no advance arrangements.

Dining at Disney

  • Upon arriving at your ADR, be sure to remind the host that you have food allergies. They will confirm this with your server and the Chef.
  • Depending on the restaurant, you may be presented with an Allergy-friendly menu or the Chef may come out to take your order. Even if you’re given an allergy-friendly menu, you may always request to speak to the Chef.
  • When dining at a buffet, a Chef or special diets-trained Cast Member will walk you through the buffet showing you which foods contain your allergen and which are safe for you to consume. If you’re concerned about cross-contamination throughout the buffet line, you can request the Chef to fix you up a plate of food from the kitchen and bring it to you.

Quick Service & Snack Carts

  • Most quick service locations offer allergy-friendly menus. When ordering, the cashier may offer to call a manager over to speak with you. It’s your choice if you’d like to go ahead and just order, or speak to someone to ensure your allergies are accommodated.
  • For even faster service, try mobile ordering! Many quick service locations now have their allergy-friendly offerings on the mobile menus through MDE.
  • Snack Carts and Quick Service locations often have binders that list out all ingredients and allergens of foods served. Feel free to ask a Cast Member if you can view the allergen binder to confirm what you’re ordering is safe for you.
  • It is perfectly okay to bring your own allergy-free snacks into all of the Walt Disney World parks!

Finally, the menus you view online today, are always subject to change. Always confirm your food will be allergen-free when making your order. Happy Dining!

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